Hello October

hello october

Happy October Everyone!!

Never thought I’d say this, but… I miss the October chill of New York. It’s just one constant summer down here. (Not complaining. I love the heat…and humidity… yeah I’m that person.) I just miss the sweater and boots weather. I miss the light trench weather. I wear shorts all the time. No that’s a lie. I wear gym clothes all the time. BUT… if I weren’t in gym clothes, I’d be in shorts ALL the time. 🙂

September was cool. It was a fresh start for me (Like I mentioned here)

  • Restarted exercise after my hernia surgery
  • Enjoyed being home with my two lil munchkins
  • Attended Blogalicious for the first time (I’ll recap it, I swear!)
  • Turned 34 years young 🙂
  • Got revved up in business

My goals were to: 

  1. Get in a groove w/ SAHMing – Done!
  2. Pare Down House – Done and still in progress
  3. Make Biz plan for duration of year – Done!

How was your September? 

Now October is here and I’m ready to take it on! I sat down yesterday and went over my plans for the quarter. I have a lot of work ahead, but all good things for good reason. I’m excited. I won’t bore you with it all though, just a tiny bit:

My top goals for October:

  • Health/Fitness: Gym 3x week and do ab challenge
  • Business: Launch new project and increase email list.
  • Home: Continue to Simplify and Beautify
  • Family: More outdoor time as a group

I don’t exactly have a special focus word for October, but I will use: Grind! Cuz I’m on mines. (yes, MINES)

Scope-tober and Abs-tober are two backup words tho 🙂

I’m doing these two Periscope Challenges:

october-scopers periscope-with-purpose

And I’m also doing this Abs Challenge along with the hot mamas in the free Momshells Facebook Group. Join Us!!!


What’s your #1 Goal for October??


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