My First Year In Business: Mistakes, Lessons, and Wins

first year in business

This post is almost 4 weeks late… but still worth sharing what I learned in my first year in business. (To be clear, this is not my first year of blogging or coaching…just my first year of doing it full time knowing I’d never go back to my old career.)

Backstory: Though blogging since 2010 and coaching since 2011, I didn’t leave the 9-5 world until 2012 before Rohan was born. I was planning to return to corporate america but then…Kaya. I didn’t want to go back to a day job but then found myself back at it again in Jan 2015 when we moved to Florida. I lasted 8 months and quit to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and live the life I wanted and knew I could create.

(here’s what to do before you quit your job!)

That was August 2015. I was feeling disjointed and knew I had to get my shit together and make my biz happen. Overall I had a successful year. I traveled, I spoke, I hit goals, I grew my confidence, my reach, my circle and my income. I’ll share a few of my wins at the end of this post. But I certainly made some mistakes and learned some important lessons along the way.

Mistake 1 – Didn’t get help

Still wrestling with getting steady help for the blogs. Part of it is i-can-do-it-all syndrome and the other is being cheap about investing money back into the business when we have so many bills to pay. I have made the decision to get real, long-term  help beginning in January. I looked at the costs associated and realized that although it will cut into the bottom line, it’ll ultimately help that bottom line grow larger after a bit. (And I’ll be way less stressed out I’m sure.) I can’t grow to epic heights without a team. It is what it is. My e-friend shamed me into it telling me it’s only $10/hr to find someone on upwork. “You do have $10 right, Dani?”  Ouch!!  Gotta do it now, huh.


Mistake 2 – Being passive

Still working my way through this as well. I let opportunities pass me by this year. I wasn’t aggressively pitching or seeking out new opportunities. I didn’t actively sell my beachbody products as often as I could have and since I was in a weird place with what I wanted to do coach-wise, I was passive about getting new clients. I relied on word of mouth. Combating this mistake for next year is easy. In creating my annual plan I will have marketing built in, and I now have a pitching and video schedule set up to easily follow.

Mistake 3 – Not growing List

“The money is in the list.” I have heard and read this a million trillion times….Yet I didn’t actively work to grow my list. Nor did I do anything special to nurture the OKDani readers that are already on my list. (all 2 of you. Hey girl hey!) That stops now. I’ll add to my opt-ins, promote my current opt-in, and work to grow my subscriber list as well as send monthly emails to my current subbies! (You can join my list here to get your copy of the Morning Makeover Handbook #ijs)

Lessons Learned:

Self care is extra important for entrepreneurs

I’ve realized the importance of self care in a major way this year. I’m grateful that it didn’t take me getting sick with something serious to slow me down. I didn’t realize how in need of self care I was. I’m a migraine sufferer and that just knocks me out. I can’t see well, hear well, my stomach betrays me, and then there are the knives stabbing into the side of my head. When I get a migraine I have no choice but to stop, hide under the covers and let it pass. Because I do that, I was convinced I was OK on the self care front.

In case you’re a crazy workyourselftooharder like I am, let me just tell you this right now: Taking care of yourself when you’re ill is NOT the same as self care. Self care is what you do when you’re well, to stay well and feel even better. I’m working in self care into my weekly routine and I’m noticing the difference. #momshell status here I come. 🙂


You don’t have to find your voice

I’ve said this so many times to other bloggers, yet I started to worry about this myself last year. I knew I wanted to share and edu-tain about the things I know very well, and I also wanted to maintain my non-ackright, hotmessy, silly voice. I worried a bit about balancing my personality with imparting knowledge. Why? I dunno! The human brain loves a damn problem, and when there isn’t one it will just create one out of thin air. There is no reason to “find” your voice. You just have to use it. I knew this before I guess…then got shook….but relearned this year after getting such a great response to my work.

It’s okay to slow down or stop in order to move forward

In my post How I Make Money Online, I shared candidly what I do to earn my living on these interwebs. I mentioned that I was completing with my last clients and taking a break from coaching until I figured out my plan in that area. At first I was a little disappointed in myself, but after taking a break and reevaluating what I really want to do coachingwise, it was the best move to make. I realized it’s not a failure to stop or slow down in an area of business or life when you need to reassess. It’s the smartest thing to do when you want to move forward. Now I’m much clearer on who I want to help, and how!


