Operation: Fit Pregnancy

fit pregnancy

Girls, I’m determined to have a fit pregnancy this time.

Those two (glorious) weeks I spent in Florida in August were filled with workouts and long walks. I came back home and returned to lazy lump status only walking a little bit with Roey in the stroller. I couldn’t work out at all last pregnancy because of all the cramping and bleeding (yuck!) so this pregnancy since I’m still allowed to do light workouts for now, I’m hoping to get at least a few workouts in each week to maintain some semblance of fitness.

Not able to run or do anything bouncey though. I refuse to have another scary tuesday.

I’ve got two DVDs coming my way that I’m going to try out and review for you ladies that are specifically for pregnant mamas. And I’ve dusted off the old stationary bike for a little light cardio action.

My nutribullet is going to be getting a workout too, since I have to drink so much more now, I’m going to have at least one of my drinks be a green one, chock full of fruits and veggies.

Now, once I pop out BabyH2.0 I’m going back to Operation: Momshell and will be doing all I can to make my body look like I never had kids at all :) Insanity, Focus T25, Running, Bikram…EVERYTHANG!

Did you work out during your pregnancies? Any suggestions for me for strength DVDs that are OK during pregnancy?

Natural Journey Update

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So it’s about time I give an update with this whole H Family Goes Green project.  I’ve been pretty good at being a “naturalista” this year as planned.  With food…not so much although I did cut out red meat recently, but with our products, definitely making some improvements.

Hair Products

You already know I love my natural product lines like Silk Dreams, Cream & Coco, Lia Naturals and The Pomade Shop. I am also using commercial products, but less often.  I’m starting to read labels on the commercial products much more to avoid the parabens, sulfates…etc. John uses whatever’s on hand so he’s easy when it comes to swapping the products out. I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for natural hair product lines, and commercial hair products that have none or less of the “yucky” stuff in it. Any suggestions?

Bath & Body

The Shea Moisture line is still featuring prominently in our bathroom. John loves the olive & avocado body wash. I’m using up some Oil of Olay and some other commercial soaps and lotions we have in the house, and am on the hunt for new natural soaps/body washes/lotions to try. All suggestions welcome!!

I want to find a facial cleanser that is thorough yet gentle. I’ve used cetaphyl for  years but I feel like it’s not doing me any good anymore.


We’re still using all natural soaps/lotions on Rohan’s skin. And he eats (mostly) natural stuff. No cows milk, organic veggies when I can….but in all honesty, he’s had his share of mac n cheese out of a box, and he likes hot dogs. His clothes are cotton, but not organic or anything like that, and we use the same detergent for the whole family now. His toys/sippy cups/utensils etc are either wood, bpa free, or glass. (For the most part…but we do have a very Fisher Pricey house)


Toms deodorant did nothing for my funky pits. I used Crystal during my pregnancy, and I forget why I went back to my old brands, but I need to try and find another natural deoderant that works. John needs an antipersperant but can’t find a good one. Any suggestions?


I haven’t been using the greenest cleaning products, I must admit. I have a thing for bleach, and those wipes. I have to get over it, but I think it’ll take a long time for me to feel like something’s clean without it being bleached to death. I read a lot about cleaning with vinegar and baking soda and what not but…I just haven’t yet opened my mind to it.

We do have some of the gentle 7th generation sprays, and another one John loves that comes in a clear spray bottle that I ‘m totally blanking on the name….and I’m at my parent’s house so I can’t just get up and grab it.

Learning More

I’ve read a couple books that told about natural beauty products:


But I want to find some about making a greener home.  Any suggestions?

I’m thinking of getting this one:

(book pics are referral links to Amazon)

I’d love any and all suggestions from you guys on books or products and ideas to help me embrace natural cleaning products. Help a sista out!!


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Fit Fridays: Strong Not Skinny Edition


Oh…hello…how are you Fit Fridays…I haven’t seen you in a while…

I’ve been doing well, thank you for asking!

I’m eating less carbs overall which is making my stomach go down. HALLELUJAH!!!

My exercising is more regular, and I’m making less excuses about working out! * this is a…BIG DEAL!*

I’ve been running and doing various Jillian videos and my new besties: those fitnessblender videos.

Also I started doing a little quickie workout when I wake up: crunches, squats, pushups. A lil “jailhouse” workout to start my day. … ok, lemme stop frontin’ I did that like 6 times….I haven’t made it a true habit yet.

What I’ve noticed is that even though my stomach is starting to go down, and my weight is down (3lbs away from pre-preggo weight, holla!) I am so de-conditioned and laughably weak. My endurance is slowly starting to get better, but now I want to get STRONGER.

May is a crazy month for the OKDani household, but I’m going to try to get some more strength training mixed into my days. And….*GULP*…. my mouth went dry even as I am going to type this. but…. I’m going to start taking Roey to the gym with me and leaving him in the sitter place there. *tear* I can’t keep doing my gymming around John’s schedule. I’ll never get in shape this way.

So I’m going to bite the bullet, and trust these people…ish….I know I’m gunna be the mom to like…run 1/2 a lap then go peek in, then run another 1/2 a lap then go peek. ::hides face::

How have your workouts and eating habits been?

Have a great weekend girls!!

