DressFirst.com and My “Fake Shopping” Habit

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Am I the only one who “shops” online without buying anything? It’s one of my favorite ways to procrastinate. I’ll browse and even put things into my shopping cart as if I’m going to check out. And sometimes I even have the nerve to get upset when things aren’t available in my size.

My thing used to be magazines. Flipping through the fashion mags earmarking things I couldn’t afford and would never buy… but mags are too much clutter now.

I like making up ideas of where I’ll wear whatever piece I’m looking at. I found out about Dress First online recently and immediately “needed” to shop for a dress for my next cruise (even though it’s planned for January 2015) and John and my vow renewal (even tho it’s October 2015).

Are you side-eyeing me? I don’t care. I have a dream house all decorated as well, even though we’re renting an apartment, and don’t get me started on my hidden pinterest pages.

I had to find two dresses for the cruise, since there would be two formal nights, and one vow renewal dress that’s appropriate for a casual little ceremony. DressFirst.com has everything from prom dresses to quincinera dresses to mother of the bride dresses. Look at these cute lil numbers for my events:

dress7 dress6 dress5 dress4 dress3 dress1

Dress First has wedding (and wedding party) dresses, and special occasion dresses, but also has little black dresses and very cute cocktail dresses. The prices are super reasonable, and for the wedding dresses the prices are insanely inexpensive. It’s also a one-stop-shop for your outfit because they sell shoes and accessories as well.

Right now they’re having a free shipping promotion on all wedding and prom dresses. I can’t yet speak to the quality of the dresses or the customer service, but when my cruise gets closer I’ll definitely be checking these guys out for an inexpensive yet gorgeous dress. Looks like my “fake shopping” habit is gunna turn real, very soon!

Have you shopped at Dress First in the past? How was your experience?

Do you “pretend shop” online too? Or am I the only weirdo…?

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  1. AprilD says

    I pretend shop all the time! I had the nerve to get irritated w/ Herve Leger because they didn’t have the sale item in my size… Keep in mind I can’t even fit their large nor can my wallet. So you definitely aren’t alone. I might check them out for my one year anniversary dress.

  2. sonya says

    My blog is about sales and I pretend shop my showing available options. I thought I was alone with my pretend shopping habit.


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