You guys didn’t tell me this could happen.

That’s Jenny McCarthy when she was preggo some years ago.
She tweeted that she was 211 lbs.
She started at 120.


That’s a helluva big weight gain for one baby, no? 
She’s back to 120 now by the way.  I wish I knew how long it took her.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact. (which I’ll probably get wrong cuz i’m goin from memory, but will come back tonight and edit when I have the mag in front of me)

In the guinness record book, back like fiftyleven years ago some peasant villager in Russia or something had 68 children.  SIXTY EIGHT children.

Luckily she was only pregnant 27 times and had lots of multis (i mean multiple births, not the good kind). Can you imagine being pregnant TWENTY SEVEN times in your poor peasant life?

Her poor vagina!