2016 New Years Resolutions and Goals

2016 goals and resolutions small

Every year I make a new year resolution or two, and then I make my real goals for the year separately.

My goals for 2015 (really a to do list), I crushed em. ::dusts shoulder off::

They were:

  • Buy a home and fix it up bit by bit
  • Improve my financial standing
  • Deepen my spiritual practices
  • Nurture my marriage
  • Be a kickass mom to Kaya and Roey
  • Relaunch my life/wellness coaching business
  • Have visible ab definition
  • Develop my Florida social circle

I reached them all..ish.

*COUGH*except the last two…*COUGH*

I put those last two in orange and not red because they weren’t a total fail. I have slightly more ab definition than I did earlier in the year, but I’m not where I want to be just yet. And I have like 2 friends down here in Florida, not digging the moms I meet at the playground lol..::shrug::… so I did start to develop my FL social circle even though it’s not a very big circle.

I shared my mid-year progress here.

For 2016 my to do list is:

  1. Continue to be an engaged, on-purpose mom to Rohan and Kaya
  2. Get that ab definition I didn’t get in 2015 ::avoids eye contact::
  3. Launch a successful black fitness website and grow it to XX size
  4. Take a kickass family vacation (and be IN the photos)
  5. Earn enough in January to “justify” getting our cleaning lady back for the year 🙂
  6. Make $XXX from my business by Dec 31
  7. Return to making videos 
  8. Expand (a lil) and deepen (a lot) my FL circle of friends
  9. Attend a conference I’ve never been to
  10. Beautify/fix up my home and land more and more

2015 my two resolutions were:

  1. Be out in nature every day – totally did it!
  2. Get my sexy back – totally….almost…kinda sorta…maybe just a little bit did it. (I’m back in shape but not yet satisfied)

This year I’m making a few resolutions.

In 2016 I resolve to…

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Be more open and vulnerable
  3. Be more adventurous and brave

Get More Sleep

I know that sounds like a lazy way to start this year off, but I have had chronic sleep issues ever since I became a mom. I sleep so much lighter now, that almost any sound wakes me up. I was up so much with Roey I got vertigo and was falling down. Then Kaya with her colickiness… ugh. Both kids sleep through the night thankfully, but Ro gets sick sometimes or comes into our room to pee or gets scared…. I sense when Ro wakes up in his room and know he’s on his way in…at some random ungodly hour. And if he doesn’t wake in night (which is most nights, thankfully) he wakes up for good at the buttcrack of dawn (which used to be OK, but I’ve changed my schedule so 5am is not the move anymore.) I sleep in fear. (You can laugh, it’s OK)  I literally sleep in fear and anxiety of Rohan waking me up in the night with a fever or something. So I sleep extra light and wake up often. That’s SO not ok.

Sleep is so important, and is essential to our overall health. My sleep is so erratic and fragmented which effects my energy level, my mood, my eating… it’s all connected. I notice the difference in my patience with the kids (and everyone else) on days when my sleep is crap.


I resolve to nap if the urge hits, no matter if I’ve got a mile-long “to do” list.

I resolve to make John get up with the kids on the weekends.

I resolve to not spend the hours I’m awake in the middle of the night worrying about being poorly rested the following day lol.

I resolve to get some ambien or something if need be.

I resolve to get some more damn sleep!

OMG That was a long explanation wasn’t it?  Anywaaaay….

Be more open and vulnerable

So, this is something I started personally lately and it feels good. I feel like I’m an open person in general, I like to share. Hence: blog. However, I don’t usually show my vulnerable side, or ask for help as much as I could. I realized it in my marriage and catch myself going into my automatic “I’ll handle it, I can fix it” mode when it’s just as easy…and better off for my mental and emotional health… to ask John to handle something (even if he gives me an attitude for the request.)

Being more open this year is being more receptive to the offers that come my way (on any level) and sharing more of me and my story with others in my off-line life and on. With regard to this blog, I started it with the desire to connect and relate… being more open and even more vulnerable here will help in that desire.

Be more adventurous and brave

This is a resolution on a lot of levels. From simple things like trying to cook new meals…to taking a different type of vacation…wearing a crop top or bright lipstick….trying different challenges….exploring around my area…  To “bigger” things like… reaching for goals that are “higher” than my current standing…. submitting to speak at more places…pitching myself to different types of opportunities….

These three resolutions I know are going to be up and down…a constant behind the scenes effort. And certainly a work in progress…but I know that as I work on those resolutions I’ll be happier and even more confident in my daily life.

What is your #1 Goal for 2016? You making any resolutions?



  1. says

    It sounds like you have some great goals! Mine are kind of similar. Like you I have trouble sleeping. I have a hard time falling asleep, any noise or light will prevent me from getting to sleep. Congratulations on reaching most of your goals you set for yourself in 2015. Happy New Year!

  2. says

    My #1 goal for 2016 is to find my groove as I adjust to this new identity as a mom. I had my first baby on Halloween after an unexpected pregnancy so getting my life back on track & learning to be a kickass mom is the main focus.

  3. says

    I absolutely love that you put (and be in the pictures) for your vacation goal. There’s always that one person who never makes into any vacation picture. Meanwhile DH and I are the total opposite. We try to stay so detached from our electronics during vacations that we end up taking almost no pictures at all.

    Anyway, I don’t have specific goals for 2016. Instead, I am focusing on themes/mantras.

    In 2016 I will:
    Live Richer
    Embrace the Simple
    Seek Opportunity
    Be Inspired

    If I keep all of these in my forefront, I am confident I will thrive in 2016.

  4. Dee Dee says

    My resolution is to take control. Lately I’ve been feeling that I have no control over anything in my life and so I gaining it back. New job, better finances, etc…

    I could also use more sleep. My anxiety really eats at my sleep. I hope that changing my bed time routine will help a little (no screen time before) but that might be a reach. .

  5. Cadetrus says

    Thank you for sharing! I would love to hear more about how you nurtured your marriage. I am newlywed, so I open to good information.

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