3 – 4 Months of Kaya


OK…I started writing this post the day before Kaya turned 3 months to make a 3 month update. Now…we’re 2 days away from her turning 4 months!! #procrastinatemuch? At least I’m gettin’ to it! Right? Here is my 3 month baby update and 4 month baby update of Rohan for comparison.

Next survey update will be 6 months. I can’t believe 4 months have already passed since Kayabean’s birth. She is the best little girl I could’ve asked for.  I’m so grateful!  She’s such a big girl. and has changed so very much since her colicky beginning.  She’s so chill and only cries when she’s ready to sleep.

Weight Well this lil girl is getting long and heavy. I have to take her to the doctor soon so we’ll get an accurate weight, but when I get on our bathroom scale with her and then without her, there’s a 14.8 lb difference. So that’s a rough estimate for ya. Tho, she seems super light in comparison to Ro.

Clothes She is in 3-6 months and some 6 months! Her tiny lil shoes no longer fit either. She still fits her size 1 shoes. I gotta say, I LOVE baby girl clothes. All baby clothes is adorable just because of the tiny factor, but omg lil baby girl dresses and leggings and bows. ugh! I see why people go overboard with girls. I’m fighting it. (And let my mom go overboard on my behalf)


Diapers We have tried a few brands with her so far: Pampers, Honest, Huggies, Love and even Publix. So far, no standouts for either great or awful, so going to try a few more brands and if none stand out will choose her diapers by price. Gotta say, Honest diapers are the cutest things ever!! I love the size 2 girls diapers w/ the strawberries. Honest wipes are my second fave, after Kirkland wipes from Costco.

Eating Kaya eats every 2 to 3 hours. I nurse on demand just like with Rohan. I get so worried now that she’s sleeping long at night that she’s starving. I know it’s irrational and that she’d wake up and cry if she wanted to nurse….but still.  When in Florida she got a bottle for the first time. It took her 3 attempts with a bottle to get used to the nipple. I’m glad she was able to catch on, I am not so tethered to her now. Overall she’s a good eater. There were some latch, and air gulping issues in the first month or so, but that’s over now.

Naps Kaya sleeps so randomly it’s ridiculous. Some days she’s the queen of cat naps, some days it feels like she sleeps for 24 hours, and some days it feels like she downed a bottle of no-doze and is tweaked out and wide awake. I am trying hard to find some sort of pattern, but she is throwing me for a loop. One great thing about her, that never happened with Roey, is that she will fall asleep on her own!

Nighttime Ahhh sweet night time. at about 7 weeks Kaya’s colickiness kicked the bucket and since then she’s been a perfect sleeper!! Before and during our time in Florida she would go down around 9:30/10 and then wake around 4:30 to nurse and pass out while nursing and stay asleep until 8 or 9.  Now, she goes down around 9:30 or 10, then wakes around 6:30 sometimes…and other days doesn’t wake until 8:30 or later! Thank you heavens!!



  • Her brother – she stares and smiles and giggles and coos at him all day long
  • Being upright and walking around – she likes to see everything going on
  • Pulling hair, blankets, earrings, fingers, anything within reach
  • music, being sung to
  • her playmat and her rocker
  • bathtime – kicking and splashing
  • sucking her fingers – I’m happy she can self soothe and fall asleep, but worried she’ll be a longtime sucker


  • being held in one position for too long
  • being in an unmoving car
  • waiting for me to pull my breast out – those 2 seconds are entirely too long when she’s ready to nurse


  • Rolling over! I gotta get her on camera, I always just catch her after she’s done the deed.
  • Scooting around
  • Giggling! i gotta get that on camera too
  • Taking her first dip in the pool and first flights


She’s such a calm baby. She’s so much easier than Roey and Roey wasn’t even that bad! #SOGRATEFUL I think she’s going to have a calmer personality/toddlerhood that Ro, but we’ll see. She may be a lil tornado just like her big bro. She’s already full of personality and makes the best faces! She’s just the softest snuggliest lil thing and I’m so excited to be her mommy.

One Month of Kaya

Check out One Month of Roey for comparison
Kaya is growing so fast! I feel like I’m not getting to spend as much time just loving up on her as I was able to with Rohan and it makes me a little bit sad. Second kid already getting short changed. We didn’t do a newborn photoshoot for her either. Month one of her life was all about survival for me. We made it out alive, and on to month two lol. So far so good.

