19 Week OB Appointment

Yesterday was our appointment with Dr. Bradley.  I was really excited/anxious about this one because I had tons of questions to ask.

  • Is Embry growing OK?
  • How much should he be kicking/moving?
  • Will he be stupid if I didn’t take fish oil all first trimester?
  • Is my weight gain normal?
  • What the hell is this crazy rash on my belly?
  • Why is my skin so bloody dry?
  • Am I going to hurt Embry if I sleep on my right side or my back?
  • Will not working out make it harder for me during labor?

This was the first appointment where I didn’t have to have blood drawn or get nekkid and put on a gown! Hooray!  I asked all my questions and received calming answers to all.  We “skyped” with Embry and it was the best one yet.  He’s growing so well.  His lil bones looked all strong, and he was breakdancing!  What a showoff.  A ham already, just like his Daddy….and Mommy.  We did a double check for a lil willy, and he’s still a boy!  His spine was still definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen in life.  Every skype session leaves me in awe.  It sounds cheesy but it truly is a miracle.  I can’t wait to see him on the big screen next week at the anatomy scan.

Next appointment I have to do the glucose test for diabetes.  And the doc gave me early registration forms for the hospital, and class information.  She recommended a birthing class, a breastfeeding class and an infant care class.  I think I’ll just do birthing class and learn on my own about breastfeeding until baby’s born.  I’ll get a lactation consultant to come help me once Embry’s here.  As for the infant care class, I will read books/watch vids, but I feel comfortable caring for infants. I’ll see what John wants to do for that.  I found a Bradley method class I may want to take

Do you know of any good birthing/breastfeeding/infant care books or videos? So far only a few have been recommended to me:

My bad news from this appointment was that I cannot give birth in the birthing center in my hospital.  I called and confirmed that pain meds were allowed.  Yesterday the doc basically says I was lied to and that no meds of any kind are allowed in the birthing center.

I want a minimally medicated birth.  I suck with pain so I don’t think fully natural is for me, but I want the option of shrieking for drugs and receiving them!  However, I want to still feel! I was really sad and upset, but what can I do?  (Buy the hospital and change the rules?….hmmm….) My fear for delivering in L&D was that the staff would be quicker to offer interventions and rush me along.  So, John and I decided we’d definitely have a birth doula to advocate for me and help us through bringing Embry here.

 Know any good doulas in NYC area?  Lactation consultants?