Adventures in Breastfeeding: Baby 2. Volume 1


Check out my Adventures in Breastfeeding Rohan, Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

Everyone is asking me if I am going to breastfeed. I was actually looking forward to breastfeeding kaya and I had a pretty rocky start. In the hospital I had to have the lactation consultant come by about 3 times.I was very concerned that I wasn’t producing any colostrum but the lactation consultant squeezed my boobs in a magical way and I expressed some immediately.  Try as I might, I am totally unable to express with my hands. I don’t know why self expression is so hard for me but I have just given up.  My milk came in a day later than it did last time. That was also a big concern for me but once my breasts got crazy huge I knew my milk was coming soon.

Kaya was a decent latcher from day one. For some reason she is much better on my left breast then my right. We still have a little bit of trouble getting her latched on immediately to my right breast but she’s getting better each day. I breastfeed on demand or on request as I like to say.

She really throws me for a loop sometimes because there are times she will chug for 15 minutes straight on one breast and times she will just snack for 3 minutes. She gulps a lot of air though, and I’m unsure how to get her to chill out and not be a guzzle gut.

Burping her is the dreadful part.  This girl does not want to burp… she’d rather keep the gas inside and then cry.  So…we are totally going to fight.

I really dislike pumping, but I’m going to have to start building up a stash of expressed milk if I want to have any type of life not tethered to this lil shark.

Overall nursing kaya is great I love the bonding that I was starting to miss after weaning Rohan.  OMG I just realized that this time last year I was nursing Rohan and now I’m nursing a brand new baby. YIKES

I re-read my favorite breastfeeding book and I feel really good about going for a full year nursing Kaya. Let’s see how we do!

Did you breastfeed? How long did you last before weaning?



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  1. says

    That’s so awesome hun! Breastfeeding is great and its a blessing to b able to do it. I’m going on 7 month of EBF my son and I’m so proud of myself.

    SN: I’m sure you meant colostrum and not meconium! ;-)

  2. says

    yay! I breastfed for 11 months. Then Pookah looked at me one day and was like, naw. I was always sad that he self weaned but oh well! at least i got in 11 months!

  3. Mom of twins says

    I nursed my daughter for a year. On her first birthday she literally decided that she had had enough, and that was that, lol. I’m pregnant with twins now and plan to nurse them as well.

  4. ambervd says

    I nursed my daughter for about 9 months until we were both over it and I felt like a cow. Pumping was sort of pointless since I was home and jobless the whole time. For the Boy we went a full year and I think maybe a few weeks post. One day he just decided he was done. He’d been eating purees and things as well so he was more than ready to move on. I kind of loved nursing. I used to fall asleep with them in my arms and it was a great bonding experience. But I did have trouble with the boy latching more than the girl and he was a left boob junkie too! Go figure. 2nd child thing maybe?

  5. Jennae Petersen says

    We’ve reached the point where breastfeeding is awesome because my daughter is 4 months old and we’ve hit our stride, but I can totally relate to the burping problem. We had to put my daughter high up on our shoulders to put pressure on her tummy or sit her leaning forward on our laps, again to put pressure on her tummy. We also did bicycle legs and tummy massages. Prayers that Kaya gets through that stage soon.

    I’m hoping to breastfeed for at least a year.

  6. says

    I nursed my daughters for 15 and 18 months. The first one was with no problems and I went back to work and pumped and was like Elsie the cow…LOL! I had a stockpile to feed a small village so at least I never had to worry about that. With my youngest she was born 5 weeks early and we had issues and then she was in the NICU for a week. I pumped like a champ again and almost gave up actually nursing her and the doc said to keep on trying. I figured we’d be giving her bottles of expressed milk. Then at 2 months she finally caught on and boy was I happy. But after she turned one I told her she has until she was 2 before she would be cut off…LOL! So glad to hear things going well. :D

  7. says

    I did 7 months the time kid then I got knock up we had to cut it short. round 2 I went thru the 12 months and then she was forget this! I got rice and bean to eat. she was my greedy kid. she wean me and I wasn’t ready… I still miss it :(

  8. BeccaStaggs says

    Aw! I have the same issue with my right!! Just never did quite produce the same but I force it none the less. Best of luck with your nursing relationship with your beautiful little girl! <3

  9. says

    Exclusively pumped for 13 months but Lawd pleeeeese let my next child latch. Pumping is indeed a nightmare. It emotionally and phyiscally f’d me up . Sending you lots of love and support for being able to nurse for a year!

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