So…Insanity Max 30 or Nah? #FitnessFriday

real mom insanity results

I’m a Shaun T junkie.

I love to hate him, and I love the results he gets me when I’m consistent with his programs.

After Rohan, I lost my weight with Insanity. (pic above) I loved it because it was effective and getting through those workouts made me feel like a superhero. But I didn’t like how long and drawn out the workouts got toward the end.

After Kaya I started my weight loss journey with Focus T25: (Remember?)


T25 Results 2

And I love the workouts but now I’m looking for something new.

My plan is to do Focus T 25 Gamma (The third part of T25 that includes weight training along with cardio) for December, and start a new program on January 5th when I lead my next online workshop. (wanna join me in that workshop?)

Now the big decision that must be made is….do I try Shaun T’s new Insanity Max 30 (it comes out December 2!!) or Tony Horton’s P90X3.

They’re both just 30 minutes. They’re both intense programs. They’re both going to get me great results….

Pro vs Con List time!

There are some really big PROs for both programs:

insanity max 30

Insanity Max 30 PROs:

  • You have the option to have the modifier on the screen the whole time (I hate waiting to see Tania on T25 lol)
  • You challenge yourself every workout to go hard and see what time you max out – makes it more fun to me.
  • It’s Shaun T, I love him.
  • It’s balls to the wall cardio, and body weight resistance workouts that I know will help me lose the weight I re-gained and then some
  • The nutrition plan works with the 21 Day fix and it’s portion control containers.


P90X3 PROs:

  • It’s brand new to me. I like novelty
  • It is a great mix of cardio, weight training, pilates and yoga. So lots of variety to keep me from being bored.
  • It’s 90 days so I won’t have to think about what to do next for a while LOL (easy button #pleasedontmakemethink)
  • It looks really intense, so I know it’ll be a huge self esteem boost when I complete each day’s workout
  • Everyone I know that did it got amazing results

And the only CON is:

  • P90X3 – I’ve never done a Tony Horton program and not sure if I’ll love him like I love Shaun T.

Is that really a con or is that just me being a weirdo? I’m not quite sure.

Note: I’m kinda picky with trainers on my workout programs, I took a fitness DVD back to the store and got a full refund just because I didn’t like Denise Austin’s voice. (Sorry, Denise.)

Which program would you choose?

Insanity Max 30 or P90X3?


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Life Right Now Survey

(i’m not going to stop my quest for a decent family “ussie”… why is Kaya so suspicious right here? LOL)
So…I’m here trying to be a good blogger, going through old posts, chucking what’s completely worthless, and updating my SEO on the posts that I’m keeping.
I happened upon this fun little gem that I blatantly stole from my girl Carissa back in 2010!! (We’ve been at this blogging thing for a while, eh?! Thank God I learned I could make money from it in 2012! LOL)
Anywho…. Check out my old answers, then read below.  If you’re a blogger I hope you do this fun survey too!! If you’re not a blogger, leave some of your answers in the comments why don’t ya!
(This pic is apropos of nothing…but I love it…don’t you?)
I love… My incredible little babies, my husband and my parents. And right now I love the interwebz a whole lot.
Right now I want… a back and shoulder rub. And some comfort food. (but I’m doin a clean comfort food!)
I feel like… I’m under the gun with a time crunch of moving to Florida, getting business stuff in order, and finding a house asap.
I hate it when… I see a house online and send it to my realtor only to find out it’s been sold or is under contract, Update your website dammit (I”m looking at you, Trulia!)
I fear… that I’ll never have a long deep uninterrupted blissful night of sleep ever again. Kids ruin you! Even if they sleep through the night my sleep is so light.
I’m lonely without… a confidant.
I need… somebody to come go through all my belongings, pack my apartment up for me and list a whole bunch of crap on ebay for me. Then find the best/cheapest company to ship all our stuff to Florida, and unpack it on the other side.
I should’ve just said “an assistant.”
Today I… threw out some junk, blogged, worked on a pitch, finally went through emails, played cars, did puzzles and had a tickle party, checked in to my challenge groups, searched for a 2015 planner (any suggestions?) and journaled a bit.
Tomorrow I’m… working out, taking care of my littles, cleaning and packing, and getting more of my to do list taken care of.
I just… wanna dance with somebody.
(Yet another unrelated image, but he’s just so adorable in his daddy’s hat)
I want to meet… more soul sisters and brothers, some of the people who’ve inspired me from afar.
I’m hungry for… love.
I love it when… I get a good hearty belly laugh, or give one to someone else.
I’m afraid of… packed elevators, vomiting, electricity, debt.
I’m listening to… the heater, and grateful as all hell that I won’t need that much where I’m going! (Why is it 28 degrees here tho? That’s just uncalled for)
I’m wearing… a pink top and black leggings with lil panther heads all over them lol. Yes. I’m very, very sexy.
I want to get… everything on this list done.
I cant… live, if living is without you.
I’m nervous to… speak at a conference, move and buy a home, but I’m going for it in 2015. (cross your fingers for me)

