6 Month Old Baby Boy

Since I changed the format of the monthly updates I figured I’d post his likes/dislikes/milestones here along with a couple of 6 month shots.

I feel like Roey’s making a million advances all at once!


  • pulling himself up in the crib – we had to lower it two notches down so he wouldn’t throw himself overboard. I was proud and had a heart attack at the same time when I saw him up on the ledge of his crib.
  • turning to his name – he would turn to sounds before and turn to our voices but not specifically to his name (we’d call him all kinds of crazy names and he’d turn around to us….I was scared that he thought his name was Tyler the other day)
  • babbling has begun – he’s making lots more consonant sounds now and I can’t wait for a real dada and mama to come out
  • major maneuvering advances – he’s better able to go from sitting to crawling, back to front, front to back, and is very close to being able to go from laying down to sitting up on his own. He did it only once and he looked around like “how the hell did I get up here?” and he’s never done it since.
  • speed scooting – he’s really hauling butt now, however he is still doing it army crawl style or with a mix of scooting and rolling. He’s creative, but he gets to his target!
  • He finally realizes that it’s himself he’s looking at in the mirror. He’s also turning his head to the side to look at you. He started doing it in the mirror only at first.



  • playing, getting tickles and funny sounds
  • empty bottles
  • anything that’s a choking hazard
  • headbutting mommy
  • remote controls, not the one we bought him, not the one laying around, the one you’re using or about to use only.
  • wriggling free on the changing table
  • kicking
  • talking/yelling/screaming
  • this solar system song on youtube
  • pulling hair, pulling things close to him, pulling anything anywhere at anytime
  • looking at you like you’re crazy


  • going to sleep…ever.
  • peas – they made him cry :(
  • food from a jar – he spit bananas all over
  • his painful gums – ps: hylands teething tablets did nothing for him
  • sitting still for more than 2.2 seconds
  • bottles, now that he is better with his sippy cup.
  • getting changed at night
  • socks, and keeping them on his lil feet


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  1. Call Me Mummy says

    Awwwwwwww bless him! His such a cutie pie! He’s definitely doing very well for his age too! Since his already pulling himself up won’t be long before he starts cruising then WALKING!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. says

    What a cutie!!! My daughter never liked keeping her socks on either. In our first family pictures that she was in, she was barefoot! She still doesn’t keep them on and she’s 6 now. Thanks for stopping by my blog to enter a giveaway. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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