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Looking back at my old posts can be so much fun! I love reminiscing and seeing how far I’ve come…or not….I figured I’d share with you…  This time last year I got back from the best vacation ever (to our beloved mexico of course)  I was keeping two separate blogs back then, one for hair, and one for life.  I sometimes wonder if consolidating was a good idea.  Anway, here are some of the older posts:

A Boring Catch Up Post – didn’t seem so boring after all, looking back. I had a busy lil time!! But tons of fun.

2 Protective Styles – I remember being so proud the first time I did these styles.  My hair was so black!!  really gotta do my henndigo this weekend!

I shared my “Secrets” to Growing Long Hair in this post, this article got picked up by CurlyNikki and a few others.

Vacation Hairstyles – Now I totally miss my longer locks.  It’s official. I’m never cutting again. I’m going to grow my hair down to my heels until I trip over it.  I don’t care.

Style Inspiration – OMG I remember stumbling upon this pic online and being in love with it….and I still have yet to try it….I’m printing it out so I can keep it on my dresser as a reminder.

Mind Right Wednesday LOL – I was just a weeee bit late that week.

Vacation Photos – I miss Mexico after looking at this post.  We started out in the worst resort ever and then lucked out on priceline and fled to an awesome hotel.  I’ll never forget this trip.  We swam with whale sharks. One of the best moments of my life.

Bun w/ Side Twist – It’s Thursday Sept 1, 2011 as I write this….and my hair is in the exact same style! HAHA!! Except no where near as long, or as dark.

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    yea im always trying to find a good protective style for me…but i find something that i like and try to do it at home…and it never turns out how i expect it :-(

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