My Focus T25 Results for #transformationtuesday

  Focus T25 Results, T25 results FocusT25 Womens Results

Well, I’m being brave.

Really brave.

Showing you my belly fat all hanging out sloppy-like.


I wasn’t going to share these because I didn’t think they were… “transformy” enough.  I was hoping to have dramatic aesthetic results, but I think what I’ve achieved with T25 is… decent.

Before T25

  • I had zero core strength
  • I was well over my normal weight
  • I was sluggish
  • I couldn’t really do anything that required cardio without panting, and
  • I was stressed out and mildly sleep deprived

When I started I was using the modifiers a whole lot, but by the end I was kinda keeping up with Shaun T! It was hard and I skipped some days but I made them up with a few 2-a-days and just continuing the program a bit longer.

Now After T25:

  • My weight only went down a few lbs and I lost a couple inches, but the non-scale results are great.
  • I can run 3 miles nonstop again with no walking (probably more, but the loop I run in FL is about 3 mi. so I haven’t tried longer)
  • My legs and shoulders feel stronger.
  • Even my core feels sliiiiightly stronger (but they’re in ROUGH shape after these c-sections)
  • My cardio has seriously improved, a lot less huffin’ and puffin’ when playing with Rohan.  (And that one is the BEST of all the results)
  • Plus there’s the satisfaction of completing a program I started.
  • Oh yeah, and my back fat rolls have gone down a bit too! :)

t25 results back shot

I did not use the T25 nutrition plan. If I had, I’m sure my results would be seriously more dramatic. The first month of the program I was eating cleaner, but still a lot so I could compensate for the breastfeeding. The second month…I was in Florida…so you know I was eating like a horse, and it wasn’t clean. The only healthy thing I maintained while in Florida was drinking my shakeology every day.

I also didn’t do the Sunday stretch dvds…though I wish I had, I think I did it twice out of the whole two months.

At first when I took my t25 results photos I was disappointed. But I’m feeling a bit more realistic about it now. I made some physical improvements in just 2 months, spending only 25 minutes a day! That’s not bad at all. I had lots of excuses (working, travel, lethargia, deadlines, lack of time, marriage stress, and 2 very adorable excuses) but I pushed that aside and did what I had to do. I mean…it’s only 25 minutes!

What honestly helped me the most was being a part of my challenge group. I ran it with a fellow coach, and had some great, dedicated challengers. I knew I had to check in daily with my group whether I did the work out or not, whether I ate well or not, and having that accountability is what kept me from scrapping it when it got tough.

accountability okdani blog

At one point I skipped 3 days in a row, and was like F it, I’ll just start over when I get back to NY…but I scrolled through the group and saw my girls working hard and gettin’ it in and it really motivated me to suck it up, and get back on the horse. That’s when I pulled out a few 2-a-days and tried to catch back up.

I’m currently doing Body Beast (weight training program) and will be mixing in T25 and PiYo videos as well for cardio and stretch/balance. I’m excited to get more results and can’t wait to see where I am in the next 30, 60, 90 days. (I’ll keep updating you here for sure)

Overall I’m happy with T25 and would recommend it to anyone who wants an effective workout that is short on time. I’m happy to help you stay focused and get results too. If you’re interested in joining my next challenge group (starts August 4) let me know!


Have you tried Focus T25? How’d you like it?

Fit Friday: Family Affair Edition




Well I skipped T25 most of last week….and this week…. I know, I know…don’t start with me.

I worked out, just not with the DVDs.

I ran a few days, and did my ab challenge a few days, and worked out with Rohan most days outside.

Had my dad take some pics one day:

I love google+ for making these slideshows automatically!

John’s now doing beachbody coaching part time too, and he’s been working out a bit and Rohan is now seeing us both work out so he starts working out at random throughout the day. He’ll do squats and count his reps in a strained voice like he’s workin’ really hard. It’s cute. Im gunna get it on vid one of these days.

I’m redoing a week of T25 to catch up, and then continuing on to the Beta phase. I’m excited to see my body change. So far, a few lost pounds but no real difference when looking at me. Going to take my 30 day progress pics and measurements tomorrow morning anyway.

What have your workouts been like lately?

