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SOL REPUBLIC Deck Review and Giveaway!


I’m back from my crazy BlogHer weekend, and I will get more pics and info up on that soon, however we have some important biz today. First. Go enter the Paypal Cash Giveaway, a winner will be picked in a couple days!

Second, I have another giveaway for ya!!!

I know you know SOL REPUBLIC‘s blue tooth speaker, DECK.

You’ve seen their commercial I’m sure:

Well, I had the opportunity to use this deck and I LOVE it. So did my brother Gar, because he stole it and now has it down in Florida and told me he takes it to the beach all the time. #jealous.

So it’s a speaker that connects to your phone/tablet/computer via bluetooth, and it has this cool thing called “heist mode” where multiple devices can be connected at once, and you can ‘hijack’ the deck and play your music…(just like in the commercial above)

I’m usually not the most technologically up to date, I mean you know I had my old phone for a billion years before I upgraded to my galaxy. This lil gadget though…I kinda love it.


So, last year at Blogher I won a speaker similar to the SOL REPUBLIC Deck. Let me just say, all bluetooth speakers are not created equal. My speaker skips and auto-disconnects from my phone/computer, unless it’s plugged in! (Kinda missing the point of the bluetooth capability.)

The Deck never skips, always connects immediately, and has more features (including the heist mode) plus it’s sleeker looking. It comes in a billion colors to appease everyone’s taste, but I was given the black on black version, and it’s perfect. If I wanted to keep it out at all times just to have a speaker in the kitchen while I cook, it would just blend in.


While we were in Florida we had pool parties often. This little deck put in some work. It is small but super loud. Gar also used it when he was watching netflix on his tablet. He would have his tablet in front of him, and the deck behind his head on the back of the couch so he could get music that was “surround sound”esque. LOL

I would recommend this for families that are outdoors often, beachgoers, teens of course, and gadget lovers.

You can buy it at your local Radio Shack ($199) or you can win it below!



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#BlogHer14 Fun on Day One


Quick Story: So I just started pumping and my room service arrives, I didn’t wanna unhook everything cuz I just got the flanges in the perfect position, so I just put my shirt on over to answer the door. I was just like “listen, don’t ask what’s goin on over here please” and the room service dude in the thickest accent was like “lady, I never, ever do” I busted out laughing and he chuckled too.

Story #2: I called myself “packing light” on Wednesday. I get here and realize I packed so light I forgot everything! I didn’t even bring flip flops, so who was that chick wearing those cheap foam paper pedicure “flip flops” from the salon over to the expo?  ::points to self:: I also forgot my rings and I feel naked….and single… lol (PS have you heard about that show Naked dating? WTF?!)




My Goals for Blogher:

  • Ask lots of questions of everyone I meet
  • Take every opportunity presented to me
  • Take lots of photos and vids to chronicle the events
  • Eat healthy and Workout
  • Do something nice for me
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Use the swag exchange room
  • Don’t pay ‘too heavy’ bag fee on the way home
  • Enter contests to win goodies
  • Give out all of my cards
  • Take better notes than the past two years
  • (secret goal: make everyone I speak to laugh …or groan)

So far I am on point!!

I arrived yesterday into San Francisco (aka Prius capital of the world, wtf?!) and shuttled over to San Jose then cabbed it to my hotel. (The hilton is lovely here in San Jose btw.) I pumped like a maniac, had a healthy lunch (greek salad) from room service, and relaxed a bit before heading to get a manicure (my first mani in a very, embarrassingly long time) and then went over to the Baby Shower from TheBabyLadies. My plan was to to get a pedi after that, but I got talked into going to the Sangria/Sundown event (which was awesome) and then got the pedi and went to the #selfiebration at the Expo. After that just grabbed dinner (a caprese salad on greens with grilled prawns) and came home to pump and rest.

That is the most truncated version of the day’s events….

Overall it was a great first day!


I met some wonderful bloggers/vloggers in person…

  • My dear Tamara of Natural Hair Rules, she is a sweet heart and exactly how I imagined she’d be
  • Kendra of HeadbandForToday accompanied me for pedicures and convinced me to crash the Sangria Event (thankfully!)
  • Ananda Leekes – my shero
  • Natalie – I love anyone who pops in and out of a Jamaican accent
  • Francesca of Youtube Fame
  • Luvvie crashed that convo to get selfies, but I didn’t get to chat with her at all yet
  • Tanya who I didn’t know before BlogHer, and has a very great spirit that you can feel



  • ….the mani/pedi and my epiphany of better self care that stemmed from it
  • getting carded at the Sangria event. (I hugged that lady. I haven’t been carded since 1492)
  • the random conversations I’m having with people without even exchanging names/cards
  • a chatty dinner with Tamara and Natalie, and Tanya
  • getting answers to my #1 question I’m trying to ask everyone I speak to
  • someone telling me my T25 results pics inspired them to start working out!
  • another blogger told me the pics inspired them to do their own before/after post! Rock entirely on!!


