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Do you watch Game of Thrones? Well, one of the groups motto on the show is Winter’s Coming… but nah son, Summer’s Coming and people are crawling out the woodwork… and into the gym lol.

I can’t believe I haven’t done a challenge group in so long. My next one starts this month, to bring in Summer with a healthier body.

Here are the details if you want to join us!

Firstly, what there will be none of: 

  • NO Gimmicks
  • NO Crash Dieting
  • NO Excuses
  • NO Quitting

What there will be tons of:

  • Results
  • New Habits
  • Excitement
  • Simple Nutrition

Summer’s Coming!!

Start date: Memorial Day, 2015

Duration: 30 Days (+Another 30)

Workouts: 30 Minutes a day

(Your Choice of workout program!)

Nutrition: Shakeology (Your Choice! Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)

Additional Nutrition:

  • Meal Plans, Recipes and shopping lists already created for you
  • 21 Day Fix program comes with an entire meal plan and portion control system

How the group works:

We are in a private group on Facebook, so nobody can see what we post. Once everyone is added, I make the group secret! Nobody can see who’s in the group or any of our photos or info about it. Total privacy.

I post a few starter posts, and we all share our goals, current stats, our program, and a lil about ourselves to get more comfortable. Then on Monday, May 25 we start our programs!

(I”m going to do P90X3)

Each Day I post a morning post with either a tip, a question or something to start conversation.

Each afternoon we all post an update on how we ate, how the workout went, and how we made our shakeology. (I will post tons of Shakeo Recipes as well)

And we have surprise contests for fun prizes!! You earn points by sharing, commenting on people’s posts, and participating in the daily mini-challenges.

I encourage as much sharing, and support among my challengers as possible. We’re doing it TOGETHER for a reason!

I love doing these challenge groups! The challengers get such great results. One of my very first challengers is now a fitness blogger herself!

If it weren’t for a challenge group, I wouldn’t have been able to finish T25 and lose that weight after Kaya was born. The support and accountability really made a difference.

You ready to shape up for summer? Lose those last 10lbs, or just live a little healthier?!

All that’s required from you is commitment! Commit to doing your exercise program, drinking shakeology, and eating healthfully. Boom. Done.

Join us! Email me at OR just comment below. 

may 2015 challenge group


  1. Javette Fisher says

    Hi really interested in joining the challenge that starts on 5-25 please contact me as I have questions, thanks

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