Mind Right Monday Linkup

me and the kids

How are you girls?!

Me? I’m excellent.

Getting a lot handled down here in Florida, and I’ll give you an update later on all my transitions, but things are moving fast and I’m psyched and scared, and happy and terrified all at once.

The kids are doing great down here. My family is loving them up, and taking them off my hands a bunch. This past week I got to meet a bloggy friend I’ve “known” for ages, Lyne of Anointed Heels…. who needs to update her damn blog….but I digress.

blurry pic of us

OK. I will give a full update for November 1st so no more of that here. Let me get to Mind Right Monday Linkup. Remember you can link up with Darrica, of Dear Darrica, and Danielle of Mamademics or right here at OKDani. (one day I will make a decent image with all of us on it. I swear!! LOL)

mind right monday linkup

My to dos from last week were OK…

Read more than last week – I’ve been so preoccupied
Drink water and eat healthily – drinking tons but eating all the good stuff my gram cooks
Take long walks with Roey – I love this, and it wipes him out for his naptime :)
Take a look at some houses and neighborhoods – I have a love/hate relationship with househunting already
Write for okdani – welp, I got a couple posts up last week
Work on beachbody biz - Ummm
Deep condition hair  – Ummmmmm
Do a bleepetybleeping youtube video – See…what had happened was….

OK, this week’s goals are:

  • House-hunt like crazy
  • Get licence and car stuff situated
  • Book return flight to NYC
  • Write for OKDani, clients, and external blogs
  • Return to my boo Shaun T (I skipped an ENTIRE week – Gunna start Beta over 4 weeks)
  • Make a fitness journal youtube video (some extra accountability for my ass)
  • Do lots of playing and nature walks with Roey
  • Find a blog designer to do some simple stuff for me

I am super duper grateful for: 

  • Beachbody income
  • Blogging and writing income
  • Chase Freedom card points
  • Savings  (lol, can u think I’m in money mode this morning lol)
  • Extended family
  • Love
  • Choices and Freedom
  • Curry chicken, rice and peas
  • My mom’s hellfire hot sauce
  • John missing us like crazy
  • Having a family I can lean on
  • Laughs
  • A play by play recap of Walking Dead lol
  • Microwaves
  • Target….and target sales :)
  • Focus T25 patiently waiting for my return
  • Being productive
  • My health, my gram’s health, my kids’ and extended family’s health
  • Improving
  • Tea
  • Breast pumps
  • Belli body lotion
  • Modern technology and the beloved interwebz
  • Bluehost solving my issues real quick!
  • Getting and giving compliments
  • The future, the immediate, beautiful, exciting, terrifying future
  • My potential beachbody coaches planning on joining my team
  • Looking up and seeing stars at night
  • Not being scared of lizards
  • Beachbody training calls, they really make it easy for me lol
  • John’s faith in me
  • My awesome parents
  • My lil bro doing well at school (he’s almost 19! gulp)
  • Chipotle ::look:: 

OK…I’ll go on forever cuz I’m in that kinda mood. I’ll stop here, but please share! play along. If you’re not a blogger, you can just comment below with your #1 Goal and #1 Grateful for the week!

Mind Right Monday Linkup

Toddler in Sunglasses

Happy Mind Right Monday morning girls! I’m coming to you today from sunny Florida!

I had to come down unexpectedly, and I’m so glad to be here. Roey and Kaya are enjoying all the extra love. And attention. I’m enjoying having a bit of a break from nonstop momming.

We had a pretty good flight even though the kid to parent ratio was 2:1. I will share on that later in the week.

mind right monday linkup

So last week:

  • write a lot
  • return to youtube
  • clear out more stuff
  • get my beachbody stuff together
  • take more pics of the kids
  • workout daily and drink tons of water
  • stick to clean eating
  • get some yoga in
  • get my meal plans online

Listen…..see….what had happened was…..

It was a crazy week, I had a lot of unexpected stuff pop up.

This week, I’m taking it kinda easy on myself (considering I still have to do all of last week’s work):

Read more than last week
Drink water and eat healthily
Take long walks with Roey
Take a look at some houses and neighborhoods
Write for okdani
Work on beachbody biz (be consistent)
Deep condition hair (I keep forgetting)
Do a bleepetybleeping youtube video

I feel so happy and grateful for:

A healthy mind and body
Healthy happy family
Amzing little miracle children
Modern technology
Land for Roey to run around and play on
Kaya finally working her hands and knees to crawl versus her army crawl
Rohan’s flexibility and easily adaptable nature
aunt flo (it’s a love/hate relationship. Love that she visits, but hate her once she’s here.)
Extended family
My gram recovering fully from surgery
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Having Firstworldproblems
Colgate optic white toothpaste
Tea and its magical comfort

Okay, it’s your turn!! I feel like there are going to be some awesome gratitude lists today from every one who links up!

Have a great week!!

Mind Right Monday Linkup

mind right monday linkup

Good Morning Girls!!

How was your week? I hope it was faaaanfreakintastic. Let’s see… a few highlights from the OKDani household…:

Roey did some cool artwork…I was impressed because it was the first time he drew a truck that actually looked like a truck!

