Healthy Gifts for Dad + Full Fathers Day Gift Guide

It’s Dad season!

My dad is in town working on the house he bought nearby and I’m glad to be seeing him a bit more often. (Like Sunday nights for our Game of Thrones parties) I am no sure what I’m getting him for Father’s Day because he always says “don’t get me nothing. save your money.”

I am getting John something fitness/health related because he’s renewed his dedication to health and fitness. If you’re shopping for a health-conscious dad too here are some ideas from beachbody:


22 Minute Card Corps

22 Minute Hardcore is the latest from Tony Horton. It’s quick, just 22 minutes a day! Based on straightforward military workouts that get results. It’s not “just for guys” but it’s a perfect quick workout for busy dads that want to get fit.

(I haven’t tried this one….yet. :))


Body Beast

Body Beast is a killer workout program (I tried it back in 2014!) that gets results. The dad in your life that wants to build muscle and lose fat will love this. The trainer, Sagi Kalev is ‘tough guy’ motivational. It comes with a meal plan to help you get all the proper muscle building nutrition too.

p90x3 no background


I liked P90X3 a lot. It’s just 30 minutes a day but results are really noticeable quickly. If your shopping for a dad that likes variety in their workout this would be perfect. There’s strength, cardio, yoga/pilates, and lots of functional moves. It’s made to get you shredded if you follow the included meal plan.

If you’re interested in any of the programs mentioned above or any other beachbody program, feel free to ask me anything and I’ll gladly help you out. #shamelessplug

If you have hard-to-shop-for dads in your life, check out this gift guide from the bloggers of LINC:

(give it a second to load, and you can click right on the product image to learn more about it)

 What are you getting the fathers in your life for Fathers Day?

Forgiveness After Betrayal


Forgiveness After Betrayal

Could you ever go back to an ex? Could you forgive if your partner cheated? I know I don’t usually talk about my relationship in this way on the blog, but I told you about finding John’s love language, and about stuff that went down with my exes so…
Even though this is hard for me to share… I’m going to. You guys know me for being candid and 100… so… here goes:

I admit. I have cheated in the past. And it wasn’t OK…but hey, I did what I did.

I’m truly so blessed and lucky to have someone in my life that is willing to forgive my betrayal.

I tried to make it work with someone new.


And I openly shared here about my illicit affair with another man.


My boo.

My main man….

He waited for me.


On the bookshelf…just waiting for my azz like:


He knew I’d be back.

He knew I couldn’t get what I was looking for from anyone else.

We talked. I cried…ok really it was some sweat that dripped into my eye….

Now look, we still have things to work on. (It’s why I left him in the first place) He’s still bossy, yells at me, constantly demanding I focus and go hard, push harder, dig deep, max out… ugh.  It’s infuriating!  



He supports me like no other. He’s there for me when I need him. When I’m bleary eyed at 6:30am or feeling fat and bloated at the end of the day… he’s there.

He believes in me. He is the best motivator…


We’re back together!!

I know some people say you can’t go back to an ex…. and some things are unforgiveable….

But my baby knows me, deep down to my soon to be tight core. He loves me. He forgives me.

And he’s going to help me get abs.

Since we can’t go back to the way we were…. We’re starting fresh.

30 minutes a day we’ll see each other, and if I Max Out before 30 minutes, it’s OK. He won’t yell at me.

He’ll just support me as I take a sip of water and get back to him.

We’re also keeping things spicy this go round. Getting kinda kinky with some group action…


I’ll be seeing these two every other night…just to keep things poppin’


Aint love grand.

Just thought I’d share my truth….

Have you ever gone back to an ex?

What workout are you doing now?

Beachbody Flash Sale and Week 4 Accountability Vlog #FitnessFriday

summer sale from beachbody


OK, back to business….

I’m a day late….but I still have to get you my results for the week!

So, remember that P90X3 I was supposed to start this past week???

Yeah….. didn’t happen.

I only worked out 3 times this week, and one of those was just a lil short jammiejam.

