Mind Right Monday


Happy Monday!!

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How was your weekend? Mine was semi-relaxing, just hanging out with the family, and semi-productive, getting stuff in gear for a few projects. I’m glad it’s monday though because I have about 4 thousand phone calls to make today between 9 and 5.

OK let’s get to it. How did I do last week: 

  • Post to OKDani at least 3 times – Done!
  • Be physically out of my bed before 5:20am each day – Failed! But a good fail, I was out before 7am all but 1 day :)
  • Daily workouts (Piyo and BodyBeast combo) – Done/Failed!! LOL – I am doing Bodybeast and mixing more T25 in so I can lose more belly!
  • Continue with herbal teas (ONLY! no more coffee or lipton w/ milk) – Done!! Can’t believe I quit my stuff cold turkey!)
  • BlogHer’14 prep – Done!! ordered cards, got sched together, etc.
  • Read a book  (this one!!) and do the activities – Done!! It’s really a great book, I’m going to keep referring to it through the month and beyond
  • Do something nice for myself – Done!! I took a lil mommy break and had tea, watched the godfather and chilled while everyone was sleeping
  • Do another faux minimalist clothes overhaul/downsizing – Ummm… Failed
  • Get back on my beachbody and writing grind – Done!! I’ve got a new challenge group scheduled, and as for writing…well…ok I failed that part.

Not too bad!! I have a really big week this week, and heading to BlogHer bright and early Thursday a.m. so I have to shove a lot of ‘to dos’ into 3 days. *gulp*

This week’s goals:

  • Post to OKDani 3+ times
  • Chronicle my BlogHer journey via pics n vids (come with me via instagram :))
  • Take some time to chillax while child-free
  • Enjoy a hot meal in PEACE
  • Go through applications and enroll people in my challenge group
  • Read a book
  • Pack for BlogHer BEFORE Wendesday at 11pm :)
  • Clothes overhaul/downsizing
  • Work on beachbody challenge group curriculum/content
  • Start Writing again :)
  • Wake up 6am daily
  • Workout each day – Bodybeast / T25 / Piyo Core

It’s going to be a great week!

I am extremely grateful for:

  • Roey and Kaya and their sweet relationship (look)
  • My family’s health, my health, the health of my clients
  • NYC
  • The internet and making a living using it
  • Having options and making good choices
  • Elmo
  • Abcmouse.com
  • Kaya being a good sleeper
  • My phone
  • Fruits & Veggies, and Roey being an adventurous eater
  • Moving to Florida eventually
  • Child free vacays
  • Blogging and the big ol blogging community
  • Working out and getting stronger
  • Online recipes
  • Virgin America
  • Having a backyard
  • My mom n dad
  • Roey’s increasing vocab and independence
  • Friends old and new
  • The future

What about you?

Mind Right Monday


Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? Mine was painful (had bad migraines since thursday) but productive (got a lot of stuff packed up to give away). Yesterday was my first pain-free day, and we went to my mom’s for a nice bbq. I took zero pictures, like a dummy. My dad took 2:


unnamed (1)

OK Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals: 

  • Start my free 7-day challenge group  - Did it!!
  • Post to OKDani at least 3 times – Failed, sadly.
  • Daily workouts  - I skipped a couple days (and guilt-free at that!)
  • Start planning for BlogHer’14 – Started, I have so much to do!
  • Do something nice for myself – Ummm I painted my nails!
  • Increase water intake – Dit it!! (This also kinda counts as doing something nice for myself, doesn’t it?)
  • Read a book (this one) – Read it, and didn’t like it much at all. Too…diety…versus…lifestyle/way of eating but still going to be pescetarian for a while until I man up and give up fish.


This week I’m going to do much better. I am back home now so I will be trying to get Roey back on his routine here, and deal with Kaya’s ever changing daily routine as I can.

This week’s goals are to:

  • Post to OKDani at least 3 times
  • Be physically out of my bed before 5:20am each day
  • Daily workouts (Piyo and BodyBeast combo)
  • Continue with herbal teas (ONLY! no more coffee or lipton w/ milk)
  • BlogHer’14 prep
  • Read a book  (this one!!) and do the activities
  • Do something nice for myself
  • Do another faux minimalist clothes overhaul/downsizing
  • Get back on my beachbody and writing grind


I am extremely grateful for: 

  • Having a great time in Florida
  • My chirrens
  • Working from home
  • John and our marriage
  • My cozy bed
  • Kaya sleeping through the night (well, 9pm to 5am (ish)
  • Bad summer TV programming
  • Blogher coming up
  • The interwebz
  • Everyone poppin out babies these days!
  • Tanning
  • My kindle
  • My parents
  • Warm weather
  • Abundance
  • Options
  • Skillz to pay da billz
  • NYPL
  • Vision boards
  • October vacation! (Florida & a baby-free cruise!)

