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Happy Monday girls! I hope your weekend was just lovely. Our little family went over to my parents’ house so my mom could dote on Roey, and John and I had a date night, which was really nice and much needed.  Did you do anything fun?

I’m ready to make this week productive and fun.

Goals for the week:

  • clean house
  • run @ gym 4 times
  • write like crazy
  • do more babyproofing
  • set up work space
  • take 7 month pics of Roey

I’m grateful for:

  • family and friends
  • good health
  • Roey sleeping through the night
  • Fios
  • tea
  • painkillers
  • john’s “mr fix it” skills
  • heading to florida soon
  • having my camera back
  • surprises
  • coupons and cash back
  • “free” time
  • my alexa ranking dropping
  • Roey’s independent play
  • cozy hooded sweatshirts and leggings

What are you grateful for? What are your goals for the week? Make it happen girls!!

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Happily married mom of two.

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Happily married mom of two.

  • http://msbabyplan.blogspot.com TOI

    I like your to-do list. i am going to follow similar points

    have a productive week

  • http://chroniclesofpookahsmom.com LaShawn

    He’s sleeping through the night?? YAY!!!!!
    What happened to your camera?
    So sorry I’m behind!!! But I love your list!

  • Rachelle B.

    YASS on the sweatshirt and leggings. Actually jeggings are becoming my go-to choice when I want something fancier than just leggings.

  • http://yummommy.blogspot.com YUMMommy

    My goals this week are to work out, start securing sponsors for blog conferences and take stuff to the Goodwill.

  • http://frommrstomom.blogspot.com/ Frommrstomom

    What the heck is an Alexa rating?

  • http://www.est1987.net Carla

    Good luck with your goals!

    As for me, I just want to remain thankful, blessed, and focused. (: