I’m On The Run…from dogs?

catch me if you can

This post was set to go live on Friday for #FitnessFriday. I messed up somehow…

I’m on the run,

I told you what my soulmate workout was… and it’s definitely strapping on my sneaks and hitting the road.
Finally got back into my running groove! I have a quick easy route around the new house that is just perfect.  Feels good.
Got my new shoes, with the help of social media decision making. I posted three that I couldn’t choose between and ended up picking these beauties:
They’re so comfortable guys. Light. As. Air!
My mom got me some workout leggings a while ago and warned me before she pulled em out the bag…because they’re neon! But I”m grateful for my neon pink leggings. Nobody’s gunna hit me when I’m running in the road.
Since I now live in the sticks, I noticed other runners carrying sticks. (and one older gent carrying a golf club as he ran) I guess random loose dogs are a thing here…. lawd. I told John I need him to find me a good dog-fightin’ stick for my runs…
He suggested pepper spray.
(can you imaging pepper spraying a dog? …. can you imagine hitting a dog with a stick?)
I honestly don’t think I could. I legit would climb a tree, or hop a fence and call someone to come save me. (Imagine calling 911 for that? “911 what’s your emergency?”  “Um… there’s a dog.” ::click::)
But if that dog was comin’ after my lil ones, I’d have to just bash the hell outta the poor pooch’s head. #sorrynotsorry
I was chased by a dog once when I was at my great gramma’s house in Miami as a lil kid. Luckily my cousin came by and the dog decided that he was a better target. I’d never EVER seen my cousin run that fast….and he was in track & field! They disappeared around a corner and I hightailed it back to Ma’ Pearl’s house happy to be alive. Later that night, I’m watching wrestling with my great grandmother (sidebar, that old lady LOVED wrestling and would put us greatgrandkids in figure 4 leg locks!) and in comes my cousin, looking a hot disheveled mess, shirt torn, sweaty, etc…  I didn’t ask him, but in my head I remember thinking, WOW that dog chased him for a really long time!
[as mentioned above, this post was set for FRIDAY.  On Saturday, I got….BIT BY A DOG!!!!  Can you believe that shit?! It was not on a run though. I got out the car in my own damn driveway and the bitchass mutt from across the street ran over andgot me on the butt! (you can laugh.) I was (am) so upset. It could have very easily been Rohan or Kaya. I thank God, Allah, Yahweh, and Archangel Michael that I didn’t take them out the car yet…. I went to the hospital for a shot, and I reported that bitey lil summabitch. Animal control came yesterday and suggested I run with a stick!! (she also suggested an air horn, or pepper spray) And PS I carried a stick when I went for my run today after work.]
What was I talkin’ about again?
Oh yeah, running.
I found the Black Girls Run! group of South Florida, so I’m going to find me a running buddy soon. I want to do a race of some sort this summer!
Been running to some really…un-runny music. I need to get back to my playlist, or dancehall station on Pandora cuz…I love Hozier’s album and could listen to it on repeat, but it doesn’t really inspire me to sprint…

Have you been running lately?

Ever been bitten by a dog?

My Dad, Yo.

::deep sigh::
My dad yo...
My dad is no good with emotions. No good talking about feelings. If I start to get choked up, or emotional in any kinda way during a conversation with him, the poor man just can’t handle it. He’ll make a joke, hit me on the shoulder and then run away. (literally)
So, I generally don’t share any deep feelings with him in a way that will elicit conversation. I tell hime how I feel, but it’s sandwiched between something trivial he’s more comfortable talking about. That way he hears me, and knows, but then we talk about whatever b.s. was sandwiching the emotional bit.
The night we closed on the house, my dad and I were talking, and he got really serious with me and damned if he didn’t let a bit of emotion slip through the cracks.
I hadn’t spoken to him (or anyone else except for John, really) about how I was feeling having to go back to work, but he just knew. And he, in his gruff “i hate my kids, yet i’d break my own neck for them in an instant if they needed it” kinda way, put it in perspective for me.
I’m never one to knock working moms, or judge stay at home moms. Once you’re a mom, it’s always full time, on the clock 24/7, no matter where, when or if you work elsewhere. (i’m gunna have to post on that too, but I digress) 
But for me, all of my life, when I pictured myself with children, I pictured myself home with them full time. I wanted to be a stay at home (well, work at home) mom so I could be the primary caregiver, and personally give my kids a great start at life in the manner I choose (semi-granola, low tech, high love, high education/activity, flexible, maybe a little left of center…etc)
My dad sat me down and told me he was proud of me. (insert fit of tears here) He spent a lil time talking about his thoughts about the family, moving the family forward and up from where it came, and it truly surprised me. I didn’t think he gave a good god damn about that kinda stuff at large.
But then he hit me with the true tearjerker, basically saying not to be so hard on myself for this temporary situation. He told me how proud he was of me about how I’m raising Ro, impressed at my level of patience and that what I did with Rohan while I was home with him was tremendous but that Kaya will be amazing too, despite me working outside of the home.
He kinda drove home the point of not dwelling on the negatives about not being home with her, and to focus on the benefits it provides her and the rest of our family. (He should SO be a life coach!)
It was a good perspective to hear and take in. I’m trying to take it easy on myself in that way. That said, I set a goal of getting my biz in gear in such a way that I will be able to leave the workforce again (FOR GOOD!) by summer 2016. Name it and claim it. (just like I did here). Pray for me. Pray fi all a we.
But yeah…… I love my daddy. He gave me the warm n fuzzies that day. And I get warm n fuzzy thinkin’ about it right now.

