Second Pregnancy: 27 and 28 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2


I’m officially starting to feel under the gun. We’re at 28 weeks! That’s 7 lunar months and I’m freakin’ out. Actually, I’m now 2 days away from 29 weeks preggo…I’m so late with this post.

It’s the 3rd trimester!!

I’m feeling great. Cramping is there, but I’m not worried about it. When it gets super bad I just lay down. Not much bleeding to speak of so I’m really glad about that. I’m starting to get migraines rather frequently though. Not. Cool. And the round ligament pain and heartburn is extreme at times. Other than THAT…I’m feeling great! :)

Was your 3rd trimester extra annoying, too?

Went to the doc today and talked my way out of having to do the glucose test. I’ll have to do it on Tuesday and there will be no getting out of it. Thankfully it’s the 1 hour version, and not the 3 hour one. Last time it wasn’t so bad, though.

How did you handle that cloyingly sweet glucose test?

Trying to prepare Rohan for a little sister. Finding books that don’t start with something negative (the older sibling being jealous, then having a change of heart) is hard. I’ll have to search online. There’s no need to introduce bad feelings about having a new baby in the house. He’ll be plenty jealous enough on his own I’m sure.

Any book suggestions for me? Or suggestions in general?

Told doc of my decision to do a repeat c-section instead of trying for a vbac. She said it would be scheduled for 39 weeks. It feels so odd that I’m scheduling a human being’s birth. But outside of the weirdness, there’s something comforting about it.

Did you have a planned c-section? Would you ever?

OK, This week’s survey:

First off, check me out 27 weeks pregnant and  28 weeks pregnant with baby #1 – He was a lil active one in there! Reading that survey over, there are so many parallels with Rohan and his lil sister!

How Far Along? 28 Weeks 5 days! Time is FLYING

Symptoms: I said most of it earlier. It’s getting harder to move around and sleep is a thing of the past.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 21 lbs gained so far!!

Maternity Clothes: My maternity clothes are getting used for all their worth.

Stretch Marks: Not sure but I think I may have gotten more on each side :( I’m still using that Bio Oil though, and praying!

Sleep: I’m not sleeping well at all. Turning over sucks. I can’t get comfy. Turning over takes half an hour, I feel like I’m disturbing John with all my moving and adjusting of my pillow fortress without which I would die.

Food Cravings: Are you ready for this? …. SALAD.  WTF?! And hot chocolate all day long.

Best Moment This Week: Best moment this week was not exactly baby related, we found a new place and it’s making everything seem much better!

Movement: Oh today at the doc when she was dopplering for her heartbeat my lil girl was kicking and punching at the doctor.

Labor Signs: none! and I don’t want any at all.

Belly Button In Or Out?  Out as ever.

What I Miss:  Sleep, glorious sleep! Will I ever have you again?

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Our next sonogram (at 32 weeks) Touring the hospital, finding furniture for this little girl and finding a way to make it fit in her and Roey’s new room. Buying everything we need for BabyH2.0 and feeling prepared (well, as prepared as can be) for our new addition.

Milestones: Hitting the 3rd trimester is the biggest milestone. 7 months along and my lil bunny is doing great!

Weekly Wisdom:  Do what’s best for YOU.

Any advice for me at this stage in pregnancy?

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Mom of two, Wife, Life & Wellness Coach, Blogger, Writer, Laughter lover, Motivator, Quasi Health Nut, Vacation Addict, Hair Care Junkie, Beach Bum Wannabe. Writes about parenting, wellness, and marriage here and on other sites.

About Dani

Mom of two, Wife, Life & Wellness Coach, Blogger, Writer, Laughter lover, Motivator, Quasi Health Nut, Vacation Addict, Hair Care Junkie, Beach Bum Wannabe.
Writes about parenting, wellness, and marriage here and on other sites.

  • Heather Williams

    You’re in the home stretch (third trimester). My advice do what you can, when you can……and leave the rest. Stay away from all those “mommy books” You are not in that book and neither is your baby. This is your second child. You got this, Dani and you’re looking great! Btw, no planned C-sections. I had three vaginal births.

    • Dani Faust

      LOL Those mommy books, I love them, and also take em with a grain of salt. I’m supposed to be hot all the time, and I’m always freezing. I’m supposed to be XYZ but I’m ABC. I can’t let it freak me out. 3 Vag births. GO GIRL

  • Rose’s Daughter

    How did I miss that you decided to do the Repeat C Section? I would too. But that’s just me. I’ve seen those sibling books and none of them start off positive?! why is that? Let us know when you find a good one!

    • Dani Faust

      I haven’t done a full post on it yet. I just mentioned it briefly in the last bump update. So far the only one I have found comes with the leapfrog Tag reader and it’s called “things to do with baby” (and i love that it’s a frog as the character cuz I am also having a hard time finding black or brown faces in these books)

  • AprilD

    Yeah! Third trimester :) I hope you don’t mind but my friend is prego so I sent her this survey because I thought it’d be cool for her to do esp. since this is her first!!!

    • Dani Faust

      I dont even remember who I stole this survey from, but I have seen it on soooo many blogs. Congrats to your friend!! How far along is she?

      • AprilD

        Thxs! She’s adorable prego :) She’s 2-3 months; has to confirm it after ultrasound or something like that.

  • Kathy Conway

    You’re looking great Dani!! Glad you’re Rohan is getting excited for his lil sister too! Boo for the glucose test…I failed my 1 hour and 3-hour! But 7 weeks (or less) of sugar control is manageable enough lol. …off to eat an oreo! xoxo

    • Dani Faust

      WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?! I miss you!!! How are you feeling?!??!

      • Kathy Conway

        Things have been crazy on this end!! Finally feeling like I’m getting some realm of control and starting to nest already! I can’t believe I’m 34 weeks already!

  • LeSha Brewer

    It’s so awesome that you guys are preparing for you little girl’s arrival. Babies are blessings but I would love to have the perfect pair–a boy and a girl. When I was pregnant with my daughter I craved sweets and ice. Bags and bags of ice. This is when I found out that you could buy a bag of ice from Sonic! OMG was I excited! Good luck with the moving and organizing! I can’t wait to try for number 2! :) Congrats again you look great!

    • Dani Faust

      When are you going to try for baby #2?? ICE? Not as bad as salad lol.

      • LeSha Brewer

        I would love to try in a few years. Allow my daughter to at least be in kindergarten by the time her brother or sister gets here :) If I really had a choice I would say right now but we’re finishing college :)

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    I’m not qualified to give advice but you’re looking great. and I can feel your excitement. Best wishes with the move and preparations for your baby girl :)

    • Dani Faust

      Thank you!! Can you feel my nerves as well? lol

  • StrawberriCurls

    “Are you ready for this? …. SALAD. WTF?! And hot chocolate all day long.” < Real Damn Tears!

    • Dani Faust

      I dunno what’s goin on! I just had another salad…granted I put a hot beef sausage on top of it, but still…a big ol bowl of greens. This can’t be right.

  • KalleyC @BloggingWhileNursing

    Hahaha, had me cracking up with the salad! Maybe she’ll come out loving veggies! I think you look great and salad is a pretty nice craving to have. When I was expecting my son, I craved ham and cheese sandwiches. Crazy as ever!

  • Derky

    you sound like me I am 38 weeks pregnant and already 2 cm dialated….the end is SOOO near!!! good luck to you and your lil one