Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 Review and #Giveaway


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Last night I attended the premiere screening of Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 in Union Square. Before seeing the film I enjoyed a cocktail reception with Joe Cross, the film’s star, (and Aussie hottie) at the Reboot offices. I was too busy chatting and chugging healthy juices to take photos, sadly.

The Fat Sick & Nearly Dead movie followed Joe Cross around the world as he rebooted his life, drinking veggie/fruit juices and smoothies. He lost 100 lbs, got rid of chronic diseases, and inspired millions of people along the way. We were introduced to several people in the film, some who rejected the idea of a veggie based diet, and juice reboots, and some who were open to try.

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 followed up with Joe’s progress and focused on what to do after the reboot. Losing weight isn’t the hardest part, keeping it off long term is where the real effort comes in. We were introduced to new people from all over the world who are living a healthier lifestyle thanks to incorporating green drinks, and more vegetables and fruits into their diets.

(Aside…and this is totally unrelated to the topic of the movie… they showed a woman from Kenya who lost crazy weight, and was paying it forward helping her family, and others in her community lose weight with juicing too. I LOVED that finally, a mainstream movie showed a country in Africa with people just being normal, instead of the starving children, with distended bellies and flies pitched on them, that is usually how Africa at large is depicted in U.S. media. I was really glad to see it, and I hope more mainstream media follows suit.) 

We got caught up with the people we met in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead….I won’t give you any spoilers, but we revisited Phil the Truck Driver, who was my favorite story from the original film.

Peep the trailer:


Overall I loved and would recommend this movie. Just as in the first, it was charming and cute, informative without being boring, and exposed you to a healthier way of eating without being preachy. Gotta love that!!

You already know I love doing my shakes. A couple years ago when I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead I started juicing, but just adding it to my daily food, not replacing anything. It certainly gave me some pep in my step and made me feel healthier. I have slowed down with the green part….using mostly fruits with shakeology, but after last night, I’m re-inspired to whip out my Joe Cross books and start adding spinach and kale back into my blends like I used to.

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Giveaway time!!

Enter below to win a DVD copy of the original film, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and autographed copies of the two books above!

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Wink Shapewear Review and Giveaway!



Hey girls! 

I’ve got a great giveaway for you today!! 

Let me first just tell you something about this company because I am impressed. Usually when I review a product and I have negative points, I will let the company know privately in an email what my issues were and I let them decide if they want me to post the review or not. Seriously, 99% of the time the company tells me no, don’t review it! But Wink Shapewear, I told them my issues with the product and they said yes, review it fully, the negatives and the positives. So *applauds* kudos to you, Wink, for not being scared of an honest review.

I wasn’t a shapewear user in general, but I wanted to try out something to bind my belly after pregnancy. (Cuz I heard it helps you get skinny quickly – FAIL)  I tried spanx and for me…it just didn’t work well. After trying Wink Shapewear post-partum, (and having a few issues) I didn’t use it for a while then wore it again at Roey’s bday in June, and then brought it to BlogHer last month.

This is the product I tried: 

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SOL REPUBLIC Deck Review and Giveaway!


I’m back from my crazy BlogHer weekend, and I will get more pics and info up on that soon, however we have some important biz today. First. Go enter the Paypal Cash Giveaway, a winner will be picked in a couple days!

Second, I have another giveaway for ya!!!

I know you know SOL REPUBLIC‘s blue tooth speaker, DECK.

You’ve seen their commercial I’m sure:

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$200 Paypal Cash Giveaway!!!


I dunno why I love doing giveaways, but I do. Today we have a great prize….CASH!!! 

Via paypal, the winner will receive $210 bucks. Free moola for you. Just enter below to win!!

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$150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!


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I’ve got a great giveaway for you today!!! Enter below to win a $150 Amazon Gift Card!!!

The winner will be selected at random on July 4th.

Here are the great bloggers sponsoring this fab giveaway. Go check em out.

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