Seriously, I needed this trip. Yes it’s business, but it’s fun too. And it’s also peace and quiet/solitude and I needed it. It’s sanity saving! I’m doing some great thinking, journaling, even *gasp* writing! I just feel very grateful that I’m able to take this trip and know that my children are safe and sound, and it’s OK for me to just chill and do me. So extremely thankful for John and my parents rightaboutnow.

Make it a great day girls!! xo


Follow on Instagram for my pics/vids throughout the event!


My Focus T25 Results for #transformationtuesday

  Focus T25 Results, T25 results FocusT25 Womens Results

Well, I’m being brave.

Really brave.

Showing you my belly fat all hanging out sloppy-like.


I wasn’t going to share these because I didn’t think they were… “transformy” enough.  I was hoping to have dramatic aesthetic results, but I think what I’ve achieved with T25 is… decent.

Before T25

  • I had zero core strength
  • I was well over my normal weight
  • I was sluggish
  • I couldn’t really do anything that required cardio without panting, and
  • I was stressed out and mildly sleep deprived

When I started I was using the modifiers a whole lot, but by the end I was kinda keeping up with Shaun T! It was hard and I skipped some days but I made them up with a few 2-a-days and just continuing the program a bit longer.

Now After T25:

  • My weight only went down a few lbs and I lost a couple inches, but the non-scale results are great.
  • I can run 3 miles nonstop again with no walking (probably more, but the loop I run in FL is about 3 mi. so I haven’t tried longer)
  • My legs and shoulders feel stronger.
  • Even my core feels sliiiiightly stronger (but they’re in ROUGH shape after these c-sections)
  • My cardio has seriously improved, a lot less huffin’ and puffin’ when playing with Rohan.  (And that one is the BEST of all the results)
  • Plus there’s the satisfaction of completing a program I started.
  • Oh yeah, and my back fat rolls have gone down a bit too! :)

t25 results back shot

I did not use the T25 nutrition plan. If I had, I’m sure my results would be seriously more dramatic. The first month of the program I was eating cleaner, but still a lot so I could compensate for the breastfeeding. The second month…I was in Florida…so you know I was eating like a horse, and it wasn’t clean. The only healthy thing I maintained while in Florida was drinking my shakeology every day.

I also didn’t do the Sunday stretch dvds…though I wish I had, I think I did it twice out of the whole two months.

At first when I took my t25 results photos I was disappointed. But I’m feeling a bit more realistic about it now. I made some physical improvements in just 2 months, spending only 25 minutes a day! That’s not bad at all. I had lots of excuses (working, travel, lethargia, deadlines, lack of time, marriage stress, and 2 very adorable excuses) but I pushed that aside and did what I had to do. I mean…it’s only 25 minutes!

What honestly helped me the most was being a part of my challenge group. I ran it with a fellow coach, and had some great, dedicated challengers. I knew I had to check in daily with my group whether I did the work out or not, whether I ate well or not, and having that accountability is what kept me from scrapping it when it got tough.

accountability okdani blog

At one point I skipped 3 days in a row, and was like F it, I’ll just start over when I get back to NY…but I scrolled through the group and saw my girls working hard and gettin’ it in and it really motivated me to suck it up, and get back on the horse. That’s when I pulled out a few 2-a-days and tried to catch back up.

I’m currently doing Body Beast (weight training program) and will be mixing in T25 and PiYo videos as well for cardio and stretch/balance. I’m excited to get more results and can’t wait to see where I am in the next 30, 60, 90 days. (I’ll keep updating you here for sure)

Overall I’m happy with T25 and would recommend it to anyone who wants an effective workout that is short on time. I’m happy to help you stay focused and get results too. If you’re interested in joining my next challenge group (starts August 4) let me know!


Have you tried Focus T25? How’d you like it?

Mind Right Monday


Happy Monday!!

Before anything else, please don’t forget to enter to win $200 cash in our giveaway!! CLICK HERE TO ENTER

How was your weekend? Mine was semi-relaxing, just hanging out with the family, and semi-productive, getting stuff in gear for a few projects. I’m glad it’s monday though because I have about 4 thousand phone calls to make today between 9 and 5.

