Mind Right Monday & Birthday Weekend

Happy Monday Girls!! Hope you all had swell weekends. I did. But I have no proof :(

You know how good personal bloggers have wonderful stories about their day to day lives, and have all these photos to go along with them…so you start to feel like you know them… yeah… We’ll I’m a crap blogger cuz even though I had my camera, I was too busy enjoying myself to take pics for bloggification. ::shrug::

My bosses kicked me out early on Friday when I told them Saturday was my birthday, (SCORE!!), and on Saturday I was so lazy…but I did my nails!…and then went to dinner w/ my family at one of my fave restaurants….then headed out to dance the night away! I was a lil disappointed that ½ the people who said they were coming backed out, and gutted when my one cousin in Brooklyn bailed by simply saying “not leaving the house, have fun.” (while my other cousin came up all the way from South Florida to spend my dirty 30 with me.)

But I had an awesome time with my friends that came out and my one friend Judy, who turned 30 on 9/10 too…and HATES clubs/bars/noise in general…came out and danced. DANCED! That was one of the best presents I got! Sunday, in a hungover haze my Floridian cousin Arielle and I walked around downtown, got tattoos and ate, and ate and ate. Best day ever.

If you’re in NYC try Perilla, Harold something (winner of Season 1 of Top Chef) owns this place and the food, vibe and service are STELLAR. And if you’re into lobster, try Lukes Lobster….best lobster roll I’ve ever had in life. IN LIFE I SAY!! Then we went to my mom’s and ate more, I opened presents, and was too stuffed to eat my mom’s world famous birthday carrot cake. (guess what I’m having for dinner tonight)

SO yeah…it was a happy birthday weekend. ::sigh:: 30.

That said….. It’s Mind Right Monday Time (Oh I’m gunna try mclinky-ifying this next week!)

Goals for the week:

  • Work out 5 times
  • Put away heaps and heaps of laundry
  • Write for site
  • See docs and schedule other docs
  • Make Vegas reservations

Grateful for:

  • Another year of this wonderful life
  • Family and friends
  • Amazon
  • General health and well-being
  • John
  • My job and my bosses
  • Modern technology
  • Faith, optimism and allowing good things
  • Birthday presents:)
  • A vacation to look forward to
  • NYC at large
  • Meditation and having retreats nearby
  • Credit card miles
  • Deep breaths and being able to focus
  • Mindfulness
  • Balance
  • Metrocard

I hope you girls are having a wonderful start to the week. What did you do this weekend? What are your goals and grateful? List them here or if you post on your blog, come back with the link and let us know so we can visit and support you!

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  1. says

    Glad you had a great birthday weekend. Would have loved to have been there but I am as you know in school on weekends. In hindsight I don’t know what I was thinking putting all my classes on Friday and Saturday but hey, at least its only for one semester. Wish you had some pics of your party!

  2. Karen Doniere says

    What’s up Dani? I’m loving your blog. I appreciate how you take time to think positively about what you’re thankful for. I’ve been trying to do that at least once a day this week when I start to get down or think about how somethings not going so great. I’m thankful for my family, for being in school, for at least having a job that pays meager wages, for my co-worker, an awesome boss, and for being a good person. But there’s so much more to be thankful for. I won’t even mention the things that are negative in my life because I’m working as we speak to change those things. Ugh! Take good care.

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