I Want to Move

No, I need to move.

1. I saw a mouse

2. I saw a mouse

3. Our place is tiny and growing tinier day by day.

4. I saw a f%$#ing mouse!

OK.  I’m officially sick of apartment living.  SICK OF IT I SAY!!!  Outside of the size of our place, which honestly, is decent…until I’m annoyed…then it’s a closet… I am sick of hearing my neighbors play king of the hill reruns ALL goddamn day and night, I’m sick of smelling my neighbor’s food..even though it smells good and garlicky, I’m sick of having a view of a wall, and last but definitely not least: I’m sick of not being able to prevent rodent infestations!

OK, maybe infestation is not the word….but I feel like we’re being penalized for someone else’s filthiness.  And I’m distraught and seeking compensation for my pain and suffering for having to see mickey’s ugly cousin scurry in my kitchen.  ::shudder:: Everyone says “oh that’s just the way it is in an apartment….or…”oh that’s just city life”…..I don’t give a damn. I want out.

Sooo…..Anybody wanna loan me a down payment on a house?  I don’t need much, $50K will do :)

Seriously though, John and I have definitely outgrown this apartment.  And even though it’s adorable with it’s hardwood floors and exposed brick, I believe we need to find a new place that will accommodate us better.  Our current space has a combo kitchen/living room, and then the bedroom, this huge closet and the bathroom.  There’s no real “escape” from each other in this apartment.

Look, this was us just last night:

We’re seriously considering moving into the apartment John’s mom has in her two family house.  There we’d have two bedrooms, one huge ass closet, a living room, a kitchen, and another smaller room for an office.  We’d likely pay her the same as what we’re paying here though. A bonus would be built in part-time child care when Baby H arrives.

In my heart of hearts I hope to find a place paying less, especially since it’ll be outside of Manhattan.  When I look at places in Queens, Brooklyn, Jersey City….they’re the same rental rates as in the city! That’s madness.

Well, I’m on the hunt…cross your fingers for us!

Have you moved recently?  Was it easy to find a place?

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    oh girl I feel your pain. I can take the smallness of an apartment but rodent? ::shudder:: ugh! no offense to Mickey… I hate those little guys I’m terrified of them. my brother once caught a mouse he was petting it ewww, he wave it in my face I ran 2 miles before I look back to see he wasn’t even following me. as far as moving I never moved. I live in my parents house fro 18 years, then I move from the Caribbeans to NY with a backpack LOL, then I move to Florida with another backpack, then I got married and had to buy new stuff which was delivered, I had more that a backpack this time but still I was able to throw all my clothes in a truck in just one run. Now if I ever have to move I would need a lottery pay day! so I can give away all my crap and have new stuff delivered! LOL! I’ll be praying for your move.

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    Ah the joys and pains of NYC apartment living. I recently have some friends sell their house in Texas and move to NYC (the husband got into Columbia). Boy was it culture shock they went from a sprawling 4 bedroom to a studio! I’ve never had rats even when I lived in an apartment, man I feel for ya. Hope you get to move in to the in-laws place and soon before Mickey, Minnie, Topo Gigio and the rest of the extended family moves in.

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    Welcome to the club. I’m dying to move out of my hole in the wall too. It sounds like our neighbors might be related. LOL. I think that moving into his mom’s apartment sounds like a good idea at least for a year so. Maybe, you guys can negotiate a lower rate and then save the extra money to go towards a down payment on your dream place.

    Anyways, good luck with the search.

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    I feel your pain as well. I’m looking to get out of my apartment in Brooklyn for something bigger, but dang, the prices are just way too high.

    We haven’t outgrown it yet (even with a toddler), but when child #2 comes along, I’m sure I will be singing “I need to move NOW!” tune.

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