kaya in tub

I’m no longer a breastfeeding mommy. I weaned my baby girl and I don’t plan on having any more children naturally so…. *sniff* I’m done.

I can’t believe myself sometimes. I’m such a wuss. I was just struggling to find words to express how this feels and I started tearing up.

My gosh. Why can’t I just be a G?!


I’m grateful.

Seriously grateful that I was able to breastfeed my children. With Rohan I was not sure if I could make it past the first few weeks. Then my goal was 6 months, then pushed it to a year, and I ended up weaning him at 13.

Kaya I figured I’d go a year too. My supply was very different with her. Even if she was nursing consistently, I wasn’t producing the same amount and she’d still seem hungry so I supplemented with her a lot more than with Roey.

Then she decided she was over it.

I think because there were so many changes, and my supply was weird, plus she had so much more stimulation… she just …weaned herself!

I offered her many times and she would press her lips together and turn her head!

How dare she!!!

This went on for about 2 weeks on and off.

She would only accept an offer in the night, but since I was trying to get her to sleep through the night again, I stopped offering in the night.

So, with me working and not being able to offer to her all day, not able to pump more than once a day at work, and Kaya turning up her nose at my breast….

She’s weaned.


Then of course, she gets a cold, and starts rooting for my breast for comfort nursing and I have nothing for her and I feel like the worst scum on earth having to turn her down. 🙁 #killsself

The week of engorgement was torturous.

It seemed like both babies knew how bad my breasts were hurting and decided to hit, smash, jump on, head butt, and otherwise hurt them more.

I know Kai got some good stuff even though it was only a 9 month stretch. I know she benefitted from a good amount of mother’s milk. And we both benefited from the snuggly close bonding we got to do.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. I mean, I LOVED being able to provide for her in that way, but I’m happy we’re through with that part too.

Not happy that my breasts have turned into sad brown droopy sacks. ::hunts for plastic surgeon::

But really happy that my body is my body again.

There’s a bit more independence now.

It’s actually really bittersweet. I see Kaya using her sippy cup, crawling, cruising, trying to stand on her own and before I still had the breastfeeding as kind of the link to her lil baby days (yes, I know she’s still a little baby but u know what I mean)

Now, she’s just a big independent bottle fed baby.

*wipes tear*

When and how did you wean your little ones?

I Miss Breastfeeding

i miss breastfeeding

::sigh:: Girls, I miss breastfeeding.

Everyone says you’ll miss being pregnant once you have your baby.

They’re filthy liars.

What you never hear (or at least I’ve never heard) is that you’ll miss nursing.

I can’t believe how much I miss breastfeeding Roey. If I pass by a photo in my old breastfeeding blog posts or album on the computer of him nursing I get this pang in my chest of straight up longing.

I miss it.

I miss the closeness of it, the feelings of value I derived from it, and I miss seeing the cute lil nursing face he made.

I really miss the magical sleep-inducing effect of it too! Sometimes when he’s running around like the cray cray toddler that he is, I wish I could just pop a magic boob in his mouth and have him pass out 10 minutes later.

silly baby

I’m ready for BabyH2.0 to get here so I can nurse again. I know that first 4-6 weeks is going to be super painful and sucky, and I’m prepared for it. But after the nipples are healed up, it’s going to be glorious.

I’m re-reading my fave breastfeeding book in preparation. Fingers crossed that baby girl is a good latcher like her guzzlegut brother was.

Only 5 more weeks and I’ll get to start again!

Did you miss breastfeeding too?

FYI – I am ALL in my feelings, so this week, you’re gunna be all in my feelings too! LOL. Lots of “mommy diary” type posts like this one, talking to you girls about my pre-2nd baby thoughts. – YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED.

On Weaning

As I sit to write this post (7/3/13) my entire chest in on fire and I am ready to kill anyone who even looks at me halfway funny. Rohan better watch his step!

Seriously, I didn’t think I’d be going through such painful engorgement, burning, sensitive boobie action when weaning! We were down to just one nursing session a day before we cut them out completely as per my weaning plan. I thought you only suffered through the hellfiredeathbreast torture when you stopped cold turkey?!

