Mind Right Monday Linkup

me and the kids

How are you girls?!

Me? I’m excellent.

Getting a lot handled down here in Florida, and I’ll give you an update later on all my transitions, but things are moving fast and I’m psyched and scared, and happy and terrified all at once.

The kids are doing great down here. My family is loving them up, and taking them off my hands a bunch. This past week I got to meet a bloggy friend I’ve “known” for ages, Lyne of Anointed Heels…. who needs to update her damn blog….but I digress.

blurry pic of us

OK. I will give a full update for November 1st so no more of that here. Let me get to Mind Right Monday Linkup. Remember you can link up with Darrica, of Dear Darrica, and Danielle of Mamademics or right here at OKDani. (one day I will make a decent image with all of us on it. I swear!! LOL)

mind right monday linkup

My to dos from last week were OK…

Read more than last week – I’ve been so preoccupied
Drink water and eat healthily – drinking tons but eating all the good stuff my gram cooks
Take long walks with Roey – I love this, and it wipes him out for his naptime :)
Take a look at some houses and neighborhoods – I have a love/hate relationship with househunting already
Write for okdani – welp, I got a couple posts up last week
Work on beachbody biz - Ummm
Deep condition hair  – Ummmmmm
Do a bleepetybleeping youtube video – See…what had happened was….

OK, this week’s goals are:

  • House-hunt like crazy
  • Get licence and car stuff situated
  • Book return flight to NYC
  • Write for OKDani, clients, and external blogs
  • Return to my boo Shaun T (I skipped an ENTIRE week – Gunna start Beta over 4 weeks)
  • Make a fitness journal youtube video (some extra accountability for my ass)
  • Do lots of playing and nature walks with Roey
  • Find a blog designer to do some simple stuff for me

I am super duper grateful for: 

  • Beachbody income
  • Blogging and writing income
  • Chase Freedom card points
  • Savings  (lol, can u think I’m in money mode this morning lol)
  • Extended family
  • Love
  • Choices and Freedom
  • Curry chicken, rice and peas
  • My mom’s hellfire hot sauce
  • John missing us like crazy
  • Having a family I can lean on
  • Laughs
  • A play by play recap of Walking Dead lol
  • Microwaves
  • Target….and target sales :)
  • Focus T25 patiently waiting for my return
  • Being productive
  • My health, my gram’s health, my kids’ and extended family’s health
  • Improving
  • Tea
  • Breast pumps
  • Belli body lotion
  • Modern technology and the beloved interwebz
  • Bluehost solving my issues real quick!
  • Getting and giving compliments
  • The future, the immediate, beautiful, exciting, terrifying future
  • My potential beachbody coaches planning on joining my team
  • Looking up and seeing stars at night
  • Not being scared of lizards
  • Beachbody training calls, they really make it easy for me lol
  • John’s faith in me
  • My awesome parents
  • My lil bro doing well at school (he’s almost 19! gulp)
  • Chipotle ::look:: 

OK…I’ll go on forever cuz I’m in that kinda mood. I’ll stop here, but please share! play along. If you’re not a blogger, you can just comment below with your #1 Goal and #1 Grateful for the week!

Dove Silky Hair Dare (Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Review)

dove pure care dry oil

Wow I feel like I have not done a product review in 100 years. I was given the opportunity to try the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range and I like it so far. To be 100% honest I only used the three pieces together ( the shampoo conditioner and oil) on my hair twice but I used the products separately many times. Mainly, I used the conditioner for co washing a whole lot…. it’s almost done.

The first thing that I noticed about this was that it had macadamia nut oil and I got scared. I am super allergic to most tree nuts including macadamias and I was like uh uh, I’m not going to have to whip out my EpiPen to do a product review no way no how! I went to Dr. Google M.D.’s website and read about it and saw that if you can touch nuts without an allergic reaction then touching the nut oils would not be a problem.

So I braved myself up and tried it and I like it! It’s not the best shampoo or the worst shampoo I’ve ever tried, but it smells great and works well. My hair didn’t feel over-cleaned, but it did suds up a lot (which I know some people love, but I don’t) and my hair/scalp felt nice and clean. It wouldn’t be my go-to shampoo, but I will use it up versus tossing it or giving it away.

The conditioner is thick, goes in easily, smooths on quickly and gives a lot of slip (which I love) and the smell is almost intoxicating man. I love it and it’s hard to describe but its like sweet without being cloying and somehow… natural. It smells like it should be a baby’s body wash from a high end all-natural brand. lol Oh, and my fave part is the smell lasts a long time.

I used the conditioner regularly (post-shampooing), as a co-wash (in lieu of shampooing) and as a deep conditioner (left on clean dry hair for hours w/ and w/o heat) and with all 3 types of uses I got quick slip, and easy rinsing. My hair was left feeling soft, moisturized and smelling really good.