Highest earning year in biz

::rolls around in piles of money like uncle scrooge:: I mean…I really don’t have much to say here. I have out earned my past years and I’m stoked. I know with what I’m putting in motion for this coming year I’ll do even better. ::makes it rain:: I don’t talk about my specific financials here….but if you’re interested check this out.

Winning while still being me

This is truly the biggest win for me. Ever since I started blogging I’ve used my voice. And that voice cusses. It also talks a lil hood sometimes and in Jamaican patois sometimes. Whenever I had blog consults with coaches, and discussed branding and working with brands, my language came up. I was forever told it would limit me from working with family brands. Ummm…nope.

nope beyonce

I’m bout to take a press trip with Disney…as family brand as you can get!  Honestly, I don’t know how many brands have vetted me on the low, saw that I cuss and then passed on hiring me, and I’ll never know. But what I do know is that my content is 1000% genuine in my voice and style and I’m still getting great brand opportunities and have a really kickass reader community. I count that as a #doublewin.

Support and understanding from hubby

My husband has always supported my entrepreneurial goals, thankfully. But supporting and understanding are two different things. It’s really hard to understand someone’s situation unless you live it. And my husband working from home a bit has exposed him to what I go through. Attempts to get work done while getting pulled in fiftyeleven different directions, hiding for phone meetings, not being able to finish a thought before someone cries for you and trying to keep said someone alive and happy, and take care of the house and yourself… He didn’t “get it” until he lived it. Now that he’s had a taste of it he’s being a lot more understanding about the time that I need to work while he’s home, and the time that I need to run away from home to have some peace and get work done.

Overall, my first year in business was a great one. I’m really proud of myself. My dream and goal from ages ago was to be able to be a stay at home mom being super hands on with my children, and running a business. Now, here I am doing it! #manifestation I’m just really grateful at how this past year went and excited about year two.

What did you learn in your first year in business?

How Do You Make Money Online?

make money online with ease

I have been debating whether or not to post this piece but someone shared a piece with me today about how quitting your job to be your own boss is BS and I figured this was the day to share this. I’m not linking to the piece because I don’t want to contribute to the pageviews of the author’s negativity.

How Do You Make Money Online?

This is one of the top questions I’m asked and I am happy to answer it as it relates to me. I used to include “the internet and making money from it” on my gratitude lists every week in the Mind Right Monday series I had here, and since then the question has continued to come in to my email quite often.

Please know this is not meant to be a “be all end all” post. Just my personal snapshot of revenue streams as it stands today, and a little bit of an idea on how you can do the same…and IF you should do the same at all…

NOTE: The answer to this question looks different to every one you may ask. Even another “mommy” or “lifestyle” blogger will have different responses. I’m not one who blogs about blogging, nor do I plan on sharing income reports etc..*COUGH*team stay out my pockets*COUGH* but I will tell anyone what I do simply because I love it, it’s not hard, and you can totally do it too if you want to. It just takes a little bit of effort and consistency.

I make my living online. I’m SO grateful to be able to say that. I stopped pursuing a long-time big dream (entertainment) when I was just starting to gain some traction because I wanted to fulfill a bigger dream of being a mother. Well, specifically, I wanted to be a mother who is home with her children daily until they’re grown. There was a lot I had to do to facilitate this dream coming to life and I am over-the-moon happy that over the years I was able to build a business that can sustain us if I needed it to while I’m home with my little ones.

Here’s how I make money online:

  • Blogging at /
  • Social Media (stemming from OKDani)
  • Freelance writing for other sites
  • Wellness coaching independently
  • Health/Fitness coaching through Beachbody
  • T-shirt/Mug sales via InTEElligence

And now, it’s time for the breakdown: (nevagunnagetitnevagunnagetit)


This site has been making me steady money since right after the BlogHer conference in 2012. (Even though I started the daggone site back in 2009 ::heavysigh:: #dontjudgeme #iknewnothingjohnsnow) It started as a hobby and turned into much more. Here are the ways I’m currently earning:

Affiliate sales:

Almost every brand has an affiliate program. What you do is join directly or via an affiliate network (My preference is this one) and link to the brand, or product directly on your site. When someone clicks and buys through your link, you get some pennies. (or hundreds of dollars) Amazon Affiliates is a popular and easy program to use.

Sponsored posts:

This is where you create content for a brand. I find these opportunities directly, via pitching myself to certain companies, as well as indirectly through a middleman called a blogging network/influencer network. I use many and honestly I dig them all but right now my faves are SoFab, Clever Girls, Type A, Influence Central, and of course BlogHer.

