Rohan Goes Back-to-School Shopping with OshKoshB’Gosh

“This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”


Rohan started a 1/2 day program at the local Montessori school this week. He loves it so far, and I’m glad. I’ll have a full post for you soon on the homeschool/montessori plan we’re doing with him (and Kaya). Today though, I have to share with you about Rohan’s first online back to school shopping experience to get his “cool new school clothes.” (his words)

I had $50 to spend on a few pieces for Roey, and combined with the great back-to-school sales on OshKosh’s website and coupon code we got a ton for that budget. (PS I have a coupon code for you at the bottom of this post!)

Rohan has never shopped online with me before so I brought up the site and told him he could choose the items he liked as long as it was a mix of tops, bottoms and a pair of sneakers. He was excited, and being my son, immediately pointed to a jacket…that would have blown our budget. …. I then went to the sale page and told him to choose again. Ha!

You already know I view everything as homeschooling, and everything as a learning opportunity…so….

I turned it into a concepts lesson of less vs more, along with themes of budgeting and a little adding too! Rohan would choose a piece he liked, I’d tell him the price and he’d decide if he wanted to add it or not. I gave him the tally and how close we were to our $50 maximum. We did a lot of less money vs more money comparisons. #learningthroughshopping

Here’s what he picked:

rohan oshkosh clothes

He did a good job! I was happy with this and I added a few pieces:

mom oshkosh clothes

Rohan also picked out a pair of shoes, but they didn’t have his size so we found an alternate pair in similar color (but the ones he originally picked out were way cuter…I’ll admit it.)


And for a total only 8 bucks over our budget he has a good base of items he can mix and match for school.

mix and match

Judging from Rohan’s picks, he’s kinda got a surfer dude/preppy clothing style. I had to add a little sporty stuff into the mix. He wasn’t too happy modeling it for me.


He looks adorable in it all though. And of course it’s Osh Kosh so the quality is great. (His overalls are Osh Kosh and they were actually hand-me-downs that were already handed down twice before coming to him, and they still look brand new.) I tried to bribe him to take more photos so I could get a smile out of him. Nothing worked… Then Kaya came over and elicited this:


(don’t be fooled, they were fighting again shortly after)

Have you done your back to school shopping yet?

This should help make it easier.

Use this coupon code to save some precious moolah when you shop Osh Kosh’s website: OKBG3136

Not enough for ya?


Leave a comment below AND comment on any other blog post with (#entry) at the end to be entered to win a $50 Osh Kosh gift card for your back to school shopping needs!!

Winner will be chosen via on August 25th!


  1. says

    The pieces he picked look awesome. Osh Kosh has always been one of my favorite brands because of quality. I also like their color palette for kids.

  2. says

    Since Mo is built like a gymnast/body builder we have to do things with elastic waists or leggings in Osh Kosh…LOL!!! But I’m so looking forward to winning this and hooking my baby up with some fresh gear.

    Ro is so dang cute and I love the colors he picked instead of just plain ol’ boring traditional “boy” colors. #entry

  3. says

    Rohan is so adorable! Great to see his personal style.

    Whenever we get the chance to stop in at the OshKosh outlet about 45 mins away, we do. It’s one of my favorite places to get great quality clothes at awesome prices.

  4. Janet Hayes says

    Osh Kosh is a tried and true product. It stands up to whatever a toddler can do. THey actually grow out of them and they can be passed on 🙂

  5. Leigh Borders says

    I have always enjoyed shopping for kids clothes at Oshkosh BGosh! Their products stand the test of time and are fashionable! #entry

  6. Janet Hayes says

    We were camping for my g-daughters 1st BD. The RV was parked on a gravel incline. She was inside w/me and the door was open w/screen door. Her folks were outside and she saw her daddy and went for the screen. I realized what was happening. She flew out and I flew flat out on floor and caught her by her OSh Kosh suspenders. Thank God they were strong and held. There we were: her hanging in mid air and me flat out on floor and family w/eyes and mouth wide open. Do I love Osh Kosh – you betcha.

  7. Jill Myrick says

    I have always loved the colors, styles and quality of Oshkosh. It is and has always been my first choice for children’s clothes.


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