OK let’s get to it. How did I do last week: 

  • Post to OKDani at least 3 times – Done!
  • Be physically out of my bed before 5:20am each day – Failed! But a good fail, I was out before 7am all but 1 day :)
  • Daily workouts (Piyo and BodyBeast combo) – Done/Failed!! LOL – I am doing Bodybeast and mixing more T25 in so I can lose more belly!
  • Continue with herbal teas (ONLY! no more coffee or lipton w/ milk) – Done!! Can’t believe I quit my stuff cold turkey!)
  • BlogHer’14 prep – Done!! ordered cards, got sched together, etc.
  • Read a book  (this one!!) and do the activities – Done!! It’s really a great book, I’m going to keep referring to it through the month and beyond
  • Do something nice for myself – Done!! I took a lil mommy break and had tea, watched the godfather and chilled while everyone was sleeping
  • Do another faux minimalist clothes overhaul/downsizing – Ummm… Failed
  • Get back on my beachbody and writing grind – Done!! I’ve got a new challenge group scheduled, and as for writing…well…ok I failed that part.

Not too bad!! I have a really big week this week, and heading to BlogHer bright and early Thursday a.m. so I have to shove a lot of ‘to dos’ into 3 days. *gulp*

This week’s goals:

  • Post to OKDani 3+ times
  • Chronicle my BlogHer journey via pics n vids (come with me via instagram :))
  • Take some time to chillax while child-free
  • Enjoy a hot meal in PEACE
  • Go through applications and enroll people in my challenge group
  • Read a book
  • Pack for BlogHer BEFORE Wendesday at 11pm :)
  • Clothes overhaul/downsizing
  • Work on beachbody challenge group curriculum/content
  • Start Writing again :)
  • Wake up 6am daily
  • Workout each day – Bodybeast / T25 / Piyo Core

It’s going to be a great week!

I am extremely grateful for:

  • Roey and Kaya and their sweet relationship (look)
  • My family’s health, my health, the health of my clients
  • NYC
  • The internet and making a living using it
  • Having options and making good choices
  • Elmo
  • Abcmouse.com
  • Kaya being a good sleeper
  • My phone
  • Fruits & Veggies, and Roey being an adventurous eater
  • Moving to Florida eventually
  • Child free vacays
  • Blogging and the big ol blogging community
  • Working out and getting stronger
  • Online recipes
  • Virgin America
  • Having a backyard
  • My mom n dad
  • Roey’s increasing vocab and independence
  • Friends old and new
  • The future

What about you?

Sunday Social



At it again, linking up with Ashley and Neely! Why dont ya join us?!

1. What is the most difficult thing you have been through?

Look, I’m always 100 with you here, so I’ll say this. I can’t discuss the most difficult thing I’ve been through here. But I will tell ya the 2nd most difficult. Cool? OK. I’d have to say it’s probably a tie between relationship troubles with John that have popped up throughout our time together. When you’re with someone for so long there are lots of ups, lots of middles, and some downs too. The downs are just really difficult for me.

tough times

2. What was your best birthday?

Not sure. I don’t ever do anything huge for my birthdays so they’re all equally okay. It’s usually just dinner somewhere with John, and going to my family’s place. Actually, I guess my best birthday was back in 81 on the real day I was born. That was definitely a game changer! lol


My 31st bday – I have no pics of my 32nd :(

3. What has been your favorite thing you’ve done in your own city?

For me it’s restaurants and shows. I know it’s NYC and there is about 75 billion amazing things to do here….but restaurants and shows are my fave. I love live theater, especially small nobody-ever-heard-of-it shows versus the big huge productions (but those are fun too) and I love eating at restaurants of celeb chefs and all the cute lil new places we have to eat in this city.


4. What is your idea of the perfect date night?

Well, Idris would pick me up around 7…..


If I were being fantasy-full, I’d describe a date night consisting of private jets, personal masseuses and shopping sprees…but coming back down to earth I’d say:

Kids away for the weekend at my parents’ house, I get to luxuriate and pamper myself all day before the date, hair did, nails did, massage, long bubble bath. I sip on some sweet white wine and eat strawberries as I get dressed, Idris John is already dressed and waiting, we have a car waiting outside so we can both imbibe. We’re driven to a fanatastic restaurant and eat course after course of amazing food prepared special for us and brought out by the chef himself. We talk, we laugh, we kiss, we reminisce, we drink great wine. ….. then we go home get nakey and….(ahem)….watch a movie on demand til I pass out :) LOL
5. Have you ever been to a blogging conference? If so which one(s)? If not do you want to?

I’ve been to BlogHer two years runnin’ and going for year three in just a few days. I really want to go to Blogalicious, Niche Parent, Mom 2.0, Fitbloggin’ and Blogging While Brown.  Hell I wanna go to all of ‘em…

What about you?!

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