Introducing: Baby H!!!!

Now….if you scroll down in a hurry looking for ultrasound pics…you’re going to be disappointed.  Sorry.

But if you’re just looking for general cute foolishness, you’re in for a treat.

I stole this from my girl Faith @ Life, Love & Marriage (Check her out if you don’t already know her.  She’s too cute!)

She posted her future spawn with and her kids looked so adorable I just had to copycat.

It’s a site where you morph two photos together…but it’s not the old school type where they chop one eye from one picture and one eye from the other and leave you with a patchwork-quilt-face baby…. it’s all fancy and technical lol.

I put this pic of me,

and this pic of John

And our lil bambino was:


So, I found a forward facing pic (which the website recommends) of me to go with the same pic of John.

And here is the H Family…. Cassidy and Liam?:

The girl pic kinda reminds me of nicole richie as a baby lol.

I really want to hug and hold these fake children, is that weird?  It is weird isn’t it.  Pretend I didn’t say that.

I morphed John and me to show the adult version of our child.  Apparently one of my children will grow up to be transgendered…not sure which one though, but here he/she is:

I kinda hope it’s Liam who’s the tranny so he can teach mama how to do cool makeup.

Have you used morphthing before?  It’s super cute right?!

You can also morph your face with your celeb crush to see your babies haha, or morph 2 celebs together to make a mega baby….they have weird faces like chewbacca and gollum on there too though… no cute babies there.

If you have morphed pics on your blog leave me the link so I can come see! 

PS: I can’t wait until I really have kids so I can look up this post and see how close morphthing came to the real deal.

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Happily married mom of two.

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Happily married mom of two.

  • Nik

    Cute. I have no doubt you and your hubby will make some beautiful children!

  • Miss Leah

    Lol at the transgender adult child… The pics is kinda scary and cool at the same time…

  • Stephanie

    LoL! loving this post! i sent the website to several friends and we have been playing with it all day!

  • SemiCrazed

    haha…transgender…exactly what I thought xD
    Strangest thing I’ve ever seen…lol


  • Linda

    Congrats on your SITS day!! I’m also living in Manhattan, though I have only lived here a year. I am at heart a west coast girl. It’s nice to find new people in bloggy land that are also in Manhattan.

  • supermomplace

    How crazy would it be if baby H would look like one of the fake babies?
    too cool, I’m going to make me some fake babies!

    • Dani

      Post your fake babies so I can see!! If Baby H looks like one of those I will FREAK OUT.

  • supermomplace

    I just use the morph site now tell me why is my 1st fake baby looks like your fake baby’s twin? LOL
    and my fake baby boy actually kinda look like my 2 y/o daughter, and my 3rd fake baby kinda looks like my 3 y/o! this is so crazy!

    • Dani

      WOW!!! That’s crazy! but cool!

  • Jenna

    That’s hilarious! I’ve never done this before. I’m too scared! My own kids are cute enough I guess.

    Happy SITS day!

  • Anna

    It’s looking like you guys are going to make some beautiful children. You had me laughing when you morphed the two of you together to get the adult version of your kid. So funny!!! Good luck. I have 4 boys and they are all such a joy:-)

    • Dani

      I would love a house full of boys…but I’m now thinking I’d want at least one lil ball of estrogen to play house with.

  • Life As Wife

    This cracks me up!!

  • supermomplace

    Check out my fake babies side by side with my real ones LOL FREAKY

  • Jenny

    That is funny! Your future kiddies are gorgeous. You’ll totally have to compare them to your real kiddies!

    Stopping by from SITS! Hope you’re having a fabulous day!

  • Leslie

    I’ve never seen that site before! I wonder how closely it would get to our little one? The tranny part is hilarious, though!

  • Dani

    HAHAHA I’m glad you guys dig the fake babies!! It’s such a cool site!

  • Faith

    I saw when you commented that you were going to do this and then i didn’t see the post! haha, i’ve been missing out!!! :)

  • BostonMaria

    Aww your transgenered baby is such a precious shim LMAO I just morphed pics of me and my hubby and will keep it as a motivation to keep TTC. Thanks for the link!

  • Rania

    That is SO cute and fun! :) I did it once and it didn’t turn out like any of my babies. hahah

  • Anastasia Cline

    It’s looking like you guys are going to make some beautiful children. too cool, I’m going to make me some fake babies! You had me laughing when you morphed the two of you together to get the adult version of your kid. The tranny part is hilarious, though!

  • Mrs Jk

    hahaha….Roey looks nothing like this

  • Alisha

    Hahahaha!!!!! OMG the grown up version and you saying they may be transgendered!

  • Whitley Brooks

    I have to find the one we did a few years ago. This is cute!