Fit Friday: Interracial Marriage Gym Drama Edition




Let me tell you, first off I’ve become such a blogger, because I had a little scene happen at the gym, and my first thought was not: ”omg that was some ignorant sh*t” it was more like: ”omg I wish this happened before I did that damn interracial marriage post!”

So John set up my account at this gym, right. So everything was under him. They told him that I would just need to come in with my ID and they’d link our accunts and I’d be all set.

I hand the guy (that I’ve never seen before at this gym) my ID, and he looks stuff up, makes puzzled faces at the screen, and then tells me he’s sorry he cant find my husband’s account. I, thinking this is a name issue, and not an idiot issue, tell him, “oh sorry, I’m hyphenated, are you looking up the second last name?”

He clicks away on the computer, again looks confused and then says “Do you know your husband’s name?” while handing me a paper and pen to write it down for him.  (OK, I stand corrected. Maybe this is an idiot issue after all!) I said…”I think I remember it” (with a smile) and wrote it for him.

More waiting.

Then more puzzled faces, and looking up at me all unsure like. He then finally says, I can’t find your husband ma’am. There’s only one person in our records with that name.  That’s when it hit me. And all at once I realized he didn’t think John was my husband! (And then I wished this happened before that old blog post) So I just said “Let me see the record” He turns his screen around, and I said, yes, that’s my husband. See…the address is exactly the same. And just looked at him with a blank stare so he could sit in his stupid.

Of course he avoided eye contact and mumbled something unintelligable like “uhsorrymumblemumblenamemumblemumbleIDmumblemumblehaveagoodworkout” as he finished setting up my account.

Dummy.  John and I had a good laugh at this one. Poor kid. We’re in Jersey City. There are mixed race couples all over this place!


Back to fitness:

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • The dreadmill aint so bad :)
  • Variety really is the spice of my life
  • I will soooo not be in bikini shape by vacation time
  • A 5k is really doable for my daily run, I like just hoppin on the dreaddy, pressing 5k and just goin!
  • My stomach is so weak it’s laughable. It’s embarrassing how de-conditioned it is. 1 crunch and I’m dead

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Running
  • Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 (20 minute workouts cannot be beat!)
  • Jari Love Slim & Lean (1 long workout w/ weights that hits ever body part hard)
  • FitnessBleder workouts! (different ones all the time. I love it!!)
  • Stretching well

Here’s what I want to add:

  • Yoga at least once a week

As for nutrition…….well……um…….have a good weekend!! G’bye!

Just kidding. I’ve been doing well. Having salads with my dinner again, and not snacking. Some days I stick to not eating after 5pm…..but most days I’m eating later than that. #fail. Not having much junk though. I notice myself craving sweet carbs often. Not giving in to them though. Mainly because there are no prepared cookies or anything in the house, any sweet carb I’d actually have to bake myself. And like Sweet Brown, aint nobody got time for that! [editor's note: OK I got the time, just not the desire]

So that’s where things stand for the past 2 weeks.

How have your fitness/nutrition pursuits been going?

Fit Friday: Extra Motivation and FitnessBlender


Boy oh boy, there is nothing that’ll motivate you to get your workout on more than an upcoming vacation. The thought of looking a mess on the beach has revved my engines.

Actually, looking back at my cruise and vacation photos last Sunday while I was writing Monday’s post about choosing a cruise really impacted me. I saw that skinny little girl that I used to be and I was like “I’m gunna get there again”….then I looked down and realized I actually have hips now…and was like….”naaahhhh….I’ll keep em, thanks.”

I ordered swimwear from my new best friend ASOS for the trips ahead this year, and I was brazen enough to order bikinis…soI hope I’ll actually fit them in time *gulp*


So I discovered FitnessBlender last week on Youtube and have been obsessed ever since. I kicked Gaiam to the curb and have been using the videos they provide. They’re all 100% free! I love the videos because they’re fuss-free. Just the voiceover directing you, one person on the screen with a plain white background doing the moves along with you. No music, no sickeningly fit people bouncin around, no “you can do it, way to go, yeah!” crap. Just the work you gotta do and that’s it. I absolutely love it.

I can’t say I don’t miss seeing Shaun T take off his shirt mid-workout, so I’ll definitely be popping in an INSANITY dvd every now and then, but FitnessBlender has about 300 videos of all styles of workouts (HIIT, Strength, Cardio, Tabata, Pilates, Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Total Body or Body part specific vids) and all lengths from 5 minutes to an hour and a half.

Last night I lost my mind and did this one:


It was rough. But when I finished I felt like the bossiest boss!


Well, what had happened was…….

I went back to eating less veggies and more…everything else. Well, that’s not accurate. I haven’t slipped back into the junk food by any means, just notice I was eating MORE overall. And my intention of eating veggies with every meal was slacking. And snacking was increasing.

Because of this, I started this week to not eat past 5pm. I was previously trying not to eat past 8pm so this is a new challenge for me. So far so good.


OK so let’s see. My weight is still the same. Body still looks the same. But I guess that’s to be expected when I’m not eating well. I’ve got 47 days until vacation. I really hope to make some type of noticeable difference by then. John says my belly is going down, but I don’t see it. (Body dysmorphia, anyone?) Good thing I’m documenting with photos so at the end when I’m a sexy momshell hardbody I can look back and follow the progress pictorially.

 How are you doing with your fitness efforts? Do you have any new finds or anything giving you renewed motivation?



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