The C Word


Oh girls my life is over. The C Word is rearing its ugly head in our home. Not talking about the one that rhymes with runt.  Or the one that rhymes with dancer…. I”m talking about the other, other C word….


  1. Baby colic (also known as infantile colic) is defined as episodes of crying for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child between the ages of two weeks and four months.

My poor little girl is a screamy crying mess each night. Her hands are these tight clenched fists so tight they turn white, her whole body is clenched and writhing in discomfort, and her cries. Oh god…her cries. They’re so shreiky…yet gutteral…it just cuts through me.

She’s not completely inconsolable, but pretty close. She stops the wailing for only a few heavenly seconds before starting up again. And the crying goes on for hours. HOURS!

So let’s just do a quick recap of my daily life: Spend all day wrangling the sharknado toddler, attempting to run a business from home, and care for a generally fussy and sensitive infant, then just as I get the sharknado in bed… Big C takes over.


The cries seriously frazzle me, my nerves are shot. I oscillate from feeling so sorry for my squirmy crying baby girl, to feeling like finding a length of rope to hang myself from.

I’ve started to dread night time! Kaya wakes Roey up sometimes. So that’s extra fun, a fussy tired toddler in one ear, and a colicky infant in the other.

It’s been about a week and a half….and the doctor said it will usually go away in about 3 months. THREE MONTHS IS FAR TOO LONG! But we can’t do anything other than wait it out.

Or can we?

I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on and found that while nothing is 100% sure, the reasons for colic are gas, an immature digestive system with wacked out gut flora, hyper sensitivity (basically burnout from a too-stimulating day) and reflux.

It’s definitely not reflux for Kaya because she barely spits up ever. But she’s definitely gassy, and maybe super sensitive.

So, despite there being no “proof” of this, I’ve taken things out of my diet that make me gassy or that I have a sensitivity to like milk, raisin bran/shreddedwheat cereals, cabbage and broccoli, and I’ve started taking a probiotic in addition to the one in my Shakeology. Considering giving her one as well, but we’ll see. Also started doing a suggestion from Dr. Sears, to feed her 1/2 as long and twice as often.

The past 2 nights have not been as bad after these changes so hopefully this can work… She’s so uncomfortable and I wish I could just do a magic spell to make it instantly go away.

Pray for us!

Have you dealt with a colicky baby?




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  1. Karen Doniere says

    Hi Dani. Keep your head up girl. My son was a colicky baby many moons ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. It literally lasted for months and started up at night. I used to cry with him. I’d rock him, rub his feet, make sure he was dry and full and sing to him but it didn’t help. My poor baby boy just wouldn’t stop crying. Then my aunt told me about catnip tea and after a trip to the health food store we tried it and it helped. You could try to play soothing music too. Hope it gets better!

    • says

      Thanks so much. I have been rocking and singing and…unlike Rohan….I think she kinda likes my voice lol. Catnip tea eh? ::off to google:: how long did it take for his crying to stop?

      • Karen Doniere says

        Probably 3.5 months. It was brutal. I blamed myself because I felt inadequate and I was a new mom. My other two babies didn’t have it thank goodness. It will pass. Try rubbing her feet because it sometimes relaxes them. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Moe Simon says

    Hi. Out of my four children, my baby girl had it. Talk about going crazy! I tried swaddling and it helped more than all other things I’ve tried. I also tried Hyland’s colic tablets and they seemed to work for short periods of time. You may have to leave her screaming in the room for a few minutes so that you can refresh your brain (easier said than done). My heart goes out to you because you’re likely going to have a spoiled toddler on your hands because of the extra extra tlc she’s receiving now (speaking from personal experience). The good thing is that it’ll eventually past. Plus she’s sooo extremely cute so it makes the extra extra care sooo worth it. Give that future hand model a kiss for me.

  3. says

    gripe water; find it at the chinese market or online – it works.
    i have 4 children, but never dealt with colic though i was very much aware of it.

  4. Avi says

    I feel your pain. Baby J cried every night for a month, from 12am-5am. I literally dreaded night time and nothing worked for us. wishing you the best< but just as everything else with kids it'll be over before you know it. P.S some gripe water contain alcohol in it so make sure and check the label.

  5. Simone says

    Hey Dani, just reaching out to suggest she may have a milk protein intolerance. My baby did not cry for hours on end but had terrible gas pains, couldnt sleep and constantly squirmy. I started cutting things out my diet like milk, chocolate and other random foods that i thought were bothering her. It wasnt until she was almost 3 months and tmi had blood specs in her poop, that the milk protein intolerance diagnosis was given. Hope u dont have to wait that long to find out but just keep that in mind. I have since been on an mspi diet (milk soy protein intolerance…soy intolerance isnt confirmed but the two usually coincide). Wishing both of you well.

  6. says

    Well done mummy! Sorry don’t have any answers but will be praying for you! Looks like you have it under control now though so that great.. hang in there x


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