So, I start P90X3 on Monday June 1

Here’s the schedule:


I realize I’m a lil scared of P90X3. I know it’ll be a challenge so I”m pumped….
But it’s 90 whole days.
I know myself.
I”m going to want to mix other stuff in.
But I’m going to try my hardest to only mix in some runs, and really see what results P90X3 gives me all by itself.

I’m eating low carb, and staying that way. With one high carb spike day a week (Saturdays).
I’ve gotten a few emails asking about what exactly I’m eating. I’m going to continue to share it here, but I’m also going to start taking photos, so if you’re my friend on instagram you’ll see that coming. … And I guess maybe I’ll include pics of my meals in the weekly updates

I’m a lil bummed that my results were not so great this week. I went UP ½ an inch in all areas!!! UP!

::kills self::

I had two lunches with more carbs than I should have, and I had a sweetener in my coffee a couple days but other than that I ate fairly well. (Not 100% on the cruise, but mostly made the low carb choices)

So, I know that the lack of workouts did me in.

This week I’m going to be very diligent about my eating again, and since I’m starting P90X3 I’ll have my workouts in check.

I look forward to making a video for you next week detailing how I went down 1/2 an inch or more!

How was your workout/nutrition this week?


Week 3 Accountability Vlog

Week 3 done.

This post is late because of poor planning, but my update is in!
I swear one day I’ll make an update video in my house instead of in a car!
We have a special guest star making an appearance in this week’s accountability video though.

So, 21 Day Fix is over.

P90X3 starts Monday.

I’m psyched.

Ready to start seeing inches lost results again!

Tho…these are my results as of Saturday May 23 🙂



Summer’s Coming Challenge Group

download (1)

Do you watch Game of Thrones? Well, one of the groups motto on the show is Winter’s Coming… but nah son, Summer’s Coming and people are crawling out the woodwork… and into the gym lol.

I can’t believe I haven’t done a challenge group in so long. My next one starts this month, to bring in Summer with a healthier body.

Here are the details if you want to join us!

Firstly, what there will be none of: 

  • NO Gimmicks
  • NO Crash Dieting
  • NO Excuses
  • NO Quitting

What there will be tons of:

  • Results
  • New Habits
  • Excitement
  • Simple Nutrition

Summer’s Coming!!

Start date: Memorial Day, 2015

Duration: 30 Days (+Another 30)

Workouts: 30 Minutes a day

(Your Choice of workout program!)

Nutrition: Shakeology (Your Choice! Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)

Additional Nutrition:

  • Meal Plans, Recipes and shopping lists already created for you
  • 21 Day Fix program comes with an entire meal plan and portion control system

How the group works:

We are in a private group on Facebook, so nobody can see what we post. Once everyone is added, I make the group secret! Nobody can see who’s in the group or any of our photos or info about it. Total privacy.

I post a few starter posts, and we all share our goals, current stats, our program, and a lil about ourselves to get more comfortable. Then on Monday, May 25 we start our programs!

(I”m going to do P90X3)

Each Day I post a morning post with either a tip, a question or something to start conversation.

Each afternoon we all post an update on how we ate, how the workout went, and how we made our shakeology. (I will post tons of Shakeo Recipes as well)

And we have surprise contests for fun prizes!! You earn points by sharing, commenting on people’s posts, and participating in the daily mini-challenges.

I encourage as much sharing, and support among my challengers as possible. We’re doing it TOGETHER for a reason!

I love doing these challenge groups! The challengers get such great results. One of my very first challengers is now a fitness blogger herself!

If it weren’t for a challenge group, I wouldn’t have been able to finish T25 and lose that weight after Kaya was born. The support and accountability really made a difference.

You ready to shape up for summer? Lose those last 10lbs, or just live a little healthier?!

All that’s required from you is commitment! Commit to doing your exercise program, drinking shakeology, and eating healthfully. Boom. Done.

Join us! Email me at OR just comment below. 

may 2015 challenge group