I Wish I Were A Different Blogger

Ok wait, I don’t really wish I was a different blogger, cuz honestly, I think I’m pretty awesome, BUT I do wish I had some of the qualities of the people I stalk, follow, adore online.  I was catching up on tons of blogs and realized I was suffering from B.I.S.

Blogger Inadequacy Syndrome.  I hear it strikes bloggers when they overdose on awesome blogs.  There is no cure….though I tried Oreos and milk.  (it kinda helped)

First off, I wish I took my camera everywhere with me and snapped pictures of the random stuff I do so I can tell you guys without being boring.  Faith is really good at this, even if her hubby’s not always the happiest at being in a photoshoot all the time.  John’s a ham so he wouldn’t mind.  But I’m SO forgetful about that daggone camera…and my cameraphone for that matter. It’s always with me, but I forget about it.

I wish I did more longish heartfelt posts and informative/helpful posts like Mrs. Pancakes and Mrs. H.  It would bring so much more value to the blog.

I wish I was crafty so I could post how-tos of adorable baby clothes and decorations like Jen.  But I’m sure if I even thought about buying a hot glue gun I’d find a way to glue my hand to my cheek or something.

I wish I did more hair posts like Nikki and Loo and JC and … ok this one would be a long list, but I wish I remembered to take pics of the cute (and the notsocute) things I do with my hair and give tutorials and chronicle the natural journey like I used to.

I wish I capitalized on more opportunities like Kini and Alicia.  They’ve always got great events to blog about!

I have to stop and remember why I choose to continue blogging as a hobby.  Yeah, it’s partly to chronicle life, have something to look back on, to show my kids like, “look mommy used to be hot and skinny!”  And yeah it’s partly to fill a need to share, to connect and learn, to write, to entertain, to be a narcissist on some level.  And I love that it’s partly to meet great new friends near and far – a happy byproduct that I didn’t expect!

But ultimately it’s for me.  It IS me. Just in blog form.  So I’ll let Jen and Mrs H and all of them be them, and keep churning out my random b.s. and babyobsessiveness cuz that’s me.  And I’m a good blogger dammit!  (Even when I disappear for a week or so……right?……right?….Beuler?)

That said, please let me know if there’s anything that you want to see more of on this blog, or never want to see again!  I’d LOVE to hear your input.  I have a few posts that were too personal to share so I just published it private, so I see it when I check my blog but others can’t.  If there are certain types of posts a bunch of you don’t dig, I’ll just post those privately going forward.

Are there any bloggers you admire? Any changes you’d like to see here on OK, Dani? Have you made any changes to your blog recently?

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  1. says

    I think being a blogger is just being yourself. I love a variety of blogs and I tend to go for the blogs without all the fluff. Just simple blogs that get straight to the point

  2. says

    Hi! There are several bloggers who I really enjoy but I have learned the difference between admiration and imitation. I appreciate them for what they do on their blog just like people appreciate me for what I do on my blog. And the same for you. There is room for everybody! And it’s YOURS so you gotta do you! Anything else would be disingenuous.

  3. Faith says

    soooo i am crazy that i take the camera everywhere i go … Sean hates it. hahaha. trust me, it gets annoying sometimes but i have pictures from EVERY.SINGLE.EVENT! haha, and guess who checks out our pictures from years and years ago … Sean! he won’t admit it but i think he appreciates that i document our lives this way. besides like you, my kids need to know that i was cool, haha ;)

    anywho, i LOVE your blog! love everything you discuss. i admire your blog and of course your hair, haha.

    we follow you because we love YOUR blog … but i would be silly if i said that i didn’t appreciate that you enjoy my blog :) i want to be a fashion blogger, fyi.

  4. says

    LOL…my friend told me yesterday my blog content is isolating because she is single. i guess you can’t please everyone. It’s so easy to LOVE other people’s blogs and want to write like them but honestly everybody’s life is so different and that’s what makes their blogs exciting…i want to talk about Embry (Liam) the way you do (someday!) it’s totally infectious!!

    there are a million and one things i want to change on my blog but i am afraid of changing it too much…but most of the time i do what makes me happy!!

    and i agree with Faith…the hubby gets annoyed when i think everything can be turned into a blog post:-)

  5. says

    I think we all suffer from blogger envy every so often, but as long as we don’t get lost as to why we started blogging it’s all good. I like to play around with changing the layout over at YUMMommy. And of course, the content is constantly expanding as I do.

  6. says

    Ok, so I totally agree with you. So much that I could have posted this exact same thing. At least you only go MIA for a few days, I do it for months. LOL. I do feel bad about it sometimes but definitely not as bad as I did in the past. Life happens and although I like blogging and feeling connected in some way to others online, I like living my life too. I just do what I can. You know?

  7. says

    I am just reading this older post, but very relevant to me.

    I want to do better as a blogger and sometimes I do catch B.I.S.

    I also have to remember as much as blogger can provide sponsorship, money, exposure and cool events – its a hobby as well. People take it too seriously sometimes or make it a one – up situation but it shouldn’t be so. I appreciate a lot of bloggers and the world of blogging just to see so many different perspectives of people who choose to open up. Thanks for sharing!

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