Birthday Goals

happy birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me!!!

34 was a great year. So many wins in life and biz.

So…I turned 35. It’s such a milestone birthday for me!! Next milestone is the big 4-0. *squeal* ::gulp::

We celebrated with a much needed “momcation” on board the Norwegian Sky for a weekend getaway to the Bahamas. It was awesome, but I’ll tell you all about it in my recap post. (Instagram has a few highlights) For now, let’s focus on Birthday Goals!

I like to share a few of my goals for the year here partially to inspire readers to do the same, an partially for accountability. It’s nice to see what I do and don’t do over the year…

Last year these were the miracles I was supposed to create:

  1. Have the house and land improved/renovated –not renovated, but definitely much improved!
  2. Be in the best shape of my life — um… what had happened was….
  3. Have a thriving business and earn $xxxxxx by my bday — ::makes it rain::
  4. Be paid to travel internationally – well…I got sponsored travel internationally!
  5. Have an ebook for sale on Amazon – Not mine, but I’m in a few that are for sale 🙂
  6. Have an even stronger, loving and connected marriage — Yes! This just gets better and better. <3
  7. Be comfortably homeschooling the kids — Yes and full posts on this to come
  8. Have a more simplified life/lifestyle — Yes! And simplifying even further. I love it.
  9. Have a new tattoo (or 2) — Didn’t even look for an artist lol
  10. Be closer to fluent in Spanish — ummm… hola? Nah, I dont think I’m closer to fluent, but we’re working on it!
  11. Grow my biz and brand — Yup!
  12. Have taken a vacay solo (#momcation), one w/ both kids, and one with just John – Done!! Cruising as we speak!
  13. Have Kaya fully potty trained 🙂 – She only wears training pants overnight and for naps but she wakes up dry!
  14. Save $xxxxx to Roey & Kaya’s accounts — Done!
  15. Print publication, radio and tv appearances — This year I crack the TV beast.

That’s not bad b. I did fairly well! John and I were just talking about tattoos the other day. I can’t wait to ink my whole body up. (ok not my WHOLE body, but still.) The book is dragging because I’m not staying accountable with writing. Spanish…it’s low priority#realtalk but I know I’ll be fluent sooner than later.

Here’s what I’ll create by my next bday:

  1. All rooms of the house redecorated and pared down cozy minimalist style
  2. Travel somewhere new and have explored Florida areas more
  3. Have gotten more tats (and have John have some ink on him too)
  4. Have hit $xxxxxx in biz earnings for the year
  5. Have a backyard garden started and maintained with the kids
  6. Have appeared on TV, radio and print media again
  7. Have a comfy new car
  8. Have a proprietary product for sale and be actively coaching again
  9. Have completed a physical fitness challenge of some sort

I have a feeling I’ll reach these and then some! I actually do a lot of journaling around this time of year and have a long list of miracles I plan on creating before I turn 36. Wish me luck!

Do you set birthday goals? What’s on your list?


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