My Fifty Dollar Hair Mistake


Why Braids are the devil


Why I will Never Get Braids Again


Did you know your hairline could pucker?


I think the African hair braider wanted me dead


Not sure which title is best for this lil post…but….



So…. This happened:

braids braids1

…..And not even 24 hours later I took those suckers right the F out!!

Oh my god.

I don’t know how people do it. They were heavy, painful, super tight and felt like it was pulling my hairline right off of my head!! I asked homegirl to make the front loose, and it felt like she was doing them looser (ish) but…umm…. I could feel each follicle dying.


I wanted to get braids so I wouldn’t have to deal with my hair at all and could just enjoy my time in Florida. However, taking those braids out the next morning was the best thing I could’ve done. I didn’t want to end up like this:



Or worse…. 520782f0160c5

(I’m sorry but I busted out a big ol’ laugh the first time I saw that poor man’s fro loading up. He must be on dial up. 56k modem style)

My hairline is naturally far back and thinner on the sides like my dad’s, plus I’ve got a fivehead, I can’t afford a 6, 7 or 8 head. No way!


My postpartum shedding has started up with a vengeance so I’m glad I am braid free so everything can shed as it needs to. (sidebar: it’s so unsettling to see huge amounts of hair just falling from your head all day long, no matter if you know it’s supposed to happen, no matter how “prepared” you are for it…it’s still pretty scary)

Now…. despite my puckering hairline and not being able to hold my head up straight…..I still haven’t learned my lesson….

I think I’m going to get something like this the next time I lose my mind and wanna get braids:

goddessbraidss goddess braids


Sooo pretty.

Have you had any hair mishaps lately?

Any postpartum shedding advice for me?

Healthy Permed Hair Update (and Regimen)


Long overdue for an update on my permed hair but it’s healthy and doing well.

Let’s see.

I have learned a few things:

  • products really work differently on permed vs natural hair
  • air drying is miraculously fast on short/permed hair
  • Pantene BB Cream is my new bestest friend in life
  • Relaxers are tricky bastards (I’ll explain)

So, when I was first permed the hair was BONE straight. When wet: bone straight. When airdried: bone straight!

Now, my hair is wavy and even has some curls in the front!

I was told this either means:

  1. My hair is “resistant” to perms
  2. The perm has finally “settled” and this is the actual post-perm texture


I don’t effin get it. But either way, I’m loving the waves, and the ease. Kinda thinkin’ that I prefer the texture.

Maybe it’s a sign that I should never perm again and just go back to my natural curls.


Maybe I just have a lot to learn about the world of perming.


My current Regimen is:

  • Cowash every other day
  • Apply a leave-in
  • Allow to air dry

The end.

Weekly I shampoo and deep condition. I think I may do a hot oil treatment soon too.

I need a haircut in the worst way, other than that, I’m so happy with how EASY it all is.

How’s your hair lately?

My NEW Hair Goals

Hey Girls,

Quick cleaning/unpacking/organizing/rohan-wrangling break to talk hair with ya….

I wanted to share my new hair goals with you now that I’ve relaxed to bone straight for the first time.

I was both relaxed and color treated, two damaging chemical processes that require extra diligent hair care practices.

But this morning….I dyed my lighter ends back to dark brown to match my roots.

Wait….before I go further. I need to provide this quick note: THIS MAY CHANGE DUE TO MY HAIR ADD but let’s just read this from the state of mind that I’m CURRENTLY in.  :side eyes my own self:


So, with the perm and the color, my new long term hair goals are:

1. Grow my hair 12 inches from my neck (so I can donate it)

2. Maintain permed hair until after next donation

3. Transition back to natural after donating

……..Are you side eyeing me?

LOL  Me too!!

Cuz just this morning I was like UGH I don’t wanna try to flat iron this. And luckily I couldn’t find John’s clippers. #preggocrazies

My 2014 Hair Goals are now:

1. Learn how to deal with bone straight hair (I wore a scarf out the house yesterday cuz I couldn’t straighten it right)

2. Relax again in May/June and then in October/November

3. Keep cut maintained / touched up

4. Chronicle my new permed journey here and on my Youtube channel

5. Figure out what products, regimen and techniques work best for me now (without turning into a product junkie)

6. Do not color again

 Have you revamped your hair (or other) goals yet?


#TeamNatural No More – I Permed Bone Straight!


Well, You read the subject right. I permed my hair… bone straight. Adios, TeamNatural (for now)

Everyone’s telling me I’m not going to last. The person who has the most faith in me staying permed says she gives me 6 months. :/

I’m digging it straight for now. And like that it takes zero effort to get it straight. I also can see myself missing my curls in like…. 5 minutes from now. So….


Here’s the hair after the perm:

[Read more...]

I think I’m gunna Perm (Tendril Tuesday Linkup)


OK Now, perming natural hair is not my go to post topic… but…. Girls, I dunno if it’s just a passing fancy, or if I’m actually going to take the plunge, but all I wanna do is perm my hair bone straight. I’ve never had it permed bone straight before and I am daydreaming about a pixie cut…or things like these:

74bb6df5341b933315c3634e426e1819 Celebrity-short-hairstyles-black-women ciaraswooppixie2-e1352905147931 dabba5e981c80e35f1e762eba1c8642d

And I feel like it would be a lot shorter styling time and less work if it was permed. (I need the easiest/shortest regimen these days and in the days ahead)


I figure that, knowing my hair ADD tendencies, IF I even go through with it I’ll likely either hit the razors again and BC after I’m bored with it or grow it out and trim it away and be back to natural again shortly… But I’m just not sure.

What are you up to with your hair lately?


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