I feel happiest when… I’m with my family with time to just chill and enjoy snuggling/chatting/laughing with them.

Your Turn!

Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life 2014 Recap


Girls!!!! Do I have a treat for you today. You know how terrible I am about doing my event recaps (hence you not seeing Oprah’s event covered yet….::hides face::) so I got smart…. I sent a writer in my place!!! Yasss. #easybutton! Honestly, I did want to attend, but it just didn’t work. So… I got the lovely and talented Leah Veal to capture it all just for you….  Get Comfy…it’s a long one…chock FULL of gems.


Diverse and stylish young woman converged at Cosmo’s Fun, Fearless Life New York City 2014 to hear some of the most successful women from various industries speak. The conference happened Saturday November 8–Sunday November 9 at the David H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center Plaza.

I attended the event as a writer for since Danielle was not able to attend. The weekend was jam-packed with inspiring stories and totally actionable, timeless advice that attendees could easily apply in their lives immediately after the conference. The insights were neutral and truly universal for anyone who is willing put in the work and patience to make their goals happen. For example, any young woman, no matter her current situation in life, relationship status, income level, mothers and non-mothers can apply these concepts.

Here is the breakdown of the event, session by session with key quotes and concepts from each speaker:


SESSION 1: 9:30 a.m. -12 p.m.

Joanna Coles, Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine was the MC of the event. In her opening remarks she said “this is like a spa weekend for the soul.” She talked about creating her own handmade magazine as a 9 year old living in England and mailing it off to Queen Elizabeth II and receiving a reply. She spoke about her early interest in magazines paving the way for her long career working for magazine publishers. Said that “in our 20s we are still becoming and we must chase and create our own opportunities.” Her opener gave way to Sara Blakely’s intro, which was amusing.

  • Putting Your Ass On The Line: 

    Founder/inventor of Spanx Sara Blakely spoke about her trials and tribulations trying to get Spanx to the manufacturing phase in the early days of her company. She literally challenged the status quo on every level to get Spanx produced.


    Key insights and advice:


    “Attitude and drive are the most important things to your success. They level the playing field for everyone.”


    She shared that she started listening to motivational materials at the age of 16 as a way to help her cope with life’s challenges and help develop her positive attitude.


    She said that signing up for debate club in high school and college was one of the best things she ever did to set up a life skill.


    She said that her own butt was the inspiration to create Spanx. So she cut the feet out of pantyhose and wore them under white pants because the shapewear options at the time just didn’t include want she really wanted or needed. She talked about seeing a need for shapewear that was light, seamless and comfortable, which at the time it was not. It’s safe to say that she is a pioneer that changed the shapewear and hosiery industries. But here’s the kicker: when she was first starting out, she had no prior knowledge or experience in those industries. So she had to befriend the manufacturer who helped produce her product to teach her everything she needed to know at the time.


