*FREE* Baby Sling @ SevenSlings.com

Hey Ladies,

You know how I love coupons, deals and saving you money! Well, I’ve Got an almost freebie for ya. And since I love wearing babies, you know it’s right up my alley.

Go check out SevenSlings.com 

They have simple baby slings there in cute patterns.

They regularly cost $48 bucks (are currently on sale for $39) but if you enter a code you get it for free!! (almost)

The code takes off the full price of the sling, but not the shipping ($12) or tax ($3)

So you end up paying just $15 instead of $60something :)

That’s a good deal in my book!!

Grab one for yourself or a new mom / mom-to-be that you may know.
Use promo code “Free”! SevenSlings.com

Free Nursing Covers (Reg. $32)! Use promo code “Free” at UdderCovers.com! *while supplies last.

You’re Welcome! hehe

Vera Bradley Collection from Tiny Prints

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Happily married mom of two.

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Happily married mom of two.

  • twinsanityplusmore

    Seven Slings are not worth the shipping and the mal-positioning of the slings are actually quite dangerous for newborns. To try out different slings, wraps an pouches find a local babywearing or La Leche League :)


  • Dani @ OK, Dani

    OH No!!! Have you tried them? Any other info besides the bad review you linked to?

  • twinsanityplusmore

    I'm an avid babywearer… they are cheap thin, walmart fabric material. I used mine as a burp cloth because I was afraid of the construction. You can see for yourself that it just doesn't *look* safe. You can make it usable by adding inserts for newborns but IMHO that pouch is just constructed in a way that the fit is never good.

    I wish I had something good to say about them… I guess for a toddler doing a shoulder flip, you can possibly make it work. For a first time babywearer, I just wouldn't risk it especially on a newborn.

  • Nancy

    Promo code USM31 I been looking for this for the longest time. Thank you.

  • Susan. Bird

    Look great & I bet they are comfortable.

  • Sarah Eddy

    Promo code fun912
    Family Fun magazine had this promo code! Excited to see if this works. Would love one for my 3 week old!

  • amy

    I seen a lady at a mall who was wearing some kind of a sling with a small baby in it and it made me feel sad for the baby because it did not look very comfortable.