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Is it me or are they making baby boy clothes cuter these days. Girl clothing definitely wins hands down (I mean..tutus!? hello!) but boy clothes are starting to give them a run for their money. I’m loving it! I should start taking pics of Roey’s cute lil outfits…which reminds me. Do you read the baby shopaholic’s blog? The blogger, Trina, takes pics of the great deals she gets on clothes for her adorable daughter Payton who models them with her sassy lil poses.


Fitocracy is so cool. Granted, I forget to log my stuff in it, but it’s such a fun socialmediaish way of keeping to your exercise goals and keeping motivation high. I log on just to read people’s updates and look through stuff. Have you heard of it? It’s like an exerciser’s facebook.


Part of my resolution to get my sexy back is to get a pretty smile again. I’m going to use groupon for a teeth whitening session, and invisalign treatment. Maybe another teeth whitening session post-invisalign. It’s a big investment. $3k on groupon. People that I know have paid double that for their treatment but I don’t know if it’s really a good deal or not. Have you done invisalign? How did you like it?


For those who emailed for an update, Roey’s sleep training went well. He didn’t cry much at all, which was great for me. Last night we put him down in bed, he turned his glow worm on and passed out without a peep. He cried out, talked and fussed a couple times in the night, but no actual crying at all! He went down around 8:15 and woke up at 7:30! The night before he went down but woke up around 3am and John got him back down, he said it took an hour. I slept right through it so there couldn’t have been much crying. Let’s see what tonight brings! We’re going to my mom’s this weekend and when we’re there it’s like his schedule goes by the wayside. So let’s see.


I found a desk and chair and I’m so happy to be able to set up a dedicated work space! Laptop in bed = sleeping, not writing. Laptop in kitchen = snacking, not writing. Let’s see how much productive I am when I’m in a real work area.


I’m nervous about getting a babysitter for Roey. We’re just looking for a weekly person so we can go do date nights.  I’ll probably end up doing a full post on this, but, have you guys tried sittercity or care.com or anything? How did it work for you?


Downsizing and clearing stuff out of our place seems to be a never ending project for me. I’ve been doing it in batches for like…oh….my entire life. I was going through Roey’s things and was just struck with how fast he’s growing out of things. It was bittersweet putting things away for his little brother or sister and separating items for giving away. FYI if my next child is a girl, she’s totally wearing blue. We have too many “boy” items that Roey hasn’t worn, or only wore once. … which reminds me, someone told me about a website for buying and selling baby clothes: Thredup.com. Have you heard of it?


Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. The weekend is not too far away!! Happy Thursday :)

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    How is it that your “random thoughts” are chuck full of useful info?! *Love*
    Well glad to hear the sleep schedule is working! yay! Yes, a sleepover somewhere else will screw things up… but once you get home things should bounce back. I’m going to check out threadup.com… we also have too many clothes!

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    He is growing fast. I wanted to try care.com but never got around to doing it I heard they do a background check but I don’t know anyone who personally uses them.

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    Good topics here Dani! About the sitter issue, it was never a problem in Manhattan but because we’re so far into Jersey City we haven’t been able to find one so I’ll just hold out another year until we probably relocate. For now my two sisters living in Harlem will come out here to help us occasionally. I actually used to be on Sittercity in college and it’s a great tool. I’d recommend it! Also the local meet-up group has lots of posts for sitters too. , ,And about that office space mine is about 50% done as of a week ago and has made a world of difference in productivity already. The room gets awesome natural happy-mood inducing light too so I’m kicking myself for not getting it together sooner. Have a good weekend!

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    They are SO making baby clothes cuter. I thought that I wouldn’t have fun shopping for boys, but I take that back 1000x! Boy shopping is pretty fun. It can’t compare to shopping for girls yet, but it’s getting there.

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    Thredup is honestly a gift from God. It’s pretty much an online consignment shop. They have really nice clothing and I absolutely love them!

    I’ve just recently set up a little workspace in my room for that exact reason–no work gets done in bed. And even though I SWEAR up and down that I’ll just lay down for a few minutes, that rarely happens. -_-

    Sometimes I still have a hard time finding cute clothing for boys at a decent price in the stores. I can say that Target is just awesome with cute clothing for kids period.

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