Boy or Girl

Inspired by Jenn’s post HERE

I want to birth two children. Then adopt our third child.

In a perfect world, I’ll have a beautiful baby boy, followed in two years by a beautiful baby girl.

In an ultimate mega dreamland world, I’d get preggo with twins off the bat and have a boy and a girl in one shot and be done.

I’d probably go crazy…but I’d be done.  

I have a sneaking suspicion that if we have two boys, that I’m going to want to try my luck at round 3 for a girl and then shoot myself in the head if #3 is a bouncing baby boy.

If we have two girls, I know John would want to try our luck for a son on round three.  And he’d shoot himself in the head if our third was another girl.

As much as I want a daughter though, I think I’d be happier with a house full of boys than a house full of girls. 

What say you?  If you had to have 5 children of one gender, which would you pick?  Did you want a certain gender when you got pregnant? Did you get what you wanted?