Adios April / Hola May

It’s freakin MAY tomorrow! April was a surprising month! I went from working mom to be to stay at home wife and mama to be.  John changed jobs and is now bringing in way more bacon than before. We see each other more now which is great.  Our home life was totally revamped!  Happily, my work at home opportunities are popping up so my severence money can just be saved.  We’re settling in to the new apartment and I must say…I feel like it’s such a luxury having my washer/dryer. It’s truly the best part of the apartment lol.

With my Goals for April, I did pretty good!!

Work with John on birth partner stuff – he’s been reading his books!  We talk about our plans for the birth. It’s so scary and exciting.

Fully unpack and settle into apartment – the only thing really left to unpack is the closet….it’s a wreck.  And our laundryroom/storage/office is kind of a train wreck as well….for now.  Otherwise we’re unpacked and settled in.

Enjoy my baby shower – I did, it was awesome. My aunts from Florida flew in to surprise me!  I was so overwhelmed.  Lots of crying.  We had some laughs, good food, lots of alcohol (water for me), and everyone mingled and the families mixed and everyone got along… it was just perfect! If you’re a FB friend the pics are up there.  A few random pics:

Celebrate John’s birthday – We did and it was awesome too!  We went to Bobby Flay’s restaurant Mesa Grill and it was deeeeelicious.  When we went to dinner for John’s birthday last year I had the servers surprise him by bringing out one of every dessert instead of bringing the dessert menu.  The desserts weren’t as inviting at this restaurant so I asked our server to bring a candle in whatever John ordered.  Of course John didn’t make it easy, instead of cake or pie, he ordered churros! Not candle friendly, but the staff made it work!

Get Embry’s nursery basically together – Starting to come together.  John put the dresser and crib together, and I started making some art for the walls.  I’ve got a lot more to do. Sadly right now the room is chock full of boxes of “stuff” we received at the shower.  I’ve got tons of organizing to do.  Here are a couple of the pieces for the wall.  We bought wooden letters to make the name sign too!

I’ll do a full post once the room is together.

Have maternity photos taken – we did this today!! It was wonderful.  My good friend Hector of Hydra Multimedia took the photos for us.  We got the silhouette shots I wanted, and some lovey dovey feeling photos of John and I.  And John was a trooper!  I wish I could put up some teaser pics for ya, but hector would kill me if I posted unedited pics but I’ll get them up soon!

Practice hypnobabies – I’ve been listening to it, but honestly not as consistently as I should have. It’s reeeally relaxing.

Get a B or better in my last class – Done.

Rest a lot, drink a lot, try to avoid cramping – Done!  Not having to get up early and schlepp to the city to work all day really leaves lots of time to rest! 🙂

Goals for May:

  • get hospital bag packed
  • make sure john finishes reading the second book
  • finish Embry’s room
  • get the closet together
  • decorate apt walls
  • make birth plan
  • rest up
  • find pediatrician
  • order the rest of the needed items for Embry
  • make new budget and stick to it

There are just 5 weeks (give or take) until my little man makes his appearance.  I’ve never been more psyched for something in my entire life.  I think May is going to be a great month!!

How did you do with your April goals?  What are your goals for May?