When did you last get the warm n fuzzies?

Is your dad good w/ emotions?

Good News: I’m Speaking At #BlogHer15!!

In light of yesterday’s post gotta add a bit of good business news:


dancing gif
I claimed it. And dammit it’s coming true.  (Hello law of attraction, I’m looking at you!)
I said this was going to be the year I push forward with my business (nothing like a 9-5 to motivate the hell outta ya) and I completely am. Being a speaker is (hopefully) going to be a part of my coaching career, and I’m excited to kick it off this year digitally with The Mommy Conference, and in-person at BlogHer.
Life is good I tell ya!
SUPER DUPER GRATEFUL for this opportunity. I’ve been to blogher every year since 2012 and always enjoyed it.
This year, it’s back in NYC (where it was in 2012, my first time there) so I get to mix in seeing family and friends, getting my hair done at a real salon ::side eye to florida:: and best of all, I get to feel all fancy cuz I’ll be a speaker and not “just” an attendee.
I totally feel like I now have this huge looming July deadline by which I must get my shit entirely together.
…..and figure out what to say, and how to say it.
Gosh, I hope I don’t accidentally drop an F bomb.
My lightning session is on Friday, and I’m discussing Organization. (do they even KNOW me? LOL ::shhhh:: don’t tell em.)
And, if you’re my friend…or my family…or a random passerby… here’s a code for 30% off a ticket to BlogHer!!! (you’re welcome)

Are you attending BlogHer this year?

What’s the latest good news you received?

Business Upgrade

upgrade quote

I made some big business decisions lately. I’m upgrading my business (and my life) and it feels good.

I decided to refocus my energy in a more productive (read: goal-reaching) way. (hello efficiency!)

I decided to STOP doing the ghostwriting I’ve been doing for other bloggers. *GULP* (adios $$….but….hello time!)

I decided how to seamlessly integrate beachbody and relaunch my coaching practice by July 15th. (hello BIG $$)

I decided to invest and enroll in marie forleos b-school (started yesterday), and work with a business coach later in the year. (adios $$, hello ROI)

I decided what I’m going to do with OKDani.com. (hello clarity!)

I decided to put a big project on hold and move a different huge project (ebook!) to the forefront. (hello nerves!)

Overall I decided to stop playing small, man the F up, and get cracking. (hello walking the walk even more!)

This is kinda scary. But scary in a good way. Scary in a stretching way.

dreams dont scare you not big enough

How does OKDANI figure into all of this….
Well I’m going back to more personal blogging. Sharing more of my life stories, sharing my motherhood, marriage, fitness, and hair journeys. I don’t think my frequency of posting will change, 3 times a week seems to be my average.
A lot of my energy is going to be focused on building my business, and of course raising a happy healthy family (and raising a happy, healthy me!) so I’ll be sharing on alla that as well.
I don’t know if I’ve been this excited about business stuff before. Maybe when I first started making money from the blog, but since then, new projects and plans haven’t really fired me up the way I am now.
Lotsa good stuff to come!!

Have you made any business (or life) upgrades lately?


About Yesterday…

I guess I better explain myself huh. :)
First off, I hope I tricked ya *wink*
Truth is, I had been a bit lax in my workouts.
Tried starting Insanity Max: 30…. oh my goodness.
I maxed out at like 2 minutes the first time. (literally)
I wake up in the morning around 5:30 so I can get my workouts in.
I would honestly run a 5k each morning sooner than I would do Insanity Max: 30
(Right now at least)
Too much early morning jumping!
(real talk: the program itself is amazing and has had great fat loss results for my clients, and even my coach, but right now I need something different. I’ll go back to my first love Shaun eventually though. I won’t let Max 30 best me….I’m going to complete all 60 days … just not yet!! LOL)
Going to try P90X3 and mix it in with morning runs. If Tony forsakes me I’ll just go back to Autumn and the 21 Day Fix workouts. I LOVE them.
As for food…
Ugh… You know what it is with me. I will do really well with eating when I’m not working out as much. Then, when I start working out daily my eating suffers a little bit.
It’s not even on the “I deserve this because I’m working out” tip… It’s on the… “OMG I”m effin STARVING cuz I am working out so hard I”m going to eat everything in sight right this minute nom nom nom nom!” tip. John is starting this week with tightening up his diet…and I’m joining him.
We don’t do full meal planning every single week these days, but I do a weekly prep that makes life easier for me and saves time/headache. (read: frozen veggies, and baking off a rack of marinated chicken breasts) This way I don’t have to think about my dinner I only have to think about preparing for these two:

What is your workout plan for the next few months?