Fit Friday: Clean Eater


So almost 2 weeks down of my journey to optimal health, fitness, wellness… and it’s going well so far!

ooh salad

I told you here that my plan was:

Until the doc says I can work out I’m going to just focus on:

  1. Drinking as much water as is humanly possible each day 
  2. Making my snack choices healthier
  3. Replacing my morning snack or first meal with a shake
  4. Not eating/snacking/grazing after 9pm


Well I’ve been doing great with it except for #4. I’m drinking 4-6 bottles of water a day, having a shake instead of dessert or having a shake instead of a sweet snack, and I’ve replaced all the junk with healthier choices – not 100% clean, but no where near dirty! :) I’m eating after 9pm though. Even as late as midnight. My schedule is all kooky with the newborn running the show.

Overall my eating has been way cleaner. The shakes help curb my cravings for the sweet stuff, and keep me full for a few hours. Plus they’re fast to make and guzzle down. I’m a grazer and really only eat two “real” meals. I have breakfast and dinner, and then just eat snacks about every hour in between LOL.  I’ve always been a grazer, but now that I’m making the effort to focus on nutrition I really realize just how much I am chomping away on foods.

roey eats clean

Good thing the choices are healthier. We took all the junk food out of the house and John makes weekly runs to the grocery store to re-up on fruits/veggies and other good stuff.

I’ve replaced some of my staples:

  • breakfast waffles with butter and syrup —> whole wheat toast with peanut butter and raisins
  • chex mix/chips —> string cheese and wheat thins OR sliced bell pepper dipped in hummus
  • cookies/puddings/random sweet treats —> grapes, plums, shakeology, raisins, oranges, apple with peanut butter, greek yogurt

I’ve tried to force myself to have a “real” lunch, and I grill a bunch of chicken breasts for John and I twice a week. I use them in salads for lunch….and just for random grazing when I wanna chomp on something.


clean eating snacks

Eventually I will be actually planning ahead and creating a meal plan for myself and doing more meal prep besides just the chicken breasts…. But I honestly don’t see that happening until a bit later on.  I’m taking baby steps here so I ensure they stick. The next baby step I’m going to take is to boil a batch of eggs to have on hand for a few days to grab for grazing and for adding to salads.


  1. John ordered Indian food and I only ordered a green salad and grilled lamb with grilled veggies, no sauce. (Normally I’d be stuffed with Naan and chicken tikka masala and 5011 lamb samosas.)
  2. I didn’t even think about touching the ice cream John got for his carb day, even though it literally reached it’s arms out to me when I opened the freezer.


  1. When John ordered Chinese…I couldn’t resist. I did order a better meal than I normally would though: Beef and Broccoli (no rice, no noodles, no egg roll) but I did get a wonton soup which has noodles in it.
  2. I’m eating late at night, even if the choices are healthier, it isn’t good for digestion (or weight management) to eat almost 24 hrs a day.


I’m happy to say that the cleaner eating plan is a lot easier than I expected. I am glad since this is how I intend on eating for the rest of my life. The only thing I miss is sweet juices/sweet tea. I also miss working out and running. Im so looking forward to my May 5th Challenge Group so I can get back to feelin’ tha burn and get fit again!

What have you been up to for your health these days?



Fit Friday – And So It Begins


Oh girls, I ate so horribly during my pregnancy. I really did. We had take out multiple times a week. The last two weeks while I was feeling “punished” by the pain I was in, I totally self medicated with oreos and entenmanns… and flat soda…and ice cream. Lots. of. Ice Cream.


That’s the past. What’s done is done.

What’s to come is what matters.

I have one meal taken care of each day. That’s my a.m. shakeology shake. I pop some fruit or greens and milk in there, shakey shake (or vroom it around in my trusty nutribullet) and I’ve got the most nutritious meal of the day all done.

What happens after that is where the hard part comes in…

No more snacking on entenmanns and ice cream ::wipes tear:: No more chugging sweet juices and sweet teas. No more junk dammit!

Now my snacks are:

  • fruits
  • yogurt
  • hummus & carrots
  • …ok… and Rohan’s apple sauce

I just crave sweets all. the. time. #gottaworkonthat

John is on board to eat cleaner too, and he’s still doing his low carb thing 6 days a week. I can’t go low carb, and I definitely won’t be restricting calories at all since I’m breastfeeding Kaya, but I am making healthier food choices. (except last night when we had Chinese instead of cooking a healthy meal at home….but I digress)

I may end up going back to the Eat to Live way of eating…but what I know for sure right now is I need to clean up my eating if I’m going to see this baby belly go away for good.


