31 Weeks Pregnant

How Far Along? 31 Weeks!! Just 9 (ish) measly weeks to go!
AAAAAAACCCKKKK My weekly countdown is in the single digits now.  These weeks are going to FLY BY!! *hyperventilating* So much to do, so much to do….*faints*

Symptoms: So, tired. So, so tired.  And heartburn nonstop.

Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs so far. So much for the pound a week theory…looks like I’m goin for 3 pounds a week!! Laaawd!!  I still get shocked when I pass a mirror and see the torpedo I’m carrying around under my shirts.  Little guy weighs 3.3-4lbs depending on what I read, and he’s approx 16 inches!

Maternity Clothes: all day! This week I finally had to put my last pre-preggo blue jeans to rest.  I put them on along with my lil bellyband thing, and I swear i couldn’t move. at. all.  Had to retire those bad boys immediately.

Stretch Marks: Not yet, I wonder if I’ll make it through without them!

Sleep: It’s not so bad when I have my pillow fortress and no heartburn.  I wake up twice a night to pee tho.

Food Cravings: warm, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies with a glass of ice cold milk.  (this is unrelenting)

Best Moment This Week:

1) Laying in bed with John on Sunday while he had a talk and belly pushing battle with our son.

2) Embry dancing around on the train and me catching a little girl looking at my belly move with the widest (probably scaredest) eyes I’ve ever seen lol!

3) John finally hearing Embry’s heart beat through my belly.

4) having my cramp fears put to rest by the doctor!

Movement: He’s always moving!! I think he sleeps like 1 hour a day.  He responds a lot to belly massages, warm water from the shower, and his daddy’s voice.

Labor Signs: cramping like crazy.  I feel like I’m permanently on the verge of my period arriving. It blows, but that’s it. Hopefully none until 9ish weeks from now.

Belly Button In Or Out? Out and proud! I love playing with it lol.

What I Miss:  I miss stable emotions, having energy, and moving fast. I miss being able to do an activity for more than 5 minutes without needing to lay down. Yeah…nothing’s changed here.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Setting up Embry’s nursery and continuing hypnobabies.

Milestones: I can no longer see my privates no matter whichaway I bend.  I trust they’re still in tact though 🙂 Just makes landscaping way harder.

Weekly Wisdom: Don’t ask your doctor if your unborn child is epileptic. Or if he has adhd.  And don’t ask her if you’re narcoleptic.  The answer to all three is likely “NO.”

Any advice for me at this stage in pregnancy?