    In the process of naming Spanx, she said she had remembered hearing that made up words are better for products than real words.


  • Find Your Power: Leslie Yazel (Executive editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine) spoke with women who made it to the top of their fields: Sallie Krawcheck (Financial services industry expert and chair of Ellevate Network), Julie Greenwald (Atlantic Records chairman/COO) and Megyn Kelly (Anchor of FOX News Channel’s The Kelly Files). 

    Key insights and advice:


    Sallie: “Network, network, network.”


    “Never underestimate what you can bring to the table to a mature professional (as a mentee).”


    Julie: “There’s no punching a time clock when you’re on a career path.” She talked about spending her 20’s working super hard, with not much of a social life.


    “It’s important to be vulnerable in business meetings because that’s how people get to know you.”


    Megyn: “Don’t waste your energy on worrying about being in a male dominated industry, focus on being the best person you can be. Fake it till you make it.”


  • Why Your Twenties Matter: Dr. Meg Jay, author of The Defining Decade shared the importance of weak ties. They are defined as acquaintances that we might see occasionally but aren’t friends with or people we might connect with by chance. She said that those are often the people who can have a great and lasting impact on our lives and careers. 

    Key insights and advice:


    “Remember that everyone makes mistakes, it’s ok.”


    “Single best thing to make your own luck is to understand the power of weak ties.”


    “New things come from outside our inner circle.”


    “There can be weakness in strong ties. The downside of sameness is that we limit ourselves greatly.”


    She quoted Laura Brounstein, Cosmo’s Special Projects Director, “Your best friends can’t open doors for you because you’re locked in the same room.”


    She explained the Ben Franklin Effect: “When we do a favor for someone we decide we like them. Because it’s good to be good.” Her explanation suggests that we get an ego boost from helping others. So when we help out, we are happy with what we did and attribute that to liking someone, which builds a connection with them. But she also said “as long as the help isn’t a burden. Ask for help with something that’s easy to do.”


    “Young woman are so afraid to own their own ambition and desire and to ask people for help.”


    “Social circles narrow as you age.”


    “Strangers can change your life.”


    “Tap into the wisdom of the crowd.”

SESSION 2: 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

  • Power Poses: Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School professor and social psychologist spoke about how body language can either have an empowering or debilitating effect on us. She showed examples of power poses and talked about the positive psychological effect they can have on our lives. The poses are powerful stances we can do (in advance) to help power us through difficult situation and the day in general. The basic stance is holding arms relaxed but straight above the head and standing with your feet about 12 inches apart.Key insights and advice:


    “When animals feel powerful they open up and spread out.” Just look at a peacock.


    “In a high stakes situation, to prep, do a power pose beforehand.”


    “The victory pose is universal: arms up and apart, chin up, smile.”


    “80% of yoga is power posing.”


    “Presence: confidence, passion, authenticity, comfortable.”


    “Believe in yourself to be more present.”


    “Fake it till your make it.”


    “Tiny tweaks lead to bit change.”


    Joanna Coles spoke with Bella Weems (Teenage founder of Origami Owl). She started the company as a way to earn money to buy a car for herself because her parents would not buy her one.


    Key insights and advice:


    “No matter how old you are you can always reach your dreams.”


    “You have to take the word ‘no’ with a positive attitude.”


    “Create a vision board to keep your goals and dreams in sight.”


  • Building Your Brand: Amy Odell (Editor of ) moderated a discussion of building on online brand with Grace Helbig (comedian, actress, vlogger and creator of It’s Grace, Daily Grace and Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig podcast) and Dick Costolo (CEO, Twitter, improve comedian, was co-founder/CEO of FeedBurner and founder of SpyOnI amd Burning Door Networked Media) 

    Key insights and advice:

    Grace: “Think of things you enjoy when building your online brand. First, think of yourself and think if you were someone else would you like this?”


