Rohan’s Birthday Party

Just a few flicks from Rohan’s Birthday Party!!

My baby boy is 2 years old!!! I’d been working with him to learn how to put up 2 fingers and say “I’m two years old,” but if you ask him how old he is, he just spreads all five fingers wide and says “I’m too old!” And it’s two cute ;)

Our plan was to take him to Sesame Place to see his best friend Elmo for his birthday, but those plans were scrapped.

My mom whipped up this party in like…not even 1/2 a day. I invited a couple people via text message, my mom prepped salad, fruit salad, burgers, chicken, veggies, hot dogs and brownies, John grilled, my dad and I scooped up some quick party stuff and toys at the dollar store and boom! Makeshift birthday party. … And I gotta be honest… I liked it a helluva lot more than his 1st birthday party. Less muss less fuss!

He had a great time running around with the kiddies, eating on the go (i legit chased him around the yard with a cup of fruit salad until he finished it), having sugary treats that he won’t be getting until his next birthday (lol i’m a mean mommy) and just enjoying all the attention he was getting from everyone.

Grandma snuck him an ice pop….guess how I know. LOL

We couldn’t get a good family photo to save our lives. This is the best of the bunch. ¬†Ummm… just realized my daughter is paler than her father. How in the hell did that happen? My genes musta been out sick that day.

I was trying to get a sweet pic with my 2 year old nugget, but he was so focused on that daggone cake!!!

He blew it out all by himself like a big boy!!! I was so proud :)

I’m guessing he liked the way it tasted too!

His favorite gift this year. He refuses to call it a dump truck. It’s known as “birthday truck” and he didn’t want to leave it. I think Elmo has a wee bit of competition.

Last year I said no more parties until he’s 5. Now…I know I”m gunna be having a party next year when we’ve all relocated to Florida. It’s inevitable. ::sigh::

Well, that was my weekend. How was yours?


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  1. WeatherAnchorMama . says

    Cool! I’m glad Rohan enjoyed his birthday. He’s such a big boy. Looks just like his mom.

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