Until the doc says I can work out I’m going to just focus on:

  1. Drinking as much water as is humanly possible each day
  2. Making my snack choices healthier
  3. Replacing my morning snack or first meal with a shake
  4. Not eating/snacking/grazing after 9pm

I’m kinda glad there’s a delay before I can work out. Consistently eating well requires way more effort for me than consistently working out hard. We’ve all heard that “abs are made in the kitchen” and I sooo wish that wasn’t true. So it’ll be nice to have this month of April to try and wrangle my eating and clean it up before I add workouts to the mix. I’m going to have to be one of those people who ::gulp:: plans her meals in advance. ::hyperventilates::

OK. So. It begins today. As it stands I’m holding on to 30lbs of extra weight. (Why God? Why!?!) Some of that is definitely in the boob area, so I’m going to make my (tentative) goal 25 lbs off and a fit body. (Though if my weight stayed exactly the same while my body transformed from mushy to fit I’d be totally fine with that too.)

Do you have any fitness plans? How’d you lose your baby weight?

Uber WAHM – New Beachbody Coach

Biz Opp Call

(if interested, sign up free here and let me know so I can give you the link to join in)

I mentioned it briefly that I was starting a new business venture. I’m a new beachbody coach and I’m so excited!

I did beachbody coaching in the past and made a few sales, but had a coach who wasn’t in it to build a business, so he couldn’t help me, and I didn’t find much guidance so I stopped. I had no idea wtf I was doing. womp womp.

I did insanity back in 2012 and it was hard as hell but got some results. If only I had changed my eating at the same time I wouldda been a momshell extraordinaire! LOL But since then I’ve been a beachbody fan and secretly wanted to be a coach with their company again just because I knew how lucrative it can be, and I already love to help, coach and motivate people. Win. Win.

My personal coaching business stalled last year, by my own doing. There was just so much going on. But when I was thinking about getting it back on track…I was hemming and hawing. I did start getting crackin’ but it felt…harder than it should. And I found myself procrastinating on only those tasks. Meanwhile the writing and freelance gigs I was getting felt easier than it should.

Things should flow and feel fluid. (Thanks, Danielle LaPorte) So I pumped the breaks on life coaching and focused on my writing gigs, freelance gigs and hanging out with you guys here at OKDani until….



I’ll try Beachbody Coaching again! And this time I did it right. I found a great coach who’s already teaching me tons! (She’s who’s leading the webinar I posted above) And I read, researched and learned all I could on my own and through Beachbody’s trainings.

Girls. Seriously… I’m so excited!

In less than two weeks of being a coach I’ve already accomplished a bunch. Increased in rank, hit a few success markers, and have clients on track to fitness…And it feels so fluid and is definitely flowing well. I’m building a solid team of coaches who I know are going to help people get healthier, and also kick butt on the business side of things. I love that I can mix in my life coaching style with the fitness stuff that I like anyway. It just… flows. *COUGH*And so will the money*COUGH*


I created a week-to-week coaching group on facebook offering support, accountability and motivation and it’s getting some interest! I think it’s just smarter to break down fitness/wellness goals weekly instead of monthly… keeps you on track much easier.

If you want to join us go here and sign up to have me as your FREE coach and then msg me on Facebook or email me at and I will add you to the group. It officially starts on March 30th but we’ve already got people working on their weekly fitness goals there.

My only concern with my new beachbody coaching adventure is a slight fear of becoming like one of those annoying people on instagram with those goddamn wraps. I’m not a salesperson and I hate being pressured and sold to the way those wrap nazis do. It feels so smarmy. I’m into the products because I had good results from them myself, but I don’t even want to annoy you girls with too much beachbody talk here on OKDani! (which is why I made a separate blog for that LOL!) 

What I will be shamelessly forcing down your throats sharing with you, is my body transformation though! Fit Fridays will be returning after babygirl arrives. I’m going to be drinking shakeology and doing T25 to get the baby weight off. So be prepared to see my cray cray pics as I slim down. It took me forever after Rohan. (and I still was nowhere near my goal before getting preggo again) Not this time dammit!! Momshell status, here I come!!

And guess who’s gunna be a Dadshell? (ok that word’s not as catchy…)


 Yep! John’s on board too! He can’t do my T25 workouts (his foot still isn’t healed, and the docs say he can never run again or do any crazy jumping around ever again.) so he’ll do Shakeology until his foot is all better and we find a bounce-free program for him.

I converted him yall! He was all about Muscle Milk protein shakes and didn’t think anything would taste as good. But now…he’s a Shakeology fan. Even though it’s not a protein shake, and even in vanilla flavor which he usually hates.

So that’s it. My mission to be home with my children is on and poppin. The blog, the freelance writing, and the beachbody coaching is making it happen! So grateful that my husband is on board and super supportive of my new endeavor. It’s an exciting time in the OKDani household. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. And if you’re interested in coaching email me!