Ad revenue:

I use private advertisers, google adsense, yahoo ads, and BlogHer’s ad network. You simply add the ad code to your blog, and collect your money every month.

Full transparency: is not bringing in income other than some google adsense coinage, but I will return to giving it more effort in the months ahead.

Tips for how you can do it too:

  • Start a blog – It’s as easy as buying a domain, getting hosting, loading up a theme, and starting to write.
  • Create content people enjoy reading
  • Join blogging networks, blogging groups, affiliate networks, adsense/

Not for you if:

  • You aren’t up for the task of maintaining a blog (it takes a lot, sometimes)
  • You don’t enjoy creating content in various mediums (words, images, videos)
  • You don’t like to self promote or promote others

Social Media

How I make money via social media is two fold. One is via sponsored content and the other is participating in or hosting twitter parties. The sponsored content is contracted via the same networks mentioned above, or directly from a brand.

You can do it too:

  • Grow your social media accounts through content and engagement
  • Use influencer networks or your own digging to find sponsored content opportunities
  • Pitch to brands to be a panelist or host for a twitter party

Not for you if:

  • No social media presence and not willing to grow
  • Not willing to promote and big up other people/brands

Freelance Writing

I have been freelance writing for several years. I did ghostwriting for a client up until very recently when they closed up shop. I recently started a gig regularly contributing to a popular blog and I contribute sporadically (on a freelance basis) to a variety of blogs/websites. I’m pretty much always looking for more places to contribute to for pay. For me this is a no brainer because writing is easy for me. If you enjoy writing this may be the easiest way to start earning money online. (TIP: Create an alias to write under if you want to be published in topics/outlets that don’t mesh well with your current public persona.)

Tips for how you can do it too:

  • Find a topic you enjoy writing about and start writing about it
  • Seek out places that will pay you for submissions – Google is my best friend for this
  • Write for others often, even if not paid, to build a resume to show paid gigs how great you are

Not for you if:

  • You don’t enjoy writing
  • You’ll catch feelings if an editor shreds your work to pieces
  • You have no get up ‘n go to seek out opportunities for yourself
  • You can’t keep a deadline

Life/Wellness Coaching (Independently)

I am a certified life coach. I went to NYU for my training and cert. Now I work with busy women who are trying to create healthy, happy, lives they love. We have regular conversations and work to strategize, set goals, redesign their lives to prioritize what they feel will make their lives better. This is done 1:1 via google hangouts mostly, some on the phone. I grew my client base mostly through them emailing me via OKDani. Once I get my ish together a bit more I will get my site together for this offering.

Full transparency – I recently completed with my last client and am putting this on temporary hold until I find a way to do it that brings me as much joy/fulfillment as it did when I first got my coaching certification. I’ll be continuing my beachbody group coaching during this time though.

You can do this too by:

  • Deciding what you’re good at, and can teach to others
  • Get a coaching certification (or not lol – everyone’s a ‘coach’ these days so this step isn’t even mandatory anymore – just read up on how to coach folks so you can actually be of value)
  • Start offering free tips/help/guidance
  • “Hang your shingle”

Not for you if:

  • You lack confidence or a strong voice
  • You don’t truly want to help people and just want to “get” clients for money
  • You’re not willing to learn the craft of coaching (even if it’s through books/personal study and not an official course)

Beachbody Coaching

I refrain from talking about this here on OKDani but I think I’m going to start bringing it up more because it’s such a huge part of my life and I LOVE it. I coach women online who purchase beachbody products through me. I also just sell the products to people who are interested in getting fit without group coaching. Another part of the beachbody business is building a team of coaches, which I haven’t had interest in doing, but will surely up my income immensely when I do. Any of my clients who want to join as a coach to save 25% on beachbody products, I just have them sign up as a coach under me. I initially did that to save 25% on shakeology myself.

This source of income is the easiest to manipulate. We get paid weekly, so when I need a bump of cash immediately, I will advertise my services, or start a challenge group so I get immediate sales. (Note: With blogging, the chunks of money are much larger, but take weeks-months to hit the paypal.)

You can do this too by:

Not for you if:

  • You don’t truly want to help people
  • You’re lazy – The money I make here is completely related to how much effort I am putting into it.

Note: You do not have to be fit/in shape/a guru etc (and it’s even better when you’re not). And you do not have to have any sales quotas met, have any product in your home, etc. It’s all done online and beachbody does all fulfillment for you.