    Dick: “Be authentic, the way you really are. Don’t worry about people’s expectations of what you should be.”


    Create Your Future: Elizabeth Holmes (Senior style reporter/columnist, The Wall Street Journal) spoke to Sophia Amoroso (Founder/owner,, Christina Tosi (Chef, owner, founder, Milk Bar), Windsor Hanger (Co-founder, president and publisher of Her Campus Media)

SESSION 3: 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

  • Manthropology: Chrissy Teigen (2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover model, TV personality, blogger of SoDelushious) moderated a discussion about relationships from the male perspective with Matthew Hussey (Relationship expert, New York Times bestselling author of Get the Guy), Logan Hill (Cosmos’s Ask Logan columnist), Jordan Carlos (Comedian, appeared on MTV’s Girl Code and Guy Code series, writer for Comedy Central’s Minority Report coming in 2015).Key insights and advice:

    Matthew: “For guys, defining the relationship means the end of the party.”

    “Guys have a blueprint of how their life is supposed to be.” Sometimes that causes them to not be ready for a committed relationship at the same time that a woman is ready.


    “Ask a guy to do a favor for you, then there is a chance at a conversation.”


    Logan: “People have different ways of defining a relationship.” A man will have one definition and a woman will have a different definition.


  • Make Your Mark: Aliza Licht (Senior VP, global communications, Donna Karan and DKNY PR Girl, the company’s social media personality) moderated a discussion with Anne Marie Nelson-Bogle (VP of Marketing, Maybelline New York), Shay Mitchell (actress, Pretty Little Liars), Alicia Quarels (E! News correspondent) 

    Key insights and advice:


    Aliza: “If change doesn’t hurt a little, it’s not change.”


    “The best way to succeed is to help others.”


    Ann Marie: “Reward yourself for your accomplishments.”


    “Build your personal style.”


    “Opportunity is when luck and preparation meets.”


    Shay: “Be comfortable within yourself.” When you start to compare yourself with the seemingly perfect people on IG remember, “Instagram is someone’s ‘highlight reel’.” They show the best of everything, it’s a marketing ploy to get people to look and follow, it’s not reality. She recommends “having fun with beauty and fashion,” which she said she doesn’t take too seriously.


    Alicia: “Have a really good team around you.” When stressed at work, “take a deep breath and think of how many people want your job.”


  • Mentor Visualization: Tara Mohr, women’s leadership and well-being expert and creator of Playing Big leadership program for women and author of Playing Big: Finding Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message. She led the audience in a mystical visualization exercise to find their inner mentor, which is an older, wiser more insightful version of oneself. 

    This inner mentor can help us find the answers to situations in life within ourselves. The visualization experience was one of those things that you’d just have to be there to understand. If you’re not familiar with visualization techniques I can’t really explain it. But definitely Google Tara to find more detailed info on the inner mentor visualization technique that she facilitated in her talk.


    Key insights and advice:

  • “Use your inner mentor to guide yourself onto the right path that is authentic to you.”


SESSION 4: 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

  • Morning Fitness: Adam Rosante (Cosmo Body Fitness expert, surfer) and Tara Stiles (Cosmo Body fitness and yoga expert)Key insights and advice:


    Adam: “Decide what you want, come up with a goal. Work backwards to reverse engineer a plan to achieve it. Write a list of actionable steps to achieve the goal.”


    Tara: “Your life has clues of what you want and what you’re good at.”


  • Love Your Body: Joanna Coles moderated a discussion of body image and health with Kelly Osborn (Singer, actress, TV personality and fashion designer), Jillian Michaels (Health and wellness expert, TV personality, best-selling author) and Dr. Jennifer Ashton (OB/GYN, Cosmo’s “Ask Dr. Ashton” columnist). 

    Key insights and advice:

    Kelly: “Do something good for yourself each day.”


    Jillian: “Why do we feel stuck? Because people live the lives we think we should instead of how we want.”


