Mind Right Monday Linkup


Top o tha Mind Right Monday mornin to ya!!

How was your weekend? Mine was up and down, but mostly up. Kaya had a rough night on Friday and decided she was going to be a newborn again and wake up every 5 seconds. The OKDani household is fighting a collective cold, but we’re in good spirits!!

The 21 Day Fix group starts today!! (I’m starting a new 21 Day Fix group on Oct 6th. Join us!)

Let’s jump right in:

Last week’s goals:

  1. clean house
  2. prep for challenge group
  3. send pitch letters
  4. make a cute image for mind right monday
  5. pre-blog for okdani
  6. write like crazy
  7. work out daily and do yoga
  8. do something to pamper myself
  9. get back to youtube vlogging

Welp…. Not TOO bad. I didn’t work out every day, and I only did yoga once. And as you can see from the boring square up top, I didn’t make a cute MRM Image. I’ll be returning to youtube THIS WEEK tho!


  1. clean house
  2. earn more from beachbody than I did last week
  3. write by deadline, and work on writing projects
  4. work out daily and eat well
  5. make youtube videos
  6. pre-blog for OKDani
  7. figure out florida trip, if possible
  8. do something to pamper or beautify myself
  9. get new kindle so I don’t lose my entire mind from lack of reading
  10. make rohan laugh, learn and smile every day
  11. work on developing coaching biz
  12. take more photos than last week


  • my beautiful children
  • my new kindle on the way
  • the law of attraction
  • my husband, my family, my friends
  • scandal’s triumphant return to my thursday nights
  • oprah tixx (speaking it into existence…)
  • my mini office (aka my phone)


Mind Right Monday Linkup


Good Morning Girls!!

How was your weekend? Mine was good. I went to a great hair event that I’ll tell you about tomorrow for my Tendril Tuesday Linkup (join me!) And I spent some time with my parents and Kaya. John and Roey had a boys weekend at home.

It’s Monday! I am slowly getting out of my conditioning from 9-5 life, and starting to LOVE mondays!! On Monday mornings, Beachbody has their national call which is motivating and energizing. And then we have Mind Right Monday which keeps me on my goal/grateful game. And on Monday nights my beachbody team (#1 in the company, holla!) has our private team call which always makes me feel like taking on the world.

How do you like mondays?

OK -

Last week my goals were to stay alive, keep my kids alive, and laugh a lot.

Guess what:


My goals this week are: 

  1. clean house
  2. prep for challenge group
  3. send pitch letters
  4. make a cute image for mind right monday
  5. pre-blog for okdani
  6. write like crazy
  7. work out daily and do yoga
  8. do something to pamper myself
  9. get back to youtube vlogging

I am superdeeduper greatful for:

  • friends and family
  • health
  • my children
  • sprout
  • hot wheels cars
  • amazon.com
  • ebay.com
  • target.com
  • my laptop and the internet
  • a lil florida vacation soon
  • rohan’s vocabulary
  • kaya’s new lil teeth
  • yoga
  • T25
  • choices
  • ideas
  • business opportunities
  • the future
  • the homeschooling group on FB
  • NYC at large

Now, it’s time for you to link up with me, Danielle @ Mamademics and Darrica @ ReeseandCoco

It’s really easy. Just list your goals for the week, and what you’re grateful for and boom! You’re done! 

Visit the other people in the linky party to support them and cheer em on.

Not a blogger? Just leave your goal/grateful in the comments below!

Mind Right Monday Linkup


Well hello hello hello ladies!!

It’s Mind Right Monday time again. You know what to do. Link up with us! Post your goals for the week and what you’re grateful for. Link up and visit the other participants who are gettin’ their minds right too! Let’s support and hold each other accountable.

We had a week “off” last week for Labor Day, I hope you all made good use of your long weekend!

Since it’s my birthday week {hold for applause…} I am taking it very easy on myself.

setting goals okdani blog

My goals for the week are: 

  • Stay alive
  • Keep my children alive
  • Laugh as much as possible

I dunno bout you….but… I think I’m gunna hit all my goals this week! #ijs :)

happiness gratitude okdani blog

I’m grateful for:

  • Family and friends
  • Being healthy and well as I turn the big 33
  • My chirrens, and their well being, also them hitting their developmental milestones
  • Blogging, Coaching, Beachbody, Writing, and the Interwebz
  • Yoga, T25, Running
  • Pandora
  • Options
  • Laundry done (but not yet folded lol)



If you’re not a blogger and can’t link up, just leave a comment below with your #1 goal for the week and a few things you’re grateful for!

Mind Right Monday Linkup


Hey girls! Thanks for joining Danielle, Darrica and I for this Mind Right Monday Linkup!! Just make a post with your goals for the week and what you’re grateful for, and you can link up below! (Unrelated posts…and posts leading to your own linkup….#tacky…. will be removed. FYI)

So how was your weekend? Mine was OK. My lil man wasn’t so good in the poop department, but I think he’s normalizing now. Yesterday my parents and brother came by and we had a lil bbq. Of course I got zero pics, except for one of Garrison and Rohan putting a puzzle together.

uncle and nephew doing a puzzle okdani

OK On to Mind Right Monday:

Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals:

  • Finish reading THIS BOOK from last week
  • Write my pieces before deadline and organize/send my invoices
  • Create content for my August 18th challenge group (wanna join us?!)
  • Work out every day and drink water like it’s my job
  • Blog at least 4 times
  • Make another learning game from Pinterest for Roey
  • Clean up the house (so Roey can rip it apart and I can clean it up again…fml)
  • Take Roey to the park a few times and to the library I just discovered was nearby our place
  • Get to Staples and stock up on all the back to school deals for my biz supplies and Roey’s homeschool supplies
  • Get more clients enrolled in my next two challenge groups
  • Advertise to recruit new beachbody coaches onto my team

I did great!!

My goals for the week:

  • Continue reading THIS BOOK along with John and do some of the exercises
  • Workout daily
  • Blog at least 4 times
  • Write my pieces before deadline and start my personal writing project up again
  • Get more items sent to goodwill and organize a little more
  • Get a haircut/straighten and do something else to pamper me
  • Enjoy my family reunion
  • Look for new vegetarian meals to try
  • Get to Target for last items I need for Roey’s “preschool” adventure

I am extremely grateful for: 

  • Rohan being healthy
  • The kids surviving their shots on Friday
  • Kaya being old enough for earrings *squeee*
  • Writing jobs, Beachbody earnings, Blog earnings, Coaching earnings
  • Househunting *squeeeee*
  • The “high” that comes from a good workout
  • Our cheap lil grill from The Home Depot coming thru for us this weekend
  • Roey trying new foods even if it’s one bite and then spit out “Dont yike it, mommy”
  • My lil bro just being awesome and having a bright future
  • You readers coming through with TONS of questions for me
  • Being able to be home with my children (I’m grateful for this more and more each day)
  • Friends old and new, and the bloggy friends I’ve made lately

(And if you’re not a blogger, it’s all good, just post a comment below with your #1 goal for the week and something you’re grateful for!)


Mind Right Monday


Next week the Mind Right Monday linkup returns! There will be a new image, the linky party will ensue, and I will be joined by two great co-hosts Danielle of Mamademics and Darrica of Reese & Coco!! So, you’ll be able to link up your inspiration, motivational and mind right monday posts, and check out some other folks doin’ it too!

Till then, you can just comment on this post with your top goal for the week and #1 thing you’re grateful for right this moment and if you’re a blogger, pop a link to your most recent motivational post while you’re at it :)

My Goals For The Week:

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