What is your #1 goal for the week and what are you grateful for right this minute?!

Mind Right Monday



It’s back! Mind Right Monday has returned….and boy do I need it.

Gotta get my mind right something serious! Being in Florida has me all the way lazy, all the way forgetful, and spoiled rotten. My kids are spoiled rotten too, and I’m happy for the many hands to help me with the spoilerizing. <— like that word?

Goals for the week:

  • Start my free 7-day challenge group (join us!)
  • Stop being a bad blogger Post to OKDani at least 3 times
  • Daily workouts (Finishing up T25 and starting a new program!)
  • Start planning for BlogHer’14 (child-free!!!)
  • Do something nice for myself
  • Increase water intake
  • Read a book (this one)

I am super-dee-duper grateful for:

  • My Kindle
  • My beachbody business picking up steam
  • The interwebs and being able to make money on it
  • Rohan’s sturdy little legs and Kaya’s single dimple
  • My entire family and friends old and new
  • HBO GO
  • Time
  • Having options
  • Carters baby clothes clearance sale and my mom’s shopaholic tendencies
  • John’s new job
  • My aunts being great cooks and spoiling my children with love and attention
  • The pool
  • Rohan “reading” his new books to me
  • A quiet house
  • Kaya being a good sleeper
  • Bright nail polish
  • Tea
  • Courage
  • Getting nice and dark
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Facebook

I hope you’re at the start of a super productive and fun week!! I know I am.

What’s your #1 goal for the week? What are you grateful for?

Mind Right Monday Linkup


Hope you had an excellent weekend, girls! We’re back with another Mind Right Monday Linkup today! Join us wont you?! Just post about what you plan to accomplish this week and what you’re grateful for at the moment. If you have a related post you can link that up too.

My week is going to be BUSY! My whole month is, really.

My goals for this week are:

  • Clear out a massive amount of clothes, “stuff,” toys, etc. and bring to Goodwill or box up for storage (aka, my parents’ basement)
  • Pre-Blog for the month. I’m going to be swamped so going to try for pre-written posts 3x/week until February.
  • Get ideas and wardrobe prepared for our maternity shoot on Saturday
  • Rest when I can/when I need it
  • Pack!
  • Practice parking

I am supremely grateful for:

  • Our new place
  • Old friends and new blossoming friendships
  • Journals
  • My beloved phone
  • Taking it easy on myself
  • Love
  • Salad
  • Introspection
  • Rohan’s…everything
  • My parents
  • The interwebs
  • Being a mother
  • 2014
  • Tums, Zantac, Maalox
  • Rest
  • Being a grown up
  • Modern medicine
  • Elmo
  • Sweet, sweet juice
  • Bio Oil
  • Help

Link Up!!

Mind Right Monday Linkup


Before we get to the meat of this Mind Right Monday Linkup post…..Look at this lil sneak I have on my hands: (vid is 30 seconds)


I love how he just stops and looks down after he realizes he’s caught.

OK. Back on track.

Goals for the Week:

  • get caught up with blogging/writing
  • clean house
  • follow up w/ new doctor appointment (these people are the worst at getting back to me)
  • finish Christmas shopping
  • finish printable workbook for OKDani subscribers


  • Figure out rebranding and get to work on editorial calendar
  • Make more printables for OKDani Subscribers (halfway done)
  • Create “school-time” area and list of “needs”
  • Get all laundry washed, folded and put away
  • Make all doctor appointments
  • Start Xmas shopping for lil “token” gifts
  • Enjoy time at my parents’ house
  • Practice parking!

I Am Supremely Grateful For:

  • black friday and cyber monday deals/sales
  • rohan’s ability to play independently
  • the stuff i’m teaching to Roey actually sinking in
  • the opportunities that have come my way blogging/writingwise
  • my healthy pregnancy
  • the holiday season being here and Christmas coming
  • my family understanding that gifts are gunna be smaller this year
  • finally joining clickin moms, I’ve been thinking about it since BlogHer 2012
  • the university of youtube
  • chex mix, chocolate milk, cereal, jalapeno chips
  • rohan loving his books so much
  • being able to be home w/ him for his first year of life, and hopefully with my daughter for her first year


Link up below with your Mind Right Monday related posts, OR just comment with your #1 goal and what you’re grateful for

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