Random Roey


(don’t ask why his pants are half opened)


This boy scares me. I’m certain one day he’s going to crack his skull open, Bad Mom 101 style.

He’s cruising now. And he forgets he can’t walk. So he’ll spot something across the room from wherever he’s holding on and cruising, and he’ll turn to it like he’s gunna walk over….but he’s 7 months….so he just goes TIMBEEERRRR and falls to the floor. He’ll either cry from the shock/pain, or he’ll look wide-eyed in surprise and then go crawling for whatever he’s interested in.


I still haven’t fully baby-proofed any room.


I found him stuck between the air mattress and the couch at my parents’ house last weekend. He didn’t cry, he just shouted “HEY! HEY!” until someone got him. Of course a pic had to be taken before pulling him up.


His Jumparoo is keeping his attention less and less every day.  Now that he knows he can get around this place easily, he wants nothing to do with things that keep him contained. Except your arms. He’ll happily be held all day… as long as you’re moving about. Maybe we should get him one of these? I hear mixed reviews and controversy about them though.


He’s coming off of his daytime schedule for some reason! All this time his days have been good, and his nights were wonky. Now that he’s sleeping through the night, the days are a mess. FML


OH and in other news: I checked out ThredUP and I’m excited to use it after he outgrows his 12 month clothes. If you’re interested use the code SAVE10 to get $10 off of your first order.
Did any of your lil ones lose their day schedule when their night schedule got on track? Did your kid have a walker?


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Happily married mom of two.

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Happily married mom of two.

  • http://www.Longing4Length.com EbonyCPrincess

    Lucky you that he still likes being held, my friend (FromMrstoMom) says her son no longer allows her to hold him for very long and she is mourning those moments!

  • http://zebrafiles.blogspot.com/ Mrs JK

    Lol @ “Hey, hey”. I love that he still likes being in your arms even with his new found independence.

  • Jumi

    He is such a cutie…. is it me or is he loosing those cute baby rolls? Must be the moving around :)

  • http://www.harlemlovebirds.com Quiana

    Those eyes! My goodness is he the cutest and love your caption on the first pic ;-) Nia’s schedule gets outta whack whenever we go out of town which is at least 1x a month so I do what I can. . . she started walking just shy of 11 months. Fun times!

  • Chris’s Mom

    My son is 9 months old and he has been in a walker for two months now. He loves it!!! He just zooms aroumd the house following me as well as keep up with his older brother and sister.

  • http://pvtfamily.blogspot.com/ pegster

    Go Rooey, he is doing so well. Keep up the good work.

  • http://yummommy.blogspot.com YUMMommy

    The walker was JJ’s best friend once he learned how to move it around. He followed me everywhere! We had a Safety 1st walker and I loved it. They have a locking feature under the tray so you don’t have to worry about the walker down with your baby in it.