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Rohan was fighting a cold for over a week. His little nose was runny and red, and he was coughing and sneezing. It was pitiful.
I had a bad cold that I feared was the flu that finally went away just has Rohan’s cold was hitting it’s peak. Not cool timing. (PS Pregnancy colds are seventy thousand times worse than non-preggo colds. That’s a proven fact. Scientifical and whatnot. ;))

John got over a cold and then after just a few days of good health, started to come down with a little something again.

Sneezing, sniffling, runny noses, coughing, copious amounts of tissue usage. Ugh!
For Roey I gave him extra loving, orange juice (mixed w/ water), nose wiping, hand washing, steam treatments, extra snuggles and extra patience.

For John (who’s almost as much of a baby as Rohan when he’s under the weather) I gave Flunada.


I picked up a box at Duane Reade a little over a week ago and had John try it out.

The box said it was homeopathic, and treated all the symptoms John had so it sounded like a good pick even though we had never tried it before.

I figured it would be perfect for John, especially now that he’s just getting back to work. He’s more susceptible to catching another yucky winter cold now, and definitely can’t afford to have the flu sidelining him either.

I wish Roey and I could use it too and shorten our cold symptoms. John said he was really happy with it. With colds it’s so hard to say that something nipped it in the bud, but he feels it may have. His symptoms didn’t last nearly as long as they usually do. That annoying lingering set of sniffles, or the lingering itchy throat didn’t happen at all this go ’round either!


 Good stuff about Flunada:

  • It’s non-drowsy, and has loads of natural goodies in it like Eucalyptus and Elderberry
  • In lab tests it has 99% efficacy against cold and flu strains
  • It’s not a pill to choke down! (that’s my own personal bias)

Thinking of trying Flunada? Click HERE to get a coupon for $3.00 off!

Are you dealing with a winter cold these days? How is your family faring?

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Happily married mom of two.

  • AprilD

    Wish I would have seen this two days ago! My cold was in full effect & I was looking for anything to make me feel better. Maybe this will be on the list next time. Glad everyone is feeling better.

    • http://www.okdani.com/ Dani Faust

      Thanks. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Try it. You might love it like John does. I’m glad it’s homeopathic and not all filled with crazy stuff.

  • Carissa

    Awww I hope he is feeling better now! I hate when the little ones are sick!

    • http://www.okdani.com/ Dani Faust

      Thanks, Roey’s better, John’s better and I’m better. We’re a healthy household now! How’s Emma?

  • Amiyrah

    Roey is so stinking cute! Glad to see that you all are on the mend, and that FluNada is helping. #client