Twiztt by Joan Lunden Cookware Review & Giveaway


OK Girls, let’s be real here. I’ve never gotten excited about a piece of cookware before. Let’s be honest. But having the opportunity to try out the Twiztt frypan got me geeked. What’s better is that I took it by my mom’s house when my cousin Bill (the family chef) was over. It was perfect, I got to try the pan out for this review, and I didn’t have to cook!

First glance, I loved that the pan was white, it made it just seem cleaner and healthier. We could’ve fried a pound of bacon in that thing and it would “feel” like a healthy snack. It’s good for a sometimey cook like me because it’s easier to see if the edges of my diced garlic or whatever is starting to turn brown. (I’ve been known to start a dish over a few times after having burned overdone the garlic. That won’t happen to me with this bad boy!)

We He rocked out an omelet on the pan with a bit of oil in the pan, per instructions. But then we tested if this pan was truly nonstick by frying an egg in it with NOTHING in the pan at all. (Not recommended, we were just being all…scientisty) And this pan shocked the heck outta me because the egg didn’t stick AT. ALL. It got brown but the pan didn’t.

The “eco friendly” pan is made of non-stick ceramic using “Thermalon” technology and, like the rest of the line is all about EASE.

From the company:

·         Easy Entertaining – the melamine bowls take out an extra step and extra dishes. Take these bowls from stove top to the table. They look beautiful and save you the extra time during the holidays.

·         Easy Cooking – Each skillet comes with a bamboo chopping board that fits perfectly on top of the melamine bowl, making it easy to collect waste when chopping.

·         Easy Measuring – to measure cookware with capacity markings on all products.

·         Easy Storing – Light weight construction and stackable products make this the perfect cookware for small spaces.

·         Easy Gifting – Twiztt products make for the perfect gifts. Moms love the simplicity and dads love any new gadget to add to their collection.

From me:

I really want to find a negative for you so this review is balanced, but there isn’t one. The handle didn’t overheat, nothing stuck at all, the heating was even all around the pan, no hot spots, it was an all around quality product. John and I are going to bed bath and beyond after Christmas to look at the other items in the line. I was sent a small pan to review, but we’re going to go buy a bigger one, one with a top hopefully.

Have you tried the Twiztt line before? I hadn’t heard of it until recently.

So, happily I get to give away a Twiztt by Joan Lunden product to you girls!! Enter below to win this 4 piece Cut, Cook & Serve set:

I don’t know which color the winner will recieve, sorry.

Check out the Twiztt line of products at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Enter below to win. Good Luck!!

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Thanks for your patience with me girls, I’ve got loads of giveaways for you coming up, but I’ll be sprinkling in my usual mommy-random-life stuff in between. Happy Holidays!


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Mom of two, Wife, Life & Wellness Coach, Blogger, Writer, Laughter lover, Motivator, Quasi Health Nut, Vacation Addict, Hair Care Junkie, Beach Bum Wannabe.
Writes about parenting, wellness, and marriage here and on other sites.

  • Jacqui

    What a nice giveaway! I’ve never seen any in white before, so it would be nice to win something like this. I love to cook and bake, so this is right up my alley.

    Thanks again.

    • Jacqui

      BTW, either color would be nice!

  • Brenda Burgess

    I love the stainless steel nonstick frying pans

  • Mylah Sai

    The non-stick fry pans look amazing!!! I’d love those!

  • Terri

    They really should come out with more white pans. They seem to coordinate better with most kitchens anyway.

  • Britton

    I really need some new frying pans, so those would be the product I like the most!

  • Shauna

    Love the frying pans

  • Alisha

    Well since I’m going to be a WAHM starting next month, this would def come in handy. Esp since I need to start cooking more…LOL

  • nai

    I want one!

  • Siri Granberg

    I would love the fry pans…mine are old and grungy!

  • Daraya

    The frying pans look awesome!

  • nellie A. (@BklynActiveMama)

    you can’t beat a good frying pan. Well maybe you could…with a stick…but you know what I mean!

  • Benita Zazueta

    I would love these. I love to cook!

  • jorie rogers

    I’d love to have the stainless steel frying pans.

  • Kim

    I love the idea of the Cook, Strain, and Serve Saucepan. I have a really hard time straining things because of my carpal tunnel, and that would be so much easier.

  • Dawn Ganey

    I want the Twiztt™ by Joan Lunden Stainless Steel Nonstick Fry Pans.

  • Cathy Jarolin

    I love the non stick Frying pans by Twiztt. This cookware is awesome..:0)

  • Gayle J

    I would love the Sear and Roast 3 piece set

  • Debra Pauley

    I really need some new frying pans, so those would be the product I like the most!

  • Libby’s Library

    The Sear and Roast would be awesome!

  • Naomi Osborn
  • Pam

    The 5 Qt Cook, Strain and Serve pot.

  • Peggy

    I like the Twiztt™ by Joan Lunden 12″ Sear and Roast 3-Piece Set


  • Gloria Walshver

    I lke the steel non-stick frying pans.

  • Julie Thompson

    I love to use the smaller frying pans to cook with but my fiance likes the bigger ones. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Thomas Murphy

    I like the Twiztt by Joan Lunden Stainless Steel Nonstick Fry Pans

  • nikki krutz

    the stainless steel non stick frying pans

  • Terri Herman

    The non-stick fry pans are my favorite.

  • Bethany McDonnell

    The frying pan sounds amazing!

  • Zenee Miller

    Merry Christmas! Hoping I win :) Found you from LHCF!

  • Leslie S.

    I would love the 10″ nonstick skillet. I think I would get the most use out of that.

  • Tammy Horn

    I would love the non-stick frying pans!

  • Yenny

    I’d love to try one of the frying pans!

  • Anne W.

    I would love one of the Cook, Strain, and Serve sets. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Jessicca Ruffell

    I would like the big set

  • Megan Parsons

    I like the 12 inch frying pan!

  • sandra davis

    i would love to have the stainless steel non stick fry pans

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    id love to have the nonstick stirfry pans

  • richelle bowers

    non stick frying pan

  • Bella Rose

    I love the cook and serve set, but those nonstick stirfry pans would be awesome as well.

  • Melissa O

    The sear and roast set

  • JJ Caraway

    The 12″ Sear and Roast 3-Piece Set and the 5-Quart Cook, Strain and Serve 3-Piece Set Twiztt™ by Joan Lunden is what I would love to try. I have also wanted a locking lid pot that was also a strainer.

  • Victoria Carlson

    Would love the try the stainless steel nonstick fry pans!

  • golden storm

    i like the cook and strain saucepan

  • Samantha Daleo

    The frying pans! Mine are all old and the “non stick” part has worn off completely. These would be great!

  • Dominique

    cook strain and serve saucepan

  • laurie

    i like the Rating: 5 / 5 Rating Breakdown 1 review
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    Twiztt™ by Joan Lunden 5-Quart Cook, Strain and Serve 3-Piece Sets

  • Jessica Rinker

    any of them! all of my cookware is on its way kaput now lol

    • http://okdani Ed

      Have been using the Twiztt 10″ & 8″ frypans now for a couple of months and REALLY like them! Cleanup is an absolute breeze! – Unbelievable! And they have all the non-toxic aspects I was looking for. Purchased at a Bed, Bath & Beyond store. Highly recommend! – 5 stars.
      I’m hoping that Twiztt will come out with muffin pans also.

  • Helga

    stainless steel nonstick frypans

  • Marina

    I’d like to hear from people that have been using these pans for several months. How is surface holding up?