Maaaaan, I’m gunna go to Jail

For assult.  Or battery maybe.  Possibly homicide.  I dunno.

Everyone and everything is getting under my skin.  I’m definitely at that point in pregnancy when all patience for all things has gone byebye.  My TV has a few seconds of stall before it turns on.  I seriously wanted to throw my remote at it in frustration.

The guy at the beauty supply store was slow.

The hospital put me on hold for too long.

The kettle didn’t boil fast enough.

Someone must answer for these injustices!!! :)

But seriously, I have NO patience!

That’s SO not healthy.

I keep getting calls, emails, and texts about Embry’s arrival, as if I wouldn’t be shouting it from the rooftops if he was here.  I get that everyone’s excited, and I’m happy they are, but I just want everyone to stop asking me about symptoms and leave me alone. My doctor told me this would happen. She said she realized after the fact that she should’ve told everyone that her due date was two weeks after the actual date to avoid the incessant questions from her family and friends.  GENIUS!!  WHY DIDNT SHE TELL ME THIS TIP EARLIER?!!

I’ve gotten so much hungrier in the past few days, it’s incredible. I just eat eat eat.  And if what I want to eat isn’t available?  Hide your kids, hide your wife, cuz hurricane Danielle is coming.  I am also peeing every hour on the hour….or less.

I only have one friend.  My dear bed.  He never forsakes me. :)

Went to the doc yesterday, and am not effaced at all, and not even a centimeter dilated.  Due date is Monday (June 4).  I see the doc again on Tuesday to get checked up and discuss possible induction, and I have to go to the hospital on Wednesday to get a full scan and get Embry checked out to make sure everything’s still 100% OK in there.

The following Monday (June 11) is 41 weeks and is the week when my doc offers induction.  I’m at the point where I just want him out and in my arms already! So June 11 just may be my son’s bday if he doesn’t come on his own before then.



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  1. Faith says

    hehe, i know you’re annoyed but i burst out in laughter when you wrote “hide your kids, hide your wife…”

    here’s hoping that Embry decides to get out and soon that way you don’t murder anyone.

    and seriously your doctor … best idea ever. i think i’ll use it for the future ;)

  2. says

    I TOTALLY remember that phase. Irritation, anticipation, and frustration are all at their peaks. I told my family that I hated them all when and not to call me anymore after my sister called me to check on me just as I had FINALLY got comfortable and fell asleep. I was LIVID! You will look back at this and laugh. But honestly, people can be so annoying. You’ll meet your son very soon, like I’ve said before, there is nothing like the weeks just before delivery. As frustrating as it was, I can’t wait to go through it again. It was so exciting!

  3. says

    He will be here before you know it! You better sneak another date night in and enjoy some alone time. Trust me. ;)
    My son was born on his due date, I started contractions right around midnight after trying to get things going all day. When I called the dr she said to come to the hospital, I was like ummm no I’m tired can’t we wait til morning. LOL I was 7cm when I checked into the triage! Glad I didn’t wait.

    • says

      I’ll have a date night if john brings a restaurant into the bedroom lol. Papa Johns in bed? I’ll take it. wow at 7 when you got in. Thank goodness you didn’t wait!!

  4. skeeta says

    HAHA I feel the same way! But look at it this way, I cant believe u didn’t come earlier! They way you were having contractions I thought he may be early! And they say the later the better because many babies b4 39 wks still ahve feeding and breathing issues. So good thing he’s still cooking! Im due June 10th and Im not even a centimeter either, just fingertip. My induction date is 6/20 and thats almost 42 weeks for me.

    But the good thing is that if you have a later rather than soon induction, its better because if u induce too early and your cervix isnt ready, then they end up having to do a c section. But if u do a later induction, the cervix will be softer and it will go smoother. This is what my dr. told me anyway. Best of luck, Im right with you. Even though I have a week left I think Im gonna ignore ppl if I start getting all those calls and texts! “Relax, relate, release!” ~Whitley Gilbert :o)

    • says

      LOL @ Whitley. Yes I thought I was going to be premature, after all the bleeding and contracting and whatnot. He’s really baking up good in there! Maybe I’ll hold out on inducing ’til later in that week closer to 42….or maybe not LOL. I’m through! YOU’RE ALMOST THERE SKEETYPOO!!!!!