Have you started any new endeavors lately?

What are you up to fitness-wise?


Fit Fridays: Strong Not Skinny Edition


Oh…hello…how are you Fit Fridays…I haven’t seen you in a while…

I’ve been doing well, thank you for asking!

I’m eating less carbs overall which is making my stomach go down. HALLELUJAH!!!

My exercising is more regular, and I’m making less excuses about working out! * this is a…BIG DEAL!*

I’ve been running and doing various Jillian videos and my new besties: those fitnessblender videos.

Also I started doing a little quickie workout when I wake up: crunches, squats, pushups. A lil “jailhouse” workout to start my day. … ok, lemme stop frontin’ I did that like 6 times….I haven’t made it a true habit yet.

What I’ve noticed is that even though my stomach is starting to go down, and my weight is down (3lbs away from pre-preggo weight, holla!) I am so de-conditioned and laughably weak. My endurance is slowly starting to get better, but now I want to get STRONGER.

May is a crazy month for the OKDani household, but I’m going to try to get some more strength training mixed into my days. And….*GULP*…. my mouth went dry even as I am going to type this. but…. I’m going to start taking Roey to the gym with me and leaving him in the sitter place there. *tear* I can’t keep doing my gymming around John’s schedule. I’ll never get in shape this way.

So I’m going to bite the bullet, and trust these people…ish….I know I’m gunna be the mom to like…run 1/2 a lap then go peek in, then run another 1/2 a lap then go peek. ::hides face::

How have your workouts and eating habits been?

Have a great weekend girls!!

Fit Friday: Interracial Marriage Gym Drama Edition




Let me tell you, first off I’ve become such a blogger, because I had a little scene happen at the gym, and my first thought was not: ”omg that was some ignorant sh*t” it was more like: ”omg I wish this happened before I did that damn interracial marriage post!”

So John set up my account at this gym, right. So everything was under him. They told him that I would just need to come in with my ID and they’d link our accunts and I’d be all set.

I hand the guy (that I’ve never seen before at this gym) my ID, and he looks stuff up, makes puzzled faces at the screen, and then tells me he’s sorry he cant find my husband’s account. I, thinking this is a name issue, and not an idiot issue, tell him, “oh sorry, I’m hyphenated, are you looking up the second last name?”

He clicks away on the computer, again looks confused and then says “Do you know your husband’s name?” while handing me a paper and pen to write it down for him.  (OK, I stand corrected. Maybe this is an idiot issue after all!) I said…”I think I remember it” (with a smile) and wrote it for him.

More waiting.

Then more puzzled faces, and looking up at me all unsure like. He then finally says, I can’t find your husband ma’am. There’s only one person in our records with that name.  That’s when it hit me. And all at once I realized he didn’t think John was my husband! (And then I wished this happened before that old blog post) So I just said “Let me see the record” He turns his screen around, and I said, yes, that’s my husband. See…the address is exactly the same. And just looked at him with a blank stare so he could sit in his stupid.

Of course he avoided eye contact and mumbled something unintelligable like “uhsorrymumblemumblenamemumblemumbleIDmumblemumblehaveagoodworkout” as he finished setting up my account.

Dummy.  John and I had a good laugh at this one. Poor kid. We’re in Jersey City. There are mixed race couples all over this place!


Back to fitness:

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • The dreadmill aint so bad :)
  • Variety really is the spice of my life
  • I will soooo not be in bikini shape by vacation time
  • A 5k is really doable for my daily run, I like just hoppin on the dreaddy, pressing 5k and just goin!
  • My stomach is so weak it’s laughable. It’s embarrassing how de-conditioned it is. 1 crunch and I’m dead

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • Running
  • Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 (20 minute workouts cannot be beat!)
  • Jari Love Slim & Lean (1 long workout w/ weights that hits ever body part hard)
  • FitnessBleder workouts! (different ones all the time. I love it!!)
  • Stretching well

Here’s what I want to add:

  • Yoga at least once a week

As for nutrition…….well……um…….have a good weekend!! G’bye!

Just kidding. I’ve been doing well. Having salads with my dinner again, and not snacking. Some days I stick to not eating after 5pm…..but most days I’m eating later than that. #fail. Not having much junk though. I notice myself craving sweet carbs often. Not giving in to them though. Mainly because there are no prepared cookies or anything in the house, any sweet carb I’d actually have to bake myself. And like Sweet Brown, aint nobody got time for that! [editor's note: OK I got the time, just not the desire]

So that’s where things stand for the past 2 weeks.

How have your fitness/nutrition pursuits been going?

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