Got lots of advice for dealing with the pain:
  • sage tea
  • cabbage leaves in the bra
  • wear a tight (but not too tight) sports bra
  • take ibuprofin and an antihistamine (advil & benadryl)
  • avoid letting warm water run on them
  • avoid any touching/stimulation

I had none of those items, except for avoiding the touching and druggin’ up with advil and benadryl. Though I did toy with the idea of shoving the brussel sprouts we have in the freezer right on into my bra to see if it helped. #desperatetimes

The good news:

Rohan is fully weaned! He takes his almond milk from his sippy cup without a fuss, and no longer yanks at my shirt or tries to pull my boob out. Hooray!!

We were calling his milk “juice” because every time we’d say milk he’d start signing and try to yank at my shirt.

The bad news:

Well, these boobs of pain. And mood swings. Why didn’t anyone tell me there would be mood swings?!!

update 7/8/13

I keep slipping up and saying milk instead of juice, and he just takes it without yanking at my boob. He signs for milk sometimes but when I hand him his cup he stops signing and isn’t thinking about my chest anymore. My left breast is 100% back to normal (well, new, hangy, lifeless awful normal) and my right breast is at about 80% normal and getting less tender by the minute. YAY!!

Overall the weaning process wasn’t so bad. We had a setback after the first time I took him from 1 to 0 sessions. His behavior went bazzurk and he was just cray cray and asking to nurse a million times a day. I gave in and nursed once a day for a couple days. His behavior changed immediately and out popped a tooth. Ooops. #mommyfail for not putting two and two together.

Glad that my body will be my own, for the most part, until we are blessed with BabyH2.0

Not glad that my boobs go down to my bellybutton now…but…we can deal with that after BabyH2.0 drags them down to my knees.

Happy My Baby Boy’s Successfully Weaned!!

Did you suffer any boobie pain when you weaned your lil ones?

We Are Starting To Wean



I talked with you when Roey was 9 months about how to start weaning. Well, weaning has officially begun!

Wait, let me back up. It officially began about 3 weeks ago, but we had a major set back during the cruise.

Before starting to wean we were at 4 nursing sessions a day. Morning, Night, Midmorning and Mid Afternoon. It worked well for us and after the midmorning and midafternoon nursing Roey would pass out.

Before our trip, we were down to three, just cutting out the mid-morning nursing session. I would offer him his sippy cup when he started pulling at my shirt and he was usually so tired by then that after he drank a bit of water I’d snuggle and rock him to sleep and he’d be down quickly. Some days I could just give him the sippy and he’d look so tired I’d just put him in his crib and he’d go down after fussing for like 2 minutes or less.

I was happy with the 3 sessions and planned to scale back to 2 sessions while on the cruise.

Good idea, right?!

Day 1 of the cruise I tried it, and he was a cranky mess. He also was asking to nurse a whole lot more than usual. I’m thinking maybe it was all the changes and newness around him? Also the day before was the road trip and his schedule was all wackadoo.

Anyhow, I ended up nursing about 4-6 times a day while on the cruise. At night, since Roey’s sleep was impacted I ended up nursing him in the middle of the night when he woke up and couldn’t be soothed back down.

Here I am now with humungo boobs, and getting engorged again….I feel like I went back in time! Ugh!

So anyway, we’re now back home and back on the 3-4 nursing sessions a day plan. I try to cut the midmorning one out if he lets me, but if he’s adamant I will give in.

I feel like he knows nursing is going to be coming to an end because he is asking to nurse a lot more than he was before. I’m offering the sippy cup, and if he doesn’t want it, I just snuggle him and love him up and read stories snuggled close together.


overboard much? (I love how unfazed he is by the whole thing)

I’d hate for him to feel like he needs to nurse in order to get snuggles so I think I’ve been going overboard with that these past few weeks. But, I mean if there’s something to go overboard with in life, snuggling and cuddling with your baby is probably the best thing to choose, right?

Next week we’re down to 3 (firm!) a day

The following week we’re down to 2 just morning and night

The following week we’re moving to just one at night.

And after that…..


No more nursing.

How did you wean? And when?

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