  5. says

    i know you don’t know me and my opinion means absolutely nothing based on that, but please, please, PLEASE, think long and hard about inducing (unless medically indicated) if you go post date. have you seen the business of being born? if you have netflix, i’d encourage you to watch it ASAP. and in the spirit of full disclosure, i’ll tell you right up front that i’m a huge advocate of natural, intervention-free birth (unless truly medically indicated) and actually preparing to become a natural childbirth educator. my first son was a c-section and i wouldn’t wish that on anyone (unless absolutely medically necessary). childbirth is personal, i totally get that, and everyone has a story.

    oh, and a large majority of first time mothers experience NO dilation/effacement until actually in labor, so don’t let that stress you out.

    i hope that nothing i’ve said offends you (i have 2 kids and i remember those end days when everything gets on your nerves). no matter what you decide, i wish you a speedy labor and delivery; you’ll be holding your precious boy in your arms in no time!

    • says

      Not offended at all, everyone has opinions and everyone loves to share them.
      Yes I’ve seen the movie and a few other similar ones.

  6. says

    I think I reached my annoyed point at 37 weeks with my first. My fam kept nagging me about if I thought Moo would come her early, if we had decided on a name and more. Keeping you in prayer for a safe and healthy delivery!

    • says

      I’ve heard a bunch of other folks saying 37 was their breaking point too. I guess once you know the baby’s full term you’re ready to get him/her out LOL

  7. says

    Extreme annoyance…anxiety, it seems like you are almost there! If you want to boost the baby, I have a method that has worked twice I believe. I walked and walked and had a day that I did everything to tire myself out. I was exhausted. I employed my husband for nipple stimulation, not just 5 minutes, I’m talking at least an hour and half. I take a tylenol and benadryl before for relaxation. I swear within 8 hrs (of the end)of this I was in real labor. So all this takes about a day and a half. Good luck.

  8. says

    Seriously….he’ll be here before you know it. Both of my boys were week 39 (0 days) on the dot. The week, or maybe 2 wks, before I was 1 cm and thinking damn cause my pelvic bones hurt to all hell. So much can happen in a week. Now if you REALLY want to get him uncomfortable (hee hee), walk walk walk. I walked at the mall and he was not happy and came 2 days after my mall walking. Also….sex if you’re not in too much pain and discomfort yourself.
    Walking may seem like a “hell no” but when admitted….they’ll suggest you walk anyway. It helps with labor progression (before needing an epidural) so you might as well get it started now! :)

  9. says

    Girl. I know. I was there a short 5 months ago. You are at your wits end with everything and everyone. I used to just shoot my husband a LOOK and he would just run away very very quickly. I know every minute seems like an hour and every ache feels like this is it. But it will be here sooner than you know! and when it happens it will be so surreal. Enjoy the experience. Until then, be as mad as you want. You are allowed!

  10. Emme says

    YAAY!…June 11th is my bday. Congrats, I’ve been following the blog for a while. God bless you!

  11. says

    LOL…I died laughing when I read this. Embry hurry up and come out, your mom is ready. Boys are so lazy, my first son was a week late and I was dying like you :).

    This time around I actually did what your Dr did, I told everyone my dude date is a week later because no matter what we are kicking this kid out by then. This way by the time people start asking, bam baby is here :).

    I guess stalking your blog everyday for news is the same as texting or calling eh :). Goodluck and safe delivery.

  12. Jennifer says

    Great post. This time around I actually did what your Dr did, I told everyone my dude date is a week later because no matter what we are kicking this kid out by then. Thanks for sharing.

  13. says

    Girl. I understand. You are at that point. Don’t worry, Embry will make an appearance before you know it. I’ll just leave now before I lose my fingers :-)

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