Waking Up…

Rohan wakes me up every morning, either by beating me up if we’re co-sleeping, or screaming for me if he’s in his crib. I thought I’d share what mornings look like in the OKDani household.

I woke up to this peeping tom the other day:

view from my bed into his room.

He said “F this receiving blanket!” and tossed it overboard.

closing in

the peeping tom’s been caught!

All I could do was laugh. He refused to move. He was playing chicken with me! He didn’t even blink those beady lil shark eyes. He just stared at me like “well are you gunna come pick me up or what?”

He won.

The next night we coslept and I woke up to his face like 2 inches from mine, and he was just smiling and “agooooohuh”ing. I melted.

It was just the sweetest mommy moment ever.

Until the abuse commenced…..

Gouging Mommy’s eyes out is fun!!

Sometimes I wake up before Roey though. If he’s in his crib it’s awesome because I can get myself halfway caffienated before he rises.

If he’s co-sleeping and I wake up before him it’s the best moment ever because I get to open my eyes to this:

Best morning ever.


What are mornings like in your house?

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