Adventures in Breastfeeding: Baby 2. Volume 1


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The C Word


Oh girls my life is over. The C Word is rearing its ugly head in our home. Not talking about the one that rhymes with runt.  Or the one that rhymes with dancer…. I”m talking about the other, other C word….

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Kaya’s Birth Story (Part 1)


I’m doing this in two parts. If you want more birth story goodness you can also read Rohan’s Birth Story

The night before Kaya’s birthday we took Rohan over to my mom n dad’s house. I came home and could barely sleep. (And not from the usual heartburny, constant peeing, always uncomfortable 9 months pregnant woes) I was so anxious. Convinced I was going to die on the table the next day. (I made John promise to live close to my mom so she could help raise the kids.)

I was scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 9:30. We arrived and after a bit of a delay (waiting for a completely unnecessary wheelchair) we made it up into the room where I’d be prepped for my repeat cesarean. I peed in a cup, got blood drawn, and was hooked up to an IV to receive a bag of fluid. My nurse gave me the run-down of what was going to happen and then we just had to hurry up and wait.

The doctor came in and I was surprised at how my black female doctor Brown had morphed into a white male Dr. Cohen. Immediately my nervousness commenced. But he seemed nice and again gave me the run-down and answered all 50-11 of my questions… Including: “Are you gunna go through the same hole or are you gunna put an equal sign on my belly?” Thankfully he didn’t skip a beat in saying he’d use the same or directly beneath. *whew!*

The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the full scoop on the spinal, and John was given his scrubs. It was about to get really real. We were told we had to wait a bit, but then 5 seconds later they started to wheel me out to the (freeezing) operating room. I got hooked up to more beeping machines, and the anesthesiologist started her spinal procedure.

I was curled over a pillow unmoving, barely breathing, and only mildly nervous. Until *prick!* she poked in her spinal juice and my left leg jumped so high. Immediately that leg was numb….and everything else was regular. Very, very slowly I started to feel a bit of numbness go do my other leg. But not fully and nothing happened to my tummy.

On goes the oxygen mask. (Honestly my first thought was, oh great now my nose is going to be chapped for days – and it was.)

“I’m not numb.” I said, and I was told by one of the nurses that I just needed to lay down and things would take effect.

The nurses all helped me lay back, and I got strapped to the table :( It was very scary for a moment and I just wanted John to be there next to me. I was laying and waiting for the spinal to make it to my tummy and chest.

No such luck.

The doctor kept pinching me (hard) and asking me if I could feel it. I was just like “OW! yes!” every time. (I wanted to kick him….but I couldn’t lift that left leg!) They couldn’t give me more meds because of my weight and the dose they already injected. So, they started carnival rides instead.

Yes, carnival rides.

There was some remote control that tilted the bed left, right, up down….everywhichaway and at one point I was almost all the way upside down. Head to the floor, legs to the sky. Naked. Strapped to a table. Drugged. Unable to move my legs.

Definitely my best moment in life. ::sigh::

So the bed tilting didn’t work, but just to be sure they did the annoying (and painful) pinch test for a while before they believed me. Then more carnival rides.

“Can someone get my husband please?”

We can as soon as we know you’re properly numb.

In that case, John’s never coming in here. I thought

“OK Fine.” I said

S-l-o-w-l-y the numbness raised to a level the doctor was comfortable with. But I wasn’t.

I saw someone lead John into the room.


I know from last time that I’d feel tugging and pulling and stretching feelings, but the sensation of my doctor’s hands on me was just too…acute. I just knew something was up, and I told them it’s not right.

“I think something’s wrong.” I said.

The anesthetist knew she’d effed up too, because she just kept on saying “she got the right amount.” “her back was perfect” “she got a good spinal” and things like that. I wanted to slap her. Thankfully the doctor listened to me and my intuition, and not that stupid chick.

I saw someone lead John out of the room.


He waited longer, and did more carnival game bed tilting, until his pinch test was way less ‘ouchie.’ Once he was pinching me at my sternum but felt like a feather gently rubbing accross my skin I was satisfied.

The doctor was satisfied too.

John came in again and immediately I start tearing up. The doctor and his student get ready to go to work, and the anesthesiologist goes in explaining to John what happened with the pinch test, and levels of numbness….and she doesn’t forget to mention that “she got the right amount” “her back was perfect” “she got a good spinal.”

I just wanted her to shut up. The doctor was just like “Oh every person’s body is different, we take to certain things in certain ways. bla bla bla bla”

John and I locked eyes. He knew as well as I did, that I got a botched spinal and I was in for a brutal ride.

Stay tuned for part two….


What was your birth experience like?



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