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This is going to be a huge year. Hugest I’ve had in….oh….ever.

  • Baby
  • Business
  • First Home Purchase on the horizon
  • Moving
  • School
  • John’s MCATs and Med school applications

I’m thoroughly excited for 2012!  Naturally the biggest thing I’m geeked about is Baby, cuz….in case you haven’t heard…I’ll be popping a baby boy out of my vagina in late may/early june.  With baby comes SO much to think about, prepare, plan and do.  And once he gets here he will be running the show so I have to get all my thinking, preparing, planning and doing….DONE..before he decides to make his arrival and turn me into his loyal subject.

I’m not sure how I’m going to balance working 9-5, working at my business and going to school with having a needy newborn, but I’ll find a way.  My guess is i’ll take all the classes I can before summer and then just take a breakypoo from school for the rest of the year.  The business stuff cannot be put on breaky though.  I need to push harder with it to earn more/save more in 2012.

Moving is a big deal, we need a place with space for Embry and space for John and I to not be on top of each other.  We’re going to have to break our lease by leaving a bit early.  Lease is up June 1.  Embry’s due date is June 3.  No bueno.  Wherever we move we’ll only rent and be there for about a year and a half maximum anyway.


Because of John’s med school sitch.  He finished the premed program he went back to school for, and is taking some additional prerequisites in spring.  He’s applying to all the schools in South Florida, where my family is and where we plan on purchasing our home.  EEEP!! So, this time next year we’re going to start hunting for our first place.  I am over the moon about all of this, but I know it means I’ll have to do some MAJOR saving this year.  Like never shop, never go out, no trips, no luxuries, and eat rice and beans and drink tap water every meal type saving. (ok…maybe not every meal…but almost)

Somewhere in there I’ll have to nurture my marriage, nurture my family/friend relationships, take care of myself, work on my own personal/spiritual development, and try to have a little fun.  Can this even be done? Anybody have some Adderall I could borrow?

This year’s focus is going to be:

  1. Healthy, Happy Baby
  2. Earning & Saving (like a madwoman)
  3. Healthy, Balanced Mommy  (jesus h. christ i’m going to be someone’s mommy)

Yall already know I’m a planner, it calms me, makes me feel in control.  Even when plans don’t work out exactly as they are on paper, my anxiety is way lessened when there’s a plan in place.  I’m excited about 2012.  Are you?!  (I sure hope the world doesn’t end!! hehehe)

What are your big deals for 2012?  Any major life changes coming your way?! For the working moms, schooling moms how did you find balance with all the crap you have to do each day?  Give me some tips!