How LISTERINE® Mouthwash Made Me Popular at Work

listerine mouthwash

Back in the day I used to work as an executive assistant to C-Level execs. The back of my cubicle area turned into a catch all place for everything you may need in a pinch. I had spray deodorant, tissues, paper towels, stain remover pens… etc. In my personal stash I had my toothbrush, paste and LISTERINE® mouthwash.

This was kept in my bottom drawer and not really shared publicly. I’d use my LISTERINE® Antiseptic after lunch, and offered it to my boss in a pinch if he was rushing to a meeting right after lunch or something. After a little while I’d “catch” him at my desk sneaking to put back the bottle after using it without asking!… Then I would have directors and other high level bosses at the company coming over like little kids asking for candy. “Um… we heard you had LISTERINE®… can we have some?”

It was hysterical to me because it is an inexpensive product, and these guys could easily go buy their own, but my little cubicle became the LISTERINE® mouthwash dealership. When I would run out my boss would buy more but instead of buying himself a bottle he’d just keep replenishing the stash in my desk drawer!

At home I grew up using LISTERINE® mouthwash, and I remember as a kid not knowing that there were actually other brands of mouthwash being sold. My dad got my mom hooked, and it got passed down to me, and now I have John hooked, and when the kids get older they’ll be hooked too. Brushing and flossing is important and necessary of course, but I don’t feel like I’ve fully cleaned my mouth if I don’t finish with LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash.

I thought it was all in my head just because that’s how I grew up… but apparently:

  • brushing alone actually misses 75 percent of your mouth; and
  • LISTERINE® Antiseptic reduces 52 percent more plaque and 21 percent more gingivitis than brushing and flossing alone.

Plus the tingle feels sooo good! I didn’t know this but LISTERINE® mouthwash is actually chock full of essential oils:

  • Eucalyptol – an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent.
  • Menthol – known for its germ killing properties.
  • Thymol – known for its effectiveness against bacteria.
  • Methyl Salicylate – this essential oil is also often found in chewing gum due to its fresh flavoring properties.

All I knew is that if I ate a garlicky lunch at work, LISTERINE® mouthwash had my back so I wouldn’t assault people’s noses afterward. And I will continue using it at home so I can “feel” like I’ve actually cleaned my mouth.

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Spicing Up Date Night – #Yoursandmine #collectivebias #ad



Throwback date night pic!

Date nights are something John and I have always said we wanted and then only half heartedly followed through with. Pre kids our dates were great. We’d go out and paint the town red. After Roey was born they dwindled down and even more so after Kai. We’ve been together since the year of the flood so we have to find ways to keep things fresh.

One of the great things about being down in Florida its the many willing hands to take the kids so John and I can have some decent date nights again to keep things spicy.

Speaking of Florida, I’ve been here a couple weeks and John’s been up north. He’ll be here for Christmas so we’re planning for a date night while he’s in town. We’re definitely overdue for some one on one connected together time.

Next month once he’s down here for good I hope to have weekly date nights. We have our date night “rules” like:

  • No kid talk – “oh roey did this cute thing…”
  • No shop talk – “the air conditioner’s making that weird sound again…”
  • No marriage meeting talk – “can you start putting your coffee cups in the sink…”

Do we always follow those rules? No. All we do is talk about our kids, tell each other not to talk about the kids, then start talking about the kids again. LOL

Christmas Eve 2013

Last Christmas Eve Date Night (our lil tradition)


But then we get past it and can pretend to be child free adults just enjoying a grown-up date together. Talking about the kids and boring house/marriage stuff is not sexy. We started doing a few little tweaks to spice things up:

  • More experimenting with different products
  • Texting each other more during the day building up anticipation for the date night
  • Choosing more romantic venues for our dates.

But for our Super Duper extra special gotta-sneak-it-in-where-we-can holiday date night… No rules. Just…connecting. It’s been too long.

We have a standing Christmas eve date night, but since my family has a big Christmas eve soiree, we’re going to have to switch it up going forward.

Switching it up will be good because we always have the same kinds of date nights. They’re always “Dinner ands” As in, “Dinner and a movie”, “dinner and a show”, “dinner and go home and be lazy bums” or my favorite… “dinner and …go home and NOT be lazy bums” ::insert knowing look here::

KY Yours and Mine In Walmart

(Why is there a wheelchair up in the air?)

K-Y is helping lazy bums like John and I spice up our date nights. (I already told you about our date night deflation…) Well, they’re making it easier for us with their Date Night Kit…

K-Y Date Night” includes a full date-night-in experience. You get a free meal for two people delivered to your door that you can cook it together for added intimacy. Then you also get a $5 VUDU movie credit for you to stream and of course the K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants. Perfect for a date night in!

 What do you do for date nights?

How do you spice them up?


Mind Right Monday Linkup

i love mondays

Happy Monday!!

A few things: 

1. Florida has been cold. WTF

2. My family has far too many December birthdays. Why’s everybody tryna steal Jesus’ shine?

3. I cannot find cute and inexpensive work clothes to save my life.


Hmmm…. maybe it’s not such a happy monday after all….

Need. Coffee.


Much better.

Hope you girls had a great week and weekend. My week was hectic and a definite learning experience (working mom life is a trip)….but on a good yet masochistic note, I got my Insanity Max: 30 this weekend (!) and…laaaaaawd. That’s all I gotta say until Friday, just….Lawd!