    “People use destructive behaviors to afford us something.”


    “The key to nurturing yourself is to do it in a way that’s life affirming.”


    “Balance is so important. Food quality over food quantity. Choose foods that have thick skin because they require less pesticides.”

    “If you don’t feel you’re in your best body. Come up with a detailed ‘why’ and get informed.”


    Jennifer: “Nothing is possible without good health.”


    “Take charge of your health, vitality and well-being.”


    “Don’t find a gynecologist that you like, find one that you love. It’s a partnership for your health.”


    “There are a lot of things women in their 20s can do to prevent cancer. Avoid or reduce alcohol, talk to your gynecologist about healthy hormones levels. Taking the pill can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.”


  • Exercise Your Brain: Jason Silva (Host of Brain Games, National Geographic Channel, TV personality, media artist, filmmaker, techno-philosopher) talked about embracing technology to the fullest in the most mind blowing, philosophical way that I’d ever heard before. I can’t do justice quoting this guy. During his speech, he showed video clips of himself discussing technology and ideas on existence, which can be seen on his YouTube

    Key insights and advice:


    “The future is ours to dream up.”


    “Iphone there for I am.” He said he tells people.


  • Invest In You: Alexa Von Tobel (Founder/CEO,, financial planning company, Sirius radio show host, columnist for Cosmo and Inc. magazines) 

    Key insights and advice:


    “Open a retirement account NOW in your 20s.”


    “Have an emergency fund of 3 months for what your life costs you.”


    “Live beneath your means in your twenties. Live with a roommate.”


    “90% of any bonuses should go into your future: retirement, house, future child. 10% of it can go to something you want.”


    “Talk about money before your get married. Ask you partner ‘where are you today and where do you want to go financially?’”


    “Finances is not something you should fight about.”


    “Money is a tool, it should not be worshiped or ignored.”


    “Negotiate raises and ask for them each year. Go in with a list of what you’ve done and the results. Ask for more responsibility and tell them you want to work harder.”

SESSION 5: 1 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

  • Caroline Ghosn (Co-founder and CEO of Levo, an online community for Generation Y women to seek career advice) interviewed Joanna Coles on how 20 somethings can get into a media career and what she looks for in job candidates. 

    Key insights and advice:

    Joanna likes that “you’re able to create your own media and gain a following, which becomes valuable. You can cultivate your personal brand via social media and show executable ideas.”


    She likes “being around energetic people. Hearing about your passions for the job.”


    She hates when people “bring anxiety into the interview.”


    What having a fun, fearless life means to her “having a lot of friends, having a fun job and sex.”


    She feels the best job candidate “lets the boss know you’ve got this. That you can take care of the job.”


  • Find Your Voice: Express Yourself: Elizabeth Crystal (Chief marketing officer, Express), Christene Barberich (Editor-in-Chief, and Katherine Vargas (Director of Hispanic Media, The White House) 

    Key insights and advice:


    Liz: She said Diana Von Furstenberg is her fashion icon and admires the way she consistently presents herself in outfits that are perfect for every occasion.

    Christene: She said Phoebe Filo, designer at Chloe is her fashion icon. “Notice how people respond to you and how you’re dressed. Have 10 pieces in your wardrobe that you can count on.”


    Katherine: She said Michelle Obama and Eva Longoria are her fashion icons. “Women in The White House wear color and surprisingly don’t wear a lot of suits.”


    “Fashion is a conversation starter.”


  • Stand Up: Gabrielle Union (Actress, star of BET’s Being Mary Jane, ambassador for Susan G. Komen Foundation and supporter of UCLA’s Young Survivors Coalition and Rape Treatment Center, founder of A Step for Success) 

    Key insights and advice:

    She spoke about the situation in which when her nude photos were hacked by a ring of hackers that stole approximately 100 female celebrities’ nude photos from their personal computer files.


    She stressed the importance that the situation be treated as a crime.


