Hey September, Kick rocks! xo, Dan

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad September is over.  Yes, it’s still the best month of the year :), duh, but it was also the longest month of my life it felt like.  I dragged ass.  I didn’t work out much.  I ate pretty poorly, and because of it I had lower energy than usual.  Add in the long hours I’m putting in at work and you’ve got a demotivating life cocktail.  I felt like I was pulled in a million directions this month and I’m glad to have a chill month ahead of me.

October, I’ve got high hopes for you, don’t let me down!  The anniversary vacay alone makes October kick some booty.  Then we’ve got Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner!! Yay!!  October started out well so far, I had the best brunch with a friend at my new fave spot Perilla and got the coolest shellac manicure at a major discount ($29 for a shellac manicure, spa pedicure, and glass of wine!) and I cant stop looking at my fingers lol.  I had a really relaxing weekend otherwise and it was just what I needed before the longest workday of my life tomorrow! (the last work day before a trip is always seven thousand hours long isn’t it?) I should’ve started packing though….oops.

This month I’m going to stop being such a lazy blogger and get back to sharing more goodies with you guys.  Thanks for sticking with me with my few and far between postings girls.  October I vow get back on my grind.  I’ll give you a hair update and some reviews, and talk about all random stuff like babies, books and whatever else.  Oh! and this month I’ll be doing a giveaway too!  Sponsored by Silk Dreams! (wait till I tell you about them…omg…my hair is in love and yours will be too.)

This week my goals are to:

  • guiltlessly eat my way through vegas
  • drink water like it’s my job
  • nap and relax

Yeah…that’s about it.  I don’t think I need anything else on my plate.  I’ve got my vegas to dos I told you about earlier and that’s enough.

I am grateful for:

  • my incredible family and friends
  • health and well being of my loved ones
  • one glorious year of marriage
  • george rr martin (author of the game of thrones series)
  • options and making good choices
  • comedy, laughter, joy, the bright side and the silver lining
  • the best being yet to come
  • oh yeah…and VEGAS!

How was your september and any good plans for october?  What are your goals and gratefuls for the week?  Have an excellent week ladies!!