Let’s see, what else is goin’ on over here. House hunting is going okay, I’m looking forward to the holidays, and I’m actually getting some shopping done! Are you done with your shopping yet? I can’t wait until everyone’s all together on Christmas eve, partying it up!

OK OK Mind Right Monday time:

mind right monday linkup

My goals last week… I don’t even remember. So we’re not going there.

We’re starting fresh today.

Goals for the week are: 

  • Find a morning ritual for me and Roey to share
  • Finish all Christmas shopping
  • Max Out with Shaun T and Pump up with the Les Mills crew
  • Drink more water at work
  • Get my planner created for 2015
  • Find some bleepin’ work clothes
  • Run on Saturday
  • Do househunty stuff
  • Read to Roey every night

I’m really super grateful for: 

  • My entire family and all of my friends old and new
  • Earning money with beachbody and blogging
  • A renewed drive and sense of purpose with my business
  • Getting my car down here next week
  • A library being so close by (even tho I still use NYPL online :))
  • Tea
  • Nair ::avoids eye contact::
  • Choices
  • Growing
  • Free samples at publix and costco n stuff
  • Having all that I need and most of what I want
  • Being generally healthy and well
  • Modern medicine
  • Spending the day with my littles yesterday
  • Kaya kinda weaning herself…and boob jobs being inexpensive #realtalk
  • Sales! Everywhere, just sales all over! And coupons… and Kohlscash :) and Ebates!
  • Nike+ Finally using it and loving it as much as people said I would
  • My gram cooking for me all the time

Your turn!!

Mind Right Monday

Happy Monday Errybody!

I successfully reached my goal of 4 posts/week for November. Just thought I’d share that.

dust shoulder off beyonce

So let’s see…

I’m going completely crazy with everything going on and all the complications I’m hitting from every freaking angle. I think I’m going to find a doctor to give me the strongest xanax prescription available.

pop pills gif


Moving from New York to Florida is hard work. And with two lil ones, and trying to keep a business going smoothly, and clients engaged/happy, whooweee. I’m so grateful for my family. So many changes all at once. If I ever say I want to move again, just gently punch me in the face and snap me back to reality.

Things are coming together though. Househunting is no fun, but it’s coming along and will pay off soon. Got a wierd lil health concern, and a new j-o-b that are flipping me upside down tho.

I’m going to take it easy on myself this month as well so this weeks goals are:

  • Make it through the week alive
  • Keep my kids alive and happy
  • Don’t find a xanax peddler
  • Exercise every other day

I hope I can make it!

I’m really grateful for everything going on even though it’s stressful right now.

I’m uber grateful for:

  • My amazing extended family coming thru like the wu
  • Kaya semi-weaning herself
  • Christmastime!!!
  • Money  (lol,…but for real tho)
  • My phone (aka my lifeline, office, and assistant)
  • A new job
  • Having my car down here in a few weeks
  • Les Mills Pump & Insanity Max 30
  • MLS listings
  • Social media
  • Dr. Browns bottles
  • Holiday sales
  • Friends who get it (and those that dont too)
  • Clear nail polish
  • My computer being a trooper
  • Doctors
  • Tea
  • Having my special pillow to sleep on
  • Cozy socks

Your Turn!!

Make it a great week, ok?!

How To Find Your Soulmate Workout

Finding your soulmate workout

In one of my favorite personal development books, I learned the term “Soulmate Workout.” This is the workout that you love, gets you great results, you enjoy doing, and will come back to over and over because you know it’ll always do right by you.

Many people feel like exercise has to be a chore. They hate running, but know it’s effective so they do it…then they procrastinate, stop running, regain weight, etc. That’s not the way to go. There are so many options for getting in shape these days that finding a workout style, or program that you love is possible.

My cousin never worked out a day in her life. She tried a barre class and immediately fell in love. She took classes all the time, and actually woke up early to attend them. She was so great at it that the owner of the company asked her to teach classes. For me, running is my soulmate workout. It’s like that great friend that you speak to once in a blue but immediately fall right back in to that deep comfort level, jokes, familiarity etc.

So, how do you know if a workout is your soulmate?

  1. You enjoy doing it
  2. You look forward to doing it
  3. You’re really good at it, or have the desire to be really good at it
  4. You learn more about it on your own or you tell others about it often
  5. When you try other workouts, you always come back to it

How can you find your soulmate workout?

  1. Know yourself – Do you like gyms, private studios, classes, one on one instruction, working out at home? Do you like dance workouts? Weights? Variety? Fast pace? Jumpin’ around? (I love jumpin’ around) Yoga? Pilates? Biking? Swimming? Go with what you like best and find workouts that fit in that category.
  2. Try a variety of workouts – you don’t have to spend a lot, try a few for free on fitnessblender or youtube to see if it suits your style. You can also do a workout program swap with a friend. I traded my coach friend T25 for her P90X3 so we could both try out something new at no cost. (but I’m going to be doing Max 30 after all)
  3. Give it a fair shake – You’ve got to give whatever you’re trying a chance. I hated spin class the first time I took it. It was so uncomfortable and boring. I tried again with a different instructor, and it was much more comfortable but still boring. Tried a few classes with a popular instructor and almost had a good time! LOL. My point is, if I didn’t try again after the first class I would’ve written it off alltogether. Spinning is not my go to workout, but I enjoy it more than I did after my first go at it.

Have you found your soulmate workout already? What is it?

Check out a bunch of workout plans to try on my pin board: Exercise – Fitness – Wellness

If you’d like to check out beachbody fitness programs on your search for a soulmate, get at me and I can help you pick a winner.