The oil which is the third step in the range is my favorite part.  I think I have used it every day or almost every day since I received the product. It goes on easily and smoothly and then once it’s in, your hair feels soft not weighed down and greasy. It’s not tacky like castor oil can be. It’s hard to describe but the way they say dry oil…. when I was looking at that name I was like what the hell are they talking about… but now I kind of understand. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue it’s kind of an almost light/dry feeling (if that makes sense).

I would recommend the shampoo for people with oily hair and oily scalps, or people that love sudsy shampoos. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who’s used to all-natural, non sudsing shampoos. The conditioner I would recommend to anyone of all hair types. I would also recommend the oil to anyone with dry hair, or who currently uses coconut oil.

I’ve mentioned my deep love for coconut oil here many, many times. But since trying this oil, I’ve been using it exclusively (over my moisturizer after a wash, and on dry hair ends at night) and no complaints whatsoever. It has coconut oil in it too, so maybe that’s why I’m loving it so much.

The oil is also great for slicking hair back without needing to use a gel. I finally have a ponytail (ponynub) again, and was able to smooth my hair down easily with the oil and very little effort!

short natural hair ponytail

Have you tried a new line that you’re loving (or not loving) lately?

Will you take the Dove Silky Hair Dare?

Dove Hair is daring women everywhere to try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, risk-free now through December 31, 2014*

Share your silky results at #silkyhairdaresweeps for a chance to win** $20,000 in prizes up for grabs

Visit Dove.com for more information

**No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. The Dove Silky Hair Dare Sweepstakes is sponsored by Conopco, Inc., d/b/a Unilever. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18 & older. Begins 12:00 p.m. ET on 9/25/14 and ends 12:00 p.m. ET on 11/20/14. For Official Rules, visit http://www.dove.us/Products/Hair/Advanced-Hair-Series/rules.aspx


*If you are not completely satisfied with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil system, Dove will refund your purchase (from 9/21 – 12/31). Visit hairmoneyback.com for details

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Giving Thanks


Hey girls,

Hope your weekend is going great so far.

I’m just giving thanks left and right this week.

Just thought I’d pop in with a bit of gratitude here on the blog.

Feel free to stop what you’re doing and give a little thanks as well!

At this very second I’m extremely grateful for:

  • Warm Florida sunshine
  • Not having to cook for myself or the kids
  • Having a bunch of eager hands to care for my chirrens
  • A good start to househunting
  • Writing gigs
  • The future
  • Being strong and flexible
  • Halloween
  • Halloween candy ::avoids eye contact::
  • Kaya and Roey being “outdoorsy” kids
  • Dollar store finger paint
  • My computer
  • My husband
  • New nailpolish
  • ….and actually painting my nails
  • Ponytailability
  • Easy runs
  • Adventure on the horizon

What are you grateful for?!

How to fly with multiple small children without killing yourself or others

air travel with two small kids

Flying with Small Children

Ok I’m a couple days off of a flight with a six month old and a 2 year old. Flying with small children is scary. I was really nervous about taking this flight but I had to do it alone. My mother or John couldn’t come down with me so I had to do it solo. It was a short notice flight so I didn’t have much time to prepare but here are the tips that I have for you to make travel with multiple small children easier… and avoid suicide… or homicide.

Give Fair Warning

Let your kids know exactly what to expect and when.

I didn’t have much advance notice about this trip, but once I knew, I started notifying Rohan.  I let him know we were going on a plane, where we were going, who we would see, and how the travel day would go. I kept it light and fun so he could get excited about going to “Frorduh.” A couple times a day we would talk about the upcoming trip so no surprises and no toddler meltdown.

baby on board

Time It Right

Don’t book a flight that conflicts with your children’s nap times or usual cranky times (tired/hungry/hyper) if you can help it.

I took a 6am flight. I knew there was a high chance Kaya would sleep most of the way (she didn’t) and Roey would be calm and relaxed (he wasn’t) Luckily Roey woke up on the right side of the toddler bed that morning and was sweet, even though full of energy. Kaya was a squirmy energizer bunny, but she’s still small enough to contain fairly easily.

Distractions Are Key

Have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, toys/activities/games, and backup tricks/toys/activities/games.