    She talked about empowering oneself in a situation like this for the average non-celebrity woman who may find herself with an ex who has her nude photos who may share them. She said speak to the person if you feel they might release the photos. Never stay silent, stand up for yourself. Be proactive to telling loved ones what the situation is and what might happen, which she did in her situation.

  • Change The World: Beverly Bond (Founder of Black Girls Rock, DJ, model, TV producer), Nina Vaca (Founder of The Pinnacle Group, pioneer in the IT industry), Michelle Herrera Mulligan (Cosmopolitan for Latinas editor-in-chief) 

    Key insights and advice:

    Beverly: “Pay attention to what’s going wrong in the world that you want to change.”


    Nina: “If you want to make change you must go where the power lies.”


    “Don’t beat yourself up, someone else will gladly do that for you.”


    “Have role models.”


    Michelle: “Find good friends.”


  • The Authentic You: Gabrielle Bernstein (New York Times best-selling author of Miracles now, regular Today Show contributor) talked about her spiritual journey as an outwardly successful person who looked back on that time saying that she was spiritually dead. 

    Key insights and advice:


    “All the world wants from you is your authentic truth.”


    “Be the most non-judgmental witness of your own fears.”


    “Be honest with yourself. What’s blocking you from being your highest self?”


    “Fun is the key to your success. Measure your success by the amount of fun you’re having.”


    “In every corner of your life, be the light.”


    “Lean towards joy all the time.”


    “Own the shifts that you’re ready to create.”


    “If you don’t bring forth things that are within, it will destroy you. If you bring forth things that are within, it will save you.”


    The event ended with Joanna Coles’ last words and closed with singer/musician Elle King’s two-song set ending with her rendition of Respect by Aretha Franklin. The two day event was an energizing way to empower oneself for the upcoming new year. It’s sure to give attendees a lot to think about and put into action to get on a path to living a Fun, Fearless Life.

Leah Veal is an NYC-based fashion stylist/fashion writer. Angling to style indie rock bands, the creative community and local TV personalities. She loves good memoirs of people from far away lands and obsessed with the food and culture of New York City. She blogs at about her journey through the world of fashion styling, gives how-to tips, features pro spotlights and more.

Mind Right Monday Linkup: Busy Bee Edition

happy monday

Hey girls!! Happy Monday.

I gotta say, I’m riding high this afternoon!

(If we’re friends on Instagram you already know this but…) I woke up early for no good reason, and got TONS done this morning before Rohan woke up. Kaya slept in longer than usual too.

Then, Today….I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Mocha MOB mommy Cheryl on her radio show. We chatted about the holiday season and how to THRIVE (and not just survive them.) She’s a pro you guys, check out her program on Mondays at noon eastern. You can listen to today’s show here:

Speaking of programming, last night the #BeautyBChat girls had another fantastic event. This time, it wasn’t just a twitter chat. We were LIVE, on google hangout, twitter and youtube. We had great topics ranging from hair care to fashion to makeup to fitness (that was my bit *squee*) and some awesome giveaways too. I spoke about tips to avoid holiday weight gain. It was also just a lot of fun. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here:

  mind right monday linkup

So back to Mind Right Monday…Last Week I said I was going to take it easy on myself for the next 3 weeks.

The goals I set then are still in play for this week and next, so here’s my progress on them: 

  • pack up some, pare down some – yup yup, i’m on it
  • write for OKDani and other projects – yup yup, I didn’t get much work done on my other writing projects though
  • enjoy lots of family time with John and the kids – fitting it in between John’s classes and work schedule but it’s happening
  • workout with Shaun T each day – not every day, but still in it to win it
  • get doc appts scheduled for the kids and I – totally forgot. I popped it here but didn’t write it in my planner (duh!)
  • advertise my free 7 day clean eating group – I did a lil bit. I MUST get more comfortable with self promotion
  • take time each day to rest and renew – I AM. I’m FORCING myself to do this.