Fit Friday: Focus T25 Week 2 and 3




I’m living in a state of perpetual soreness. It’s a light soreness in my shoulders, butt and legs…all.the.time. I’m finished with week 3 of T25 and while I want to murder Shaun T in his sleep, I also want to give him a wet kiss on the lips. I love how I feel after a workout, and love that because I knwo the workout is only 25 minutes, I don’t dread it or find a way to put it off or talk myself out of it. #WIN!

It’s hard to fit it in. I know, you’re like Dani it’s only 25 minutes wtf is wrong with you? — But with the way my children are set up….  LOL

Sheesh. I feel like they know mama’s about to do something productive for herself so they telepathically plot against me “Your turn to cry, Rohan”  ”Nah, Kaya, I threw a fit last time, you need to make a poopsplosion…Quick before she turns on the DVD player”

But I get it in though. Erryday! (almost)


Here I am about to go into a squat, and about to pass out, or die, or spontaneously combust or something. Lawd, this program wipes me the F out! I have yet to notice any physical changes, and sadly have no weight loss at all, but I am noticing some non-scale victories:

  1. I have less heart attacks during the workouts
  2. I can hold my planks longer and do the plank walks a smidge better than week 1
  3. I look at Tania way less. (for modifiers)

I missed a few days the past 2 weeks and had to do some 2-a-days to catch up, and boy oh boy were they killer. I felt like I was back doin’ insanity, except with insanity Shaun would give you water breaks!

Seriously looking forward to seeing my body change! This belly and backfat business is not for me.



(ummm…I think it takes 8 weeks for ME to see any changes, 12 weeks for my husband to notice, 16 weeks for friends, and 20 weeks for the rest of the world LOL)


I slacked up on my clean eating slightly, I was craving comfort food so I had two treat meals this week. One was green bean casserole (which in the grand scheme of things, it’s not clean, but it’s not horrible) and I had some pasta (but only one bowl….ok … one BIG bowl, but still!). Still snackin healthy, grazing, drinking lots of water, and keeping my calories up for breastfeeding sake.

We’ve cut red meat out of our diet, John cut out poultry too (But when I said I was going to give away our bacon he stopped me…so we’ll see how long this lasts for him) I haven’t 100% cut out poultry (or maybe I have but don’t want to admit it yet lol), but for the most part. We are cooking only fish, shrimp, scallops and tofu at home. Going to start looking into some of those TVP “meats” and see if it’s for us. We’re both still drinking our shakeology daily. John replaces breakfast with it and is steadily losing weight. I replace a snack with it and no weight loss yet, but lots of health benefits! (read: bye bye IBS and migraines!)

Looking forward to week 4, and hopefully some more nonscale (and scale) victories to report!

How are your health and fitness pursuits going?



Fit Friday: T25 Week One



Focus T25 Week One was a beast!

A beast I say!!!

Oh man.

Me and Shaun T are gunna fight!!

shaun T

I came into the T25 workouts thinking I’d have it in the bag because I have done Insanity in the past.

No sir.

It’s hard. It’s intense. It’s 25 minutes going full out, with no breaks! I had to use the modifier girl Tania as my “breaks.”

I couldn’t stand her in Insanity, but now in T25 I love her and all her modifications lol.

I think I will have good results from this program! Eating cleaner and drinking my shakeology is going to help me lose this horrific baby belly I’ve got goin on.

Took my “before” photos….they’re so embarrassing I refuse to post them until I have some “after” results to post along with it.

(yes. It’s that bad. I look like I’m still expecting.)

So this week was: 

Monday: Alpha Cardio (a lotta jumping around and squatting like a maniac!)

Tuesday: Speed 1.0 (faster jumping around and squatting like a maniac!)

Wednesday: Total Body Circuit (it was rough but I loved it, reminded me of a bootcamp class!)

Thursday: Ab Intervals (hard! Lots of ab work with spurts of cardio between, I liked it!)

Friday: Today is a double day – Lower Focus & Alpha Cardio (I’ll let you know how it is!)

Later today after I complete my workout I’ll be posting a video of the week’s progress.

Did you work out this week? What are you doing? 



Fit Friday: Thank You Letters





Dear Target,

Thank you for having all the clean eating items I need in a section faaaar away from the baby girl clothes so I can (attempt to) get in and get out without spending a million dollars. Thank you for introducing me to snacks like freeze dried strawberries, and thank you for having miso paste in stock so I can make my favorite light and clean soup. Off topic: thanks for having ELF products cuz I really needed a new black eyeliner for cheap.


Lazy, Cheap Dani

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