Redirecting Roey’s energy when he’s in a good (or decent) mood is fairly easy. I can just do a loud exaggerated gasp, and he’ll look at me expectantly….while I quick think up something to say to get his mind off of whatever loop it was on before. Sometimes my brain stalls out on me and I come up with like “GASP!!….where is your nose?” But hey, it works. When he’s in antsy mode, or weird energy mode like he was for a part of this flight, it’s a bit harder, I had to have a lot more than just a gasp on hand.

flying with babies

In my carry-on was:

  • tons of snacks
  • books (including his favorite)
  • elmo of course
  • many, many vehicles (given one at a time over the course of the journey)
  • 3 different earphones (because one of them had to be the “right” ones)
  • sunglasses (because he’s obsessed right now)
  • a blanket (for our tent city game)
  • kindle (for me)
  • 2 sippy cups (because “i dont want water, i want milk, i don’t want milk, I want water” happens too often)

When Ro got too fidgety, or seemed bored or annoyed we tried toys, but we ended up playing games more often. Word games, and “can you fix this?” were the most popular. Having a bag of tricks kept Roey out of crank-mode, and kept me feeling somewhat sane.

For Kaya I had a bottle with cereal mixed in, teething toys, her soft dolly, a blanket so she could come to tent city too, and a million bibs.

toddler on the plane

Pack Some Patience & A Good Attitude

Air travel is annoying for adults and children alike. A good attitude helps to make it go down easy.

I tried to have a woo sah experience. Focusing my energy on managing Roey’s happiness was a good way to keep my attitude in check. He took the most deliberate, slow, tiny steps, stopping at almost every row to look back at me for no reason, aaaallll the way down the aisle to our seat (far toward the back, sadly) while mama is behind him with a heavy carryon, and a baby strapped to her. It would’ve been nice to just pick him up and throw him to 23A, but I just had to take a deep breath and gently encourage him to hurry his ass up.

Kaya deciding to wait until I changed her mid-flight, to take the most massive poop ever taken, could have pissed me off…. Okay, it did piss me off, but what could I do but change her again (while Roey said “Kaya poopoop that’s gross ha ha” on a loop the entire time) and keep it movin.

Oh, and this happened intermittently throughout the entire flight. Gee, I wonder if he was tired…..

Don’t Forget About You

Eat and Drink something! Healthy Mommy = Happy Kids  Caffeinated Mommy = Unmurdered Kids

OK that’s dramatic, but I did notice a larger bandwidth for annoyance after I had that 3rd cup of coffee (#judgemeifyawanna) and finished my muffin. I also chugged two bottles of water, and although I had to pee like the dickens, I felt much more capable of making it through the flight alive. Also, I had my kindle on hand in the event the kids slept, so I could catch up on some reading (if I didn’t end up sleeping myself.)

Get Lucky

And pray. Pray they both don’t have a meltdown at the same time. 

Gotta say, I was internally beaming at the end of the flight when people were saying how “good” the kids were…. I know what they really meant was “quiet.”  Even though, at one point Rohan screamed “WE ARE NOT FINISHED FLYING YET!” (I cringed and was waiting for someone to jump bad so I could check them…) but a few people just chuckled.  I was lucky to have a nice group of people nearby. The dude near us said “He’s right. We’re not finished.” I was also lucky to not have a passenger in the seat in front of Ro, because opening, closing and “fixing” the tray table was big fun for a good 25 minutes.

After staying up the whole flight, we get into the truck and immediately……

toddler sleeping in car seat

Thank goodness I packed that good attitude ;)

What are your tips for a solo parent traveling with multiple small children?


Mind Right Monday Linkup

Toddler in Sunglasses

Happy Mind Right Monday morning girls! I’m coming to you today from sunny Florida!

I had to come down unexpectedly, and I’m so glad to be here. Roey and Kaya are enjoying all the extra love. And attention. I’m enjoying having a bit of a break from nonstop momming.

We had a pretty good flight even though the kid to parent ratio was 2:1. I will share on that later in the week.

mind right monday linkup

So last week:

  • write a lot
  • return to youtube
  • clear out more stuff
  • get my beachbody stuff together
  • take more pics of the kids
  • workout daily and drink tons of water
  • stick to clean eating
  • get some yoga in
  • get my meal plans online

Listen…..see….what had happened was…..

It was a crazy week, I had a lot of unexpected stuff pop up.

This week, I’m taking it kinda easy on myself (considering I still have to do all of last week’s work):

Read more than last week
Drink water and eat healthily
Take long walks with Roey
Take a look at some houses and neighborhoods
Write for okdani
Work on beachbody biz (be consistent)
Deep condition hair (I keep forgetting)
Do a bleepetybleeping youtube video

I feel so happy and grateful for:

A healthy mind and body
Healthy happy family
Amzing little miracle children
Modern technology
Land for Roey to run around and play on
Kaya finally working her hands and knees to crawl versus her army crawl
Rohan’s flexibility and easily adaptable nature
aunt flo (it’s a love/hate relationship. Love that she visits, but hate her once she’s here.)
Extended family
My gram recovering fully from surgery
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Having Firstworldproblems
Colgate optic white toothpaste
Tea and its magical comfort

Okay, it’s your turn!! I feel like there are going to be some awesome gratitude lists today from every one who links up!

Have a great week!!

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