T-Shirt / Mug Sales

I have a tee shirt site called InTEElligence. (cute right?! lol) I just started this revenue stream late last year and haven’t really put effort into this (full disclosure). Because I don’t advertise and have many changes to make to the inventory I only get a few sales each month ::hangs head:: However, don’t let my experience thwart you if this is something you’re interested in. I have several friends making great steady, full-time, DAILY income with their T shirt sales.

You can do this too by:

  • Think up some cute shirt/mug ideas
  • Open up a shop on spreadshirt or teespring or one of the millions of other sites

Seriously… anyone can do it and if they advertise well can make a great profit from it.

Not for you if:

  • You’re gunna be lazy like me and not update your pieces or advertise your shop! ::slaps own wrist::
  • You’re going to copycat other people vs thinking up your own unique ideas
  • You’re not interested in serving others with great product/customer service

As you can see, there’s a trend in the “not for you if” sections on each of these. If you’re not looking to give/serve and are just looking for a quick buck while you just be lazy…this entrepreneurship thang is NOT for you.

So, that’s my story. Quitting my job to pursue entrepreneurship was the best thing I’ve ever done….besides create two amazing children and marry my best friend. I’m not making millions of dollars (yet) but I am doing well. In the future I’ll be adding more revenue streams and tweaking/removing some I currently have in place as I grow. It’s always a work in progress, like anything else.

Hopefully you’ll work to grow your online business and be able to leave your 9-5 if you choose. It’s not bs. It can be done. It just takes effort and consistency. You can do it. I hope this post was encouraging, even if you don’t intend to make money in the same ways as I am. There are plenty of ways that you can make a living online that will feel good to your soul. And there is limitless opportunity. Good luck to you!

How do you make money online?


What I’m Working On

WAHMMING aint easy… I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again.

Even though it’s not easy, it’s the best move for me. I’m so extremely grateful every day that I can be with Ro and Kai and still work on my business. (albeit very slowly)

After Blogalicious, I came home super inspired, and reconsidering a lot of what I was doing. That, coupled with reading a part of the book The Beauty of an Ugly Start by blogalicious speaker Ella Rucker got me all in my feels about getting some projects done and releasing others with love.

I had to life coach myself! I have a lot of works in progress, and I feartalked myself into thinking I can’t discuss them until they’re done. But F that.

One takeaway from Blogalicious, from the inspiring and interesting Lamar Tyler of Black & Married With Kids, is have something to sell, asap. And go sell it. LMAO

SO I came home and hemmed and hawed for a bit then moved forward with starting a T shirt line John and I had spoken about for a while. It’s still in the beginning stages, but we got some sales already!! The spreadshirt store is embedded below, and the website is coming along nicely…it’s not done but you can peek at it here if you want:

I am still working on getting my coaching business site together. Poor lil is taking forever to get finished. I vow to have the site live by December 1, pretty or not. I’m lucky that thanks to this here bloggy blog, I’ve been building up my coaching clientele on the low. That’s a happy bonus.
An idea I’ve had for many years is finally starting to come to fruition. I’m launching an online fitness magazine for black women next year. Of course with a project of this size, I get the bubble guts just thinking about it lol, but the pre-work is coming along and I have wonderful people on board already to make this bad boy grow. (Now if I only had a sugardaddy or magical angel investor…::looks around::)  If you want to get on the list to be informed of the launch (and be entered for pre-launch giveaways and goodies) go HERE and leave your email for us.
I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with my girl Daphne for a Blab show called Moms & Biz.  (Guess what we’ll be talking about?)
Our first episode is live this coming Sunday at 7pm eastern and every other Sunday going forward. Hop on and join us!! (Use Chrome or Firefox btw) We’re really excited about it, and with both of us passionate parenting, our respective businesses, and about helping women, especially moms and entrepremoms, I think we’re going to have a useful and fun show. We’ll kee kee it up as well as drop a lilbitta knowledge. Our first episode is on scheduling your biz around your kids. We’ll be taking your questions live!
Seeing this image makes me want an accent over the E in my name so it looks fancy too.
 So I spoke at BlogHer this year. It was my first time speaking, and it was amazing and affirming and just….everything. And this week I presented a training for a Houston based blogging group… And now… I just wanna talk. I want to speak at more places and tell people more stuff lol. OK… but in a professional way 🙂 I just need to figure out how to go about doing that… Oh the lament of the multipassionate entrepreneur….
What are YOU working on?!

