Random Monday (Tuesday)

I wrote this yesterday, and thought I published it, but checked the blog today to respond to comments and didn’t see it up. Way to go dan.  Anyway, here’s the post that should’ve been up yesterday.

Hey girls,

I had a very lazy weekend, the bed was my best friend, TV was a close second.  I would love to be snuggled up in bed right now as well but alas…a girl’s gotta work.  Or…pretend to work while writing a blog post full of random nonsense…:)

*A blimp just passed by my office window and scared the hell out of me.

*It’s pregnancy season.  Everyone and their mama, sister, cousin and auntie are preggo these days!  Each blog I read there’s a new pregnancy announcement!  Congrats to all of you!! I love having a variety of pregnancies to follow and stories to read….and soon enough cute baby pictures to awww over.

*I’m not making any goals this week.  And I don’t feel guilty about it either.  I did write down my gratefuls though.

*The awesome people at Misikko.com sent me another flat iron to review.  No giveaway this time.  Sorry girls, but I gotta tell you, these MIsikko folks really know how to spoil a girl!  They told me they were sending over a flat iron.  I received:

  • Hana Pro Flatiron 1.5 inches
  • Rubber mat
  • Case
  • Huge round brush
  • Adorable sleeping mask
  • Serum
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeliner
  • Hana version of the Turbietwist
  • lots of fake roses (?)
  • nail files
  • hand sanitizer
  • duster bag

That’s so much!! I’m usually happy with just the item and some pop paper in a box! (I still love pop paper!! – and yes, there was tons in the box too hehe)

*My school term started yesterday.  I’m excited to be that much closer to my degree…but not excited to do all that reading.  🙁  Why didn’t anyone warn me that grad school was sooo much bloody reading?!  I wish I could download everything I needed to know into my brain in a flash, like that scene in the matrix where Neo  learns karate or whatever.

*I overhear the best and worst things on my block.  One of the worst:  The other day this kid about 7 years old said “When I grow up I’m gunna kill lots of people.” The other kid he was playing with said “Not me!”  I don’t know if he meant, you’re not gunna kill me, or I dont want to kill people when I grow up, but either way the exchange was horrifying.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and despite no Mind Right Monday today I hope you have excellent goals and gratefuls listed in your journals! Talk to you tomorrow!