Adding a lil sumthin to the list:

  • get family holiday photos taken
  • continue househunting from afar

I’m really grateful for everything right now. There’s this simmering anxiety in me with all I have going on and all I have to do now and once I get to Florida, but… I’m SUPER DUPER grateful to have the “problems” I have.

I’m extra grateful for: 

  • My family and extended family
  • My friends old and new
  • Kaya cruising
  • Rohan talking soooo much
  • Getting 2 kids to nap at same time
  • My mobile office
  • HGTV
  • Family “selfies” attempted
  • Journals
  • Gratitude App
  • Beachbody
  • My ponynub
  • Verizon Fios
  • Goodwill taking our old stuff
  • Free boxes
  • Not being pregnant during this move
  • Wine
  • Blogging
  • My Japanese exfoliating wash cloth
  • Postpartum shedding areas filling in again

Your Turn!!!

Do Not Wait For The New Year to Get Healthy #FitnessFriday

start today to get in shape

There are 47 days until January 1, 2015.

That is 47 days to eat well.

47 days to work out.

47 days to get in the habit of healthy living.

Do you know what you can accomplish in 47 days?

Why on earth would you wait 47 days to get started?

January 1st is not a magical starting date.

First off, you’ll probably be hungover and have unhealthy leftovers, and not want to start your healthy “resolutions” until later in the week.

So why wait until then?

Here’s my advice: START TODAY

start today

5 reasons why you should not wait for the new year to get healthy:

1. You’ll be ahead of the trend 

Everybody and their mama, sister, auntie and play cousin are going to be starting their weight loss and healthy living resolutions on January 1st. Why not be ahead of the curve and start earlier? You’ll have a nice empty gym to get acquainted with and empty jogging trails to huff and puff on. Then, when January comes, and your gym gets packed with newbies, you’ll already be familiar and comfortable with the equipment and  you can be one of the cool kids to post memes like this all over your social media:

december gym january gym

2. You’ll avoid holiday weight gain

We all complain about the holidays making us gain wait. With all the food-centric events, and treats all over the place, it’s easy to pack on the pounds. Plus we’re so busy with holiday shopping, cooking, planning, photos, travel, family, cards, etc… that we “don’t have time” to work out.

F that.

Starting your workout today, well before Thanksgiving gives you time to mitigate your holiday weight gain. Bonus: If you’re working out and eating healthy, you’ll be more likely to choose healthier options (or eat less of the junky stuff) when you’re at your food-centric events.

3. You’ll start the year off in better shape

Physically, you’ll be healthier and in better shape on January 1st if you start today versus waiting. You’ll have 47 days of progress giving you a great head start for 2015. You’ll be able to see some physical results (weight loss, anyone?!), and definitely feel a lot of results in your health whether it’s sleeping better, able to walk with less pain, or feeling more energetic each day. This will keep you motivated and pushing forward through the new year.

4. You’ll start the year off in better shape (wait…)

Mentally/emotionally, you’ll be feeling much more capable and proud of your 47 days of achievement if you start today. You’ll be more confident in your skin and will be solidifying the healthy habits you’ve started. If you start today, by January 1st 2015, the things that feel hard (like waking up early to exercise, or drinking water instead of soda) will feel much easier!

5. You’ll inspire others

Your friends and family will notice your efforts. It’s a given. You’ll be a beacon of light showing them a healthier way! Your progress, and positive attitude about what you’re doing for your health will compel them to think about their own healthy life changes. Be an inspiration and start working on yourself today.

Have I convinced you yet?

If so, get up and do something right now for your health! Start today!

P.S. I’m hosting a FREE 7 Day Clean Eating Workshop on Facebook with a sample weekly clean meal plan, grocery shopping list, healthy tips, and answering all your clean eating and healthy living questions. Join Us!!! The official start date is Monday, November 17th, but we’ve already gotten started in there!

What are you doing for your health TODAY?

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