May Already? Damn.



Before I get to my May Goals I’m going to check up on April. It was a decent month. I have LOTS to do for May Goals but I will only list a few here.


  • Get a muthableepin’ haircut for the love of God!! (and decide whether i’m perming again or not)
  • Blog steadily here and on my beachbody blog
  • Start eating healthier and drinking more water
  • Fatten up my teeny baby girl with only the finest breastmilks
  • Return to Youtube
  • Secure an incidental sitter and a twice a month cleaning person (thank’s John!)
  • Visit doc and get cleared to work out
  • Take a walk all alone – no baby strapped to me or pushing in a stroller
  • Taxes!
  • Finish my new vision board
  • Create some sort of schedule so I don’t go completely insane
  • Lose some of this baby weight somehow
  • Start working on sponsorships for BlogHer
  • Book all my summer travel so my anxiety about prices is relieved
  • Learn a magic spell to get rid of these hideous stretch marks

The things I didn’t complete are all in progress, I did take a walk alone…but it was May 1st lol, I have my haircut scheduled, and well, there is no magic spell for the stretchmarks so I better just get used to them.

Overall April was pretty good. I felt very behind, the entire month, but I had to just release that and realize that in my new normal, balance has to be redefined, and prioritizing and scheduling is even more important.


  • Do my T25 program fully, and eat clean for the most part
  • Get registered for a summer class and start strong
  • Interview and hire the sitter we’ve narrowed down to
  • Get participants for my next beachbody challenge group: Shakeology and Clean Eating
  • Earn more via blog/beachbody/writing than I did last month
  • Decide on Roey’s 2nd birthday celebration
  • Plan Trip and Book flights to Florida
  • Give a bag of clothes/items to goodwill
  • Switch out summer/winter clothes, and Kaya’s newborn/1-3 month clothes
  • Get a pro mani/pedi/eyebrows / haircut
  • Document my fitness journey on youtube
  • Have a date night with John

Ummmm totally unrelated…. can we pretend it’s April 30th for a second so this next picture is still relevant:


Get it?!


What’s your #1 Goal for May?



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  1. Kathy Conway says

    What a great post to start my re-entry into blogland!! Very inspiring! I need to get my but into gear since next month marks a year 1/2 gone! (gasp!) Miss you Dani!! Off to catch up on your life. :)

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