I Have a Disease


I said it.  It’s out now.

Cannot take it back.

I have contracted an illness that has no cure.  I’ll just have to wait out the effects.


Women who transition from permed or relaxed hair back to their natural hair have a similar ailment that strikes them once their new growth comes in.  It’s called HIF disease.  Hand In Fro.

I’ve contracted HOB disease.  Hand On Belly.

Seriously, I cannot stop rubbing this beach ball of mine!

It’s a sickness.

I’m ’bout to rub the skin clean off!

All of the guys in my office have “caught” me at some point just sitting at my desk looking down and rubbing my bump.  I quickly straighten up and start to look busy, as if I was caught doing something really bad.  And they quickly look away like that too! Ha!!  (I’m gunna need these guys to start taking heavier steps so I can hear them coming!)

At home, I realize I’ve turned into an Al Bundy-esque character, whenever sitting or laying down, but instead of wedging my hands in my pants they automatically go to the belly and gets ta rubbin.’

I love to just rub and rub, whether Embry’s active or not.  And I do it not even realize I’m doing it sometimes too. It’s compulsive.

But seeing as I’ve gone from this:

to this:

With way more to go!

I feel like, how could I not rub?!  It’s like a magical hand magnet that represents the miracle this universe is and everything good in my world right now.

I’ve got HOB, and I like it!!

What is it about a pregnant belly that makes it a hand magnet?

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  1. Loo says

    Lol. You scared me with the title at first. :breathes a sigh of relief: This disease sounds bearable. Yay, 28 weeks!

  2. says

    Aww you are winding down. I don’t think I ever touched my belly when I was pregnant but who knows. Hope everything is going well

  3. says

    I can almost guarantee at CONCEPTION I will begin wearing maternity clothes and start rubbing my belly… I am gonna milk my pregnancy like a mad woman lol I think being pregnant is the MOST beautiful thing in the world and you only have 40 weeks to enjoy it Sooooo enjoy every kick, flip and jump :o)

  4. says

    Well, I’ve never been pregnant before so I’ve never had the opportunity to suffer from HOB disease. But I can tell you that I yearn to have HOSEB (Hand on someone else’s Belly) disease. Everytime I see a cute pregnant woman I just want to reach up, rub belly, feel for movements and congratulate. The problem is I never feel comfortable enough to put my hand on a belly that doesn’t belong to me since I’m afraid to over step boundaries. Instead, I just dream about rubbing another woman’s woman’s pregnant belly until I can have one of my own…

  5. says

    you are too cute. you know whenever i see a pregnant woman not rubbing her belly i’m surprised at how she’s able to contain herself. there are three prego teachers at the school i work at and i guess they keep their hands off to not bring attention to the belly and to stay the course with the lessons but boy i’m not sure how they do it. ha and so so true…it’s so hard for me to keep my hands out of my hair now that i have a teeny fro.

  6. Mikxtr says

    I always willed the baby to move. To see my belly change shape was absolutely amazing. Rub, girl, rub. Just learn to enjoy through your clothes in the office, ok?

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