I’m Changing My Son’s Name


It’s true.

And easier than I expected.

When he was born we named him Sharkie for the way he attacked the boob searching for milk.

He was my little shark for quite a while. (even had a sharkie first birthday party!)

Now that he’s a craycray toddler and whirling around the house wreaking havoc I call him my tornado.

I just realized that means my son is:




And you know what my daughter is….following as a little shark in my son’s footsteps….

You guessed it!



Hope you’re having a great weekend!!

What are your children’s nicknames?



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  1. says

    Ha! That’s so cute and I can totally relate. My son has sooo many nicknames and most of them don’t even make sense. Most of the time I call him Chunk though. I think that one will always stick, but who know!

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