2012 Hair Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated on my hair.  So here goes!

After the cut

July 2011

I let it grow,

October 2011

and this year I plan on letting it grow out fully again.

This is my starting point as of 1/2/12

It’s Bra Strap Length I’d say:

I figure I will probably get back to waist length by the end of the year and make it back to topofbutt length some time next year.  Let’s see how long I can go without cutting after that point. (yall know I won’t last long…though I may try a personal challenge next year to see how long I can let it grow before I get sick of it and hack it all off)

I’m nervous about this pregnancy with regard to my hair.  I hear it’ll make my hair grow fast :)…and then after baby it’ll all fall out :(  Womp womp.

Anywaaay, I’ve been loving wearing my hair straight these days so I think I’ll just keep it straight until April/May.  It’s a lot easier in the freezing nyc winter to just keep it straight and not have to mess with it much each day.

My current regimen is:

1. wash weekly with Giovanni shampoo – this is the one I have

2. deep condition weekly with one of the many conditioners I have and am using up (detangle in shower)

3. moisturize with either this (my newest love), or this …depending on my mood I guess.

4. put hair in 5-8 braids or twists and allow to air dry

5. next day (or when dry) unbraid/untwist and flatiron straight using coconut oil on roots in dry areas, and on ends (about last 2 -3 inches of hair)

Daily – apply coconut oil to ends (and maybe a tiny bit throughout the length if it needs it) and wear hair in loose bun or loose wrap under scarf or bonnet to sleep.

Monthly – henna / indigo treatment before washing, I’ll be adding a little of this ayurvedic oil to my monthly treatments as well.

I’d love to dye my hair jet blue black right now…cuz this indigo just aint cuttin it….but I’m holding out until after baby.


Did your hair fall out after you had your baby? Are you working with a new regimen for the winter?