Maaaaan, I’m gunna go to Jail

For assult.  Or battery maybe.  Possibly homicide.  I dunno.

Everyone and everything is getting under my skin.  I’m definitely at that point in pregnancy when all patience for all things has gone byebye.  My TV has a few seconds of stall before it turns on.  I seriously wanted to throw my remote at it in frustration.

The guy at the beauty supply store was slow.

The hospital put me on hold for too long.

The kettle didn’t boil fast enough.

Someone must answer for these injustices!!! 🙂

But seriously, I have NO patience!

That’s SO not healthy.

I keep getting calls, emails, and texts about Embry’s arrival, as if I wouldn’t be shouting it from the rooftops if he was here.  I get that everyone’s excited, and I’m happy they are, but I just want everyone to stop asking me about symptoms and leave me alone. My doctor told me this would happen. She said she realized after the fact that she should’ve told everyone that her due date was two weeks after the actual date to avoid the incessant questions from her family and friends.  GENIUS!!  WHY DIDNT SHE TELL ME THIS TIP EARLIER?!!

I’ve gotten so much hungrier in the past few days, it’s incredible. I just eat eat eat.  And if what I want to eat isn’t available?  Hide your kids, hide your wife, cuz hurricane Danielle is coming.  I am also peeing every hour on the hour….or less.

I only have one friend.  My dear bed.  He never forsakes me. 🙂

Went to the doc yesterday, and am not effaced at all, and not even a centimeter dilated.  Due date is Monday (June 4).  I see the doc again on Tuesday to get checked up and discuss possible induction, and I have to go to the hospital on Wednesday to get a full scan and get Embry checked out to make sure everything’s still 100% OK in there.

The following Monday (June 11) is 41 weeks and is the week when my doc offers induction.  I’m at the point where I just want him out and in my arms already! So June 11 just may be my son’s bday if he doesn’t come on his own before then.