He also had the coolest bathtime ever… John popped some glowsticks in the tub and Rohan was in heaven!

glowsticks in the bathtub okdani blog

Kaya got a new dolly:


And she suffered the gender confusion of being a second child in a hand-me-down household:

baby girl in boy bib

I baked something from scratch!! You have no idea what a big deal this is. I’m no good with measuring and being precise with cooking so baking always annoyed me. Too exact. But yoooo….. these blueberry muffins tho?!

best blueberry muffin recipe okdani blog

OK, On to Mind Right Monday!!

Last week: 

  • write, write, write, write
  • read a book
  • take more pics of the chirrens
  • begin 21 day fix 
  • get this blog lookin right (well, almost)
  • make more money than last week
  • do more arts n crafts with Roey
  • book flights to florida 
  • workout and drink tons of water daily
  • get more items organized/packed/given away/sold
  • Organize Roey’s homeschool stuff more

Yeah, so…I pretty much kick ass.

My goals for the week are: 

  • write a lot
  • return to youtube
  • clear out more stuff
  • get my beachbody stuff together
  • take more pics of the kids
  • workout daily and drink tons of water
  • stick to clean eating
  • get some yoga in
  • get my meal plans online

I am super grateful for: 

  • my amazing children
  • modern technology
  • water
  • beachbody coaching
  • the jumparoo
  • new kindle (paperwhite)
  • the blog world
  • allrecipes.com curing my food boredom
  • naps
  • the walking dead returning :)
  • hotwheels and matchbox cars
  • my coach


Your turn!!!

Mind Right Monday Linkup

mind right monday linkup

Happy Mind Right Monday ladies!!  I hope you had a great weekend! My weekend was pretty productive, and lookit…I gots a facelift!! Do you likey? Some more changes to come but already I love the feel of the place… coming along nicely I’d say. Can’t wait till it’s all done.

I stayed in and got some clearing out, cleaning up, and organizing done. Got a little bit of writing done this weekend too. Rohan was productive this weekend as well. He was teaching Kaya her letters and numbers for a minute. It was cute to watch. Then she touched one of his cars and he lost his damn mind.

children playing

(they were friends again shortly after his nap, playing blocks together)

OK, on to the linkup. Time for goals and gratefuls. Link up with Danielle, Darrica and I, why don’t ya.

Just post your goals for the week and what you’re grateful for and link  up. Then visit others to support them.

OK… here goes last week:

  • Clear out the house 
  • Write like crazy
  • Lots of biz work
  • Dye my hair…at home….
  • Earn more $ with beachbody and blogging than last week
  • Do a mega grocery shopping trip for healthy food and 21 Day Fix needs
  • Organize and prepare Roey’s “homeschool” stuff for October
  • Do something to beautify
  • Work out daily and drink water like it’s my effin job

So I did OK last week. Not too shabby, but I want to really ramp up my writing and working out this week.

My goals for the week are:

  • write, write, write, write
  • read a book
  • take more pics of the chirrens
  • begin 21 day fix (I held off to start with my current challenge group)
  • get this blog lookin right
  • make more money than last week
  • do more arts n crafts with Roey
  • book flights to florida (gulp!)
  • workout and drink tons of water daily
  • get more items organized/packed/given away/sold
  • Organize Roey’s homeschool stuff more

I am extremely grateful for:

  • my family and friends
  • Roey and Kaya
  • florida being so close
  • footie pajamas
  • detangler for Roey
  • bluehost customer service
  • dreaming
  • Earth to Luna
  • being young gifted and black
  • snuggly blankets
  • being able to keep a child alive for 6 months with my boobies
  • myx (don’t judge me, it’s delicious! lol)
  • my phone (aka my mini office)
  • the future
  • doing scary things
  • the 21 day fix and people doing it with me
  • clearing out under the couch (racecar and buildingblock wasteland)
  • this little book that gave me some motivation and info
  • dark and lovely hair dye actually working well


Mind Right Monday Linkup


Top o tha Mind Right Monday mornin to ya!!

How was your weekend? Mine was up and down, but mostly up. Kaya had a rough night on Friday and decided she was going to be a newborn again and wake up every 5 seconds. The OKDani household is fighting a collective cold, but we’re in good spirits!!

The 21 Day Fix group starts today!! (I’m starting a new 21 Day Fix group on Oct 6th. Join us!)

Let’s jump right in:

Last week’s goals:

  1. clean house
  2. prep for challenge group
  3. send pitch letters
  4. make a cute image for mind right monday
  5. pre-blog for okdani
  6. write like crazy
  7. work out daily and do yoga
  8. do something to pamper myself
  9. get back to youtube vlogging

Welp…. Not TOO bad. I didn’t work out every day, and I only did yoga once. And as you can see from the boring square up top, I didn’t make a cute MRM Image. I’ll be returning to youtube THIS WEEK tho!


  1. clean house
  2. earn more from beachbody than I did last week
  3. write by deadline, and work on writing projects
  4. work out daily and eat well
  5. make youtube videos
  6. pre-blog for OKDani
  7. figure out florida trip, if possible
  8. do something to pamper or beautify myself
  9. get new kindle so I don’t lose my entire mind from lack of reading
  10. make rohan laugh, learn and smile every day
  11. work on developing coaching biz
  12. take more photos than last week


  • my beautiful children
  • my new kindle on the way
  • the law of attraction
  • my husband, my family, my friends
  • scandal’s triumphant return to my thursday nights
  • oprah tixx (speaking it into existence…)
  • my mini office (aka my phone)


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