Fit Friday: Family Affair Edition




Well I skipped T25 most of last week….and this week…. I know, I know…don’t start with me.

I worked out, just not with the DVDs.

I ran a few days, and did my ab challenge a few days, and worked out with Rohan most days outside.

Had my dad take some pics one day:

I love google+ for making these slideshows automatically!

John’s now doing beachbody coaching part time too, and he’s been working out a bit and Rohan is now seeing us both work out so he starts working out at random throughout the day. He’ll do squats and count his reps in a strained voice like he’s workin’ really hard. It’s cute. Im gunna get it on vid one of these days.

I’m redoing a week of T25 to catch up, and then continuing on to the Beta phase. I’m excited to see my body change. So far, a few lost pounds but no real difference when looking at me. Going to take my 30 day progress pics and measurements tomorrow morning anyway.

What have your workouts been like lately?


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Happily married mom of two.

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    This is so awesome!