Silk Dreams Hair Care Review

So happy to write this review for you guys!!

Let me put it out there right away I LOVE SILK DREAMS!!!

They sent over the Whip My Hair cleansing cream, Vanilla Silk Dream Moisture Cream (deep conditioner), Silky Soft Leave-in Cream, and Nourishing hair oil.

I fell in love with this product line at first use!

The cleansing cream really surprised me.  It smelled great, felt creamy and light at the same time, and left my hair feeling clean, my scalp feeling clean and my hair NOT squeaky.

The leave-in cream was OK, I think I used too much as my hair got a bit crunchy, but it gave great hold and didn’t flake, or anything annoying like that.  I’ll use less per section next time.

The deep conditioner is AWESOME.  I didn’t use heat, I just kept it on for a few hours.  When I was applying it, it felt like it would disappear into my hair, making me feel the need to put more and more on. This worried me, but I just slapped on a showercap and went about my day.   When I detangled, it didn’t give crazy amounts of slip, but it was easier.  I rinsed out the conditioner and was just in love with how soft, moist and healthy my hair felt!

I have to be honest, I haven’t used the nourish oil yet.  But it smells great!

All of the products smell really good actually.  They all smell like cake batter to me. 🙂
Here are my negatives:

1. the directions for use and ingredients on the back of the jars disappear when they get wet….which is going to happen if you wash your hair in the shower.  I picked up the tub to read the ingredients and it was gone like some houdini magic trick!  They just washed away lol.

2. the sizes are too small! 🙂 If you have thick or long hair you’re going to want a keg full of these products!  OK That’s not really a negative, I’m just greedy.

If you’re an LHCFer, go to the vendor forum and check out the discount code just for you!

Have you ever used this hair care line?  What are your favorite products?  I’m going to stock up, I need some suggestions of what items to buy!

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