What To Do Before You Quit Your Job

what to do before you quit

So I got such a sweet response to the post I Quit My Job To Do What I Love and I’m so happy to hear that so many of you want to do the same! I’m definitely pro-doing what the hell you wanna do…. but in a smart way.

Saying ‘to hell with this’ and up and leaving your job impulsively may feel good in the moment, but without solid footing, a strong plan, backup resources etc… you may be setting yourself up for a fall.

I have two children a husband and a mortgage that need to be considered before any huge decisions are made. I’m a planner by nature (Virgo, anyone?) so these are my tips and ideas for you if you’re interested in leaving your day job to pursue a dream career…

Before you quit your day job…

Try to Make It Work

I’m a huge believer in the side-hustle mentality. I say grow your business as much as you can while working before leaving.

If you’re aching to leave, but can stick it out, try to do so. Here’s how:

  • See if you can go part-time or extend hours M-Th to get Fridays off.
  • Try to make friends to make your time at work more bearable – If you need the income, try to stick it out as long as you can. Friends can help.
  • Schedule your work so you have at least an hour of time during your workday to work on your biz
  • Use the resources afforded to you: Do your research, writing, photo editing, drafting pitch letters etc and anything else you can accomplish at work as much as you can.
  • Be creative – If you’re a truck driver, you can certainly use a dictation program to dictate the next great american novel out into your phone instead of typing it on a computer.
  • Keep a notebook or a notes app on your phone with you so you can at the very least jot down business ideas and to dos during your day so you can execute when you get off
  • Make your lunch hour count – Wolf down your sandwich and bang out some work in the rest of your “free” time.
  • Schedule your after-work time for business building – be really conscious of how you use your time
  • Use your commute wisely, either dictating, reading/researching, writing, planning etc.

When I started my old blog LongNaturalHair and OKDani I was working as a CFO’s assistant and I would rush to finish my work for him, and push him out the door to meetings so I could get back to writing, or researching about blogging. I built my little blogs during lunch hours and any spare moment I had.

Switch Jobs

If your job is just completely soul-sucking or doesn’t allow any time/resources for you to build your business around it, try finding another one. If your current job has you on your feet, or in a position not conducive to getting some of your work done, try to find a different type of position.

Consider Finances

The biggest factor in leaving your day job is certainly the financial hit you’ll take. That steady paycheck is comforting, I know. I’m thankful that my business is bringing in income already and together with John’s salary it can sustain us while I grow.

Paring down your expenses is definitely a smart idea. John and I let our lawn guy and our cleaning lady go. We cancelled our cruise in October ::sobs gently::, lowered our cell phone plans and I’m cancelling cable this week. We’re dropping Rohan down to just a few days a week at his pre-school and will not be eating out as often anymore until my business picks up more steam.

Take a look at your monthly expenses and get rid of the ones you can live without. I’m not a proponent for cutting back so much that you “feel” broke. In my opinion that does more harm than good, getting you into the wrong mindset for business building. (desperation vs contribution) So pare down to the point where you still feel good and abundant.

Get a roomie or move to a cheaper place. Can you get by without a car? Think big, and small, and get your expenses down as low as you comfortably can.

Pay down debt as much as you can while you’re still working. Credit card debt is lucifer I tell ya. Get rid of that shit. Rebuke it! Pay them off as fast as you can and cut those cards up! (not all of them tho, don’t be hasty lol) Try not to fall into the credit trap. Pay cash/debit, and if you can’t afford it, and it’s not a necessity, just don’t buy it right now.

Also, the obvious: SAVE. We have been saving like the dickens for a while in preparation for this leap. Ramp up your savings as much as you can before leaving the land of steady paychecks. Everyone’s stomach for risk is different. I would’ve loved to have a years worth of expenses saved up before leaving but that’s just not practical.
Decide on your goal amount and when you reach it, bounce!

Plan Your Leap Fully

I suggest you don’t leave your day job on hopes and dreams alone. Have a strong business plan in place and already be working your biz before you tell your boss bye, felicia. It would be mighty foolish to do otherwise. I know the phrase “jump and build your wings on the way down” gets tossed around frequently in the entrepreneurial world, but the common sense having part of me says, nah son. Plan out your moves, set your goals, and the action steps to get you there. Plan out your back up plan just in case.

I have my plans in place for all 3 of my business legs. And I am making the moves now to build them all up. I planned out exactly how I’ll be using my time and encourage you to do the same. You’ll spend less time waffling about if you have a sound plan in place.

Be Ready

Ok… this is a hard one, because it’s relative…when are you actually really 100% ready, ready? Right? Well, there are some obvious parameters to judge readiness. I don’t want you quitting your job to be an actress in Hollywood if you’ve never taken an acting class or performed in public before. You can’t leave your day job to be a blogger if you don’t have a blog that’s already earning some dough. You’re certainly not going to go be a world famous celebrity personal trainer if you don’t even have your certifications, etc. Right? So, while dreams and idealism are great…common sense is greater sometimes. So be ready. Do your research for your industry and know what you need to do. Take whatever classes you’ll need before you leave the job. Build your freelance resume up, or do whatever it is you need to do in your industry to position yourself for success before you leave the security of that day job.

On that same note, be ready with practical items you’ll need like health insurance, biz insurance, even business cards.

Have Support

I don’t care who you are, you need support. In any area of your life. No man is an island and all that shit, right? So find some supportive folks. If you don’t have a partner or family or good friends to support you, then…. well first, I’m sorry to hear that….. but second, get online and find a tribe. Facebook groups abound for any industry you may be quitting your job to enter into. Entrepreneurial support groups are on as well. If you need guidance, find a mentor already doing what you want to start doing and you’ll have him/her for support. Or get a coach or find a mastermind or accountability group with other entrepreneurs. No matter how you go about it. Be sure you have a supportive team of some sort around you, whether living in your home or virtually.

My biggest blessing is my extended family nearby to help with the children, and John being my best cheerleader and supporter in this entrepreneurial journey. I’m so grateful that, even though they don’t fully “get it(my dad asks me about once a quarter, “so….you make money with this website thing?”) that they “get” me, and know that this is the way I plan on doing life.

Do What’s Best For YOU

I just told you a whole mess of stuff here. I think it’s a darn good post, it’s honest, it makes sense, but guess what…. You’re you and you ultimately have to do what’s best for YOU with regard to your business and life. You’ll get a lot of advice from well meaning friends, family members, hell even strangers… but they’re not you. Nobody is in your shoes, nobody is paying your rent, your bills, feeling your feelings, living your life, dreaming your dreams.

Think hard on what the best move you should make is, and make it. I’m excited for you!
Good Luck!!

What tips do you have on this topic??

I Quit My Job To Do What I Love

It’s been a year since this post – Click here to see what I’ve learned since then!

my life is dope

I put in my resignation letter last week. (My boss came up right behind me as I was typing it, LOL!) I am super excited to say that:

Today was my last day working a 9-5 job.

My day job was working as a CEO’s assistant. Something I’ve done for about 10 years or so. I can’t stand it, but really, the pay is great (well, at least in NY it is) for doing work that doesn’t require much other than common sense, MS Outlook and half a personality. Really put my degree to good use, eh.

Happy to know that I will not go back to that life again.



Everyone at my job is asking me why I’m leaving. I really want to say “ummm do you really think I’m here just for this? I’m here for epic dopeness, F yall and your goddamn calendars. You racist mofos don’t deserve alla this here! ::bodyroll::” …..But instead I tell them the semi-truth with a sweet smile. “Oh, I’m leaving to be home with my babies!” to which everyone says “Awww!” and wishes me well.

What I don’t say is the other part of the truth: I am leaving to start growing and expanding my businesses. Speaking more, Writing for more people/outlets, Coaching on a larger scale, and growing this here bloggyblog.



I won’t be any executive’s “calendar bitch,” as a former colleague once called our position, ever again. If John gets hit by a bus and dies tomorrow, and all of our savings somehow evaporates, I’d still not go back. I’d keep grinding with my business, and find another way to earn a living until my biz sustained us.

I mentioned that August was a month of “recalibration” and this is the biggest recalibration I’m going to have to go through. My daily schedule is going to change bigtime. I have to figure out a new routine, and balance my children and house and biz building. I’m afforded the time and opportunity to be the mom I want to be and ability to play larger in business as well. *Squeal!!*


You can probably guess I am bubbling over with gratitude about this whole life change. I am grateful for what I currently earn online, and grateful for John’s job being able to sustain us. Grateful for his support, and the support of my family on my entrepreneurial endeavors. So freakin’ grateful that I get to be home with my little nuggets again. Cuz really, who wouldn’t wanna spend their days with these cuties:


I’m grateful for my old day job. Without it we wouldn’t have gotten our home, but I am extra grateful to be leaving it!

August 13th 2015 is the day I quit my job to do what I love: be a kickass at-home mommy, and thriving entrepreneur.

I Quit My Job

How was YOUR day?!

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