2012 Hair Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on my hair.  So here goes!

After the cut

July 2011

I let it grow,

October 2011

and this year I plan on letting it grow out fully again.

This is my starting point as of 1/2/12

It’s Bra Strap Length I’d say:

I figure I will probably get back to waist length by the end of the year and make it back to topofbutt length some time next year.  Let’s see how long I can go without cutting after that point. (yall know I won’t last long…though I may try a personal challenge next year to see how long I can let it grow before I get sick of it and hack it all off)

I’m nervous about this pregnancy with regard to my hair.  I hear it’ll make my hair grow fast :)…and then after baby it’ll all fall out :(  Womp womp.

Anywaaay, I’ve been loving wearing my hair straight these days so I think I’ll just keep it straight until April/May.  It’s a lot easier in the freezing nyc winter to just keep it straight and not have to mess with it much each day.

My current regimen is:

1. wash weekly with Giovanni shampoo – this is the one I have

2. deep condition weekly with one of the many conditioners I have and am using up (detangle in shower)

3. moisturize with either this (my newest love), or this …depending on my mood I guess.

4. put hair in 5-8 braids or twists and allow to air dry

5. next day (or when dry) unbraid/untwist and flatiron straight using coconut oil on roots in dry areas, and on ends (about last 2 -3 inches of hair)

Daily – apply coconut oil to ends (and maybe a tiny bit throughout the length if it needs it) and wear hair in loose bun or loose wrap under scarf or bonnet to sleep.

Monthly – henna / indigo treatment before washing, I’ll be adding a little of this ayurvedic oil to my monthly treatments as well.

I’d love to dye my hair jet blue black right now…cuz this indigo just aint cuttin it….but I’m holding out until after baby.


Did your hair fall out after you had your baby? Are you working with a new regimen for the winter?

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  1. says

    Love your hair update. Your hair looks so nice and is growing so well. I hope that you don’t get crazy post partum hair loss, that is no fun. Waist length is my goal too for this year, I am not even BSL yet so it’s definitely ambitious. I love how simple your regimen is

  2. Faith says

    your regimen is awesome … love a simple hair regimen. i am planning on buying a few things that you mentioned here. at this time, i am keeping my hair in twists for 2 weeks and then keep it out for a day or two and then back in twists. but that is what i plan on doing for a while. keeping my hair in twists is making it so much easier to handle too :)

    love your hair! if i get anywhere as close to your length, i’ll pee my pants.

  3. says

    Your hair looks great!! Isn’t Vatika great! Its been my staple since I started transitioning. I’ll have to check out that Carol’s daughter.

  4. says

    I totally relate. I cut mine off 6 months ago and it was past my bra strap. I think keeping it straight, rather than natural through most of your pregnancy will be a lot easier on you too.

  5. says

    Don’t cut off your hair. What I did after birth was to use a lot of Aloe juice. 1. Massage on scalp or 2. Mix with conditioner. It helps a lot. Your baby will thank you for topofbutt hair. Be positive. Love from Panama

  6. Nikki says

    I haven’t had kids, but my mom’s hair grew a lot during both pregnancies but fell out after she gave birth. She said it looked like the way it was before she got pregnant. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but she did get an epidural and had permed before she got pregnant.

  7. says

    Hi Dani! Just catching up on posts and wanted to say Happy New Year =) Sadly my hair is suffering badly postbaby. I think it’s from nursing. I feel like Nia sucks out all my nutrients including anything left for my hair. I’m on biotin and multivitamins too. Hoping when we wean soon and I continue high protein/well rounded diet it’ll get better. Good luck!

  8. says

    I love your hair. I’ve learned so much from you through the years and now my hair is doing great. I do want to purchase a maxiglide I recently flat ironed my hair with a cheap flat iron and I had so much hair it was a challenge trying to get it straight with my cheap flat iron . Which maxiglide do you use?
    My hair grew a lot when I was pregnant and I got shedding around the temples a couple months after I gave birth with each of my kids.

    • says

      I’ve used both types of maxiglide (not mini) and both worked well. Cheap flat irons can work too if you have a good technique. Use very small sections of hair and go down from roots to tips veeerrryyy slooowwwllyy. If you click on the hair faves link on the side you can see the maxiglide I use.

  9. says

    Your hair looks great and is growing nicely…a lot of women tend to cut their hair when they have a baby because they find it easier to manage. I like that you will grow yours out. I love Carol’s daughter, I’m going to try that hair butter!

  10. says

    Thanks so much for posting this. One of my goals has always been to have beautiful bsl hair for when I get married. Since it looks like that wedding date will be this year, I’m doing all I can to nurse my hair to health and grow some long locks. However, I’m having some difficulty learning how to deal with this fine hair. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out soon!

  11. says

    Oh girl yes, I went bald after the baby. I totally think it was the nursing but now that she’s almost ten months, my hair seems to be slowing with the ultra shedding. It was terrible! I was losing handfuls! Well technically, I wasn’t losing hair per se, the new growth was just slowing down.

    At any rate, I’